This Week In Hospitality Marketing Live Show 278 December 4th 2020

This Week In Hospitality Marketing Live Show 278 December 4th 2020

This Week in Hospitality Marketing Live Show 278

Edward StOnge
Dean Schmit
Stephanie Smith
Tim Peter
Stuart Butler
Adele Gutman
Show Notes
00:01 — tone deaf marketing — looking for a message that resonates for now and future tense
01:12 — the value of reviews current tense
01:21 — what is the real value of brands now and for the future
02:06 — Show ends

Top Story

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Brands & Product

2. Despite everything, Oyo still has $1 billion in cash
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Intermediaries & Distribution

5.Airbnb vs Booking Holdings
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Marketing & Strategy

8. Why do people go to restaurants? It’s not about the food
9. Delta to Offer Quarantine-Free Travel to Italy
10. Google Analytics 4: What Marketers Need to Know

Tech & Finance

11. How Wyndham’s IT pivoted during the pandemic
12. Evidence of COVID’s impact on U.S. hotel values
13. Google Reveals Major Hidden Weakness In Machine Learning


14. Match Made in Hell
      a. When Satan Met 2020


15. Trump’s Deutsche Bank Loans Appear To Be In Trouble
Roberts email prolog;


Truly great advertising is an exceptionally rare commodity.
This week, Ryan Reynold’s creative team – Maximum Effort Marketing knocked it out of the park with a campaign for They easily win my vote as the hottest creative shop working today.
This ad is timely, funny, memorable, and totally on-brand – just like all their Aviation Gin, Mint Mobile, and Laughing Man Coffee spots.
That’s right, Reynolds’ creative team is powering the creative for faux-arch-rival Hugh Jackman’s coffee brand.
But it’s not enough just to be funny and current. As the ultimate litmus test, I refer to former Chiat/Day Creative Director Tom Patty’s landmark 1996 essay – the New 5 P’s of Marketing that eschews the traditional 5 P’s (Product / Price / Packaging / Place / Promotion) in favor of a much more forward-looking grouping that are just as relevant today (although still not widely adopted by most marketers):
  • Paradox
  • Perspective
  • Paradigm
  • Persuasion
  • Passion


The contradiction of Satan being matched to the year 2020 by a dating app, runs counter to the tradition of having desirable people meeting each other online – creating a powerful Paradox.
For Perspective, the spot is dead-on. The ideal dating app uses its algorithm to identify the perfect match – mission accomplished – regardless of the personalities involved.
It becomes even more clever when addressing Paradigm shift. Where most would assume a Satan/2020 combo would be catastrophic, but it becomes sweetly optimistic – showing the relationship over 11 months, including a proposal.
The Persuasion aspect is even more nuanced – the spot incorporates a preview of the first re-recording from Taylor Swift’s old catalog. The eagerly anticipated recording applies rocket-grade accelerant to the need for a considerable portion of the target market to pay attention.
Taylor Swift singing the well-known, and again, totally on-brand, “Love Story” provides instant credibility, relevant content in its message and the attention of the target audience.
I would very much like to see a Venn diagram of Taylor Swift’s fans and users. My money is on the Maximum Effort team understanding the degree of overlay.
Finally, the hallmark of every Maximum Effort campaign – Passion. The campaign sincerely cares about its protagonists – treats them with respect and fully supports the accomplishment of their goals.
Finally, the spot closing looks forward to 2021. Understanding that dating has been on hold for months and that it will likely be another several months before it returns, the campaign admirably pre-positions the brand in advance of the expected recovery.
Even better, to reinforce the message, a second spot was released the following day – using first-person interviews. Again, fully on brand, and expertly executed.
Kudos to Maximum Effort.
A great marketing campaign was exactly what I needed to brighten an otherwise meager week

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