This Week in Hospitality Marketing Live Show 256 July 3rd 2020

This Week in Hospitality Marketing Live Show 256 July 3rd 2020

This Week in Hospitality Marketing Live Show 256

Melissa Kavanagh
Ben Hanley
Edward StOnge
Dean Schmit
Kat Mohammad
Tristan Heaword
Adele Gutman
Lily Mockerman
Show Notes
00:01 — Introduce Melissa for the latest 6th version of the travel sentiment survey

Top Story

1. The travel industry will survive COVID-19, but with big changes

Brands & Product

2. A look at where demand is going as US top 25 lose share
3. Coronavirus: More than 14,000 homeless Californians moved into hotels, Newsom says
4. Hospitality industry argues ‘Healthy Buildings’ legislation could actually increase coronavirus risk

Marketing & Strategy

8. The State of Hotel Advertising: The Rise of Display in the World of Meta
9. Google Updates The How Google Search Works Document
10. AAA: Coronavirus Will Wipe Out 150 Million Summer Trips

Tech & Finance

11. COVID-19 Epicenter Businesses: When Will They Recover, And How To Position Yourself
12. May P&L data shows improvement from April lows
13. OpenTable Data Hints at How the New Spike in COVID-19 Cases May Hurt the US Economy


14. First Look: Austin’s Most Anticipated Grand Hotel


15. INSIDE EDITION: Sheets Weren’t Changed at Some Hotels During COVD-19
16. Hotel employee calls police on Black family using the pool as guests

Hospitality Marketing Live Show 256 Transcripts (English U.S.)

[00:00:08.080] – Loren

Hello, everyone, and welcome to This Week in Hospitality Marketing. Live show number two hundred and fifty six of our episode, Episodic Levels of Years of Happiness and Joy.


[00:00:18.430] – Loren

With us today, a special treat, as always, is Melissa Kavanagh with Fuel Travel, giving us words of wisdom, data, insights and general prognostication as to life, the universe and the cosmic reality of our understanding of the world as we know it.


[00:00:32.150] – Loren

Well, nothing. No, no smoking free at all. No. OK. Also with us is Mr. Ben Henley with three and six agency. The strange place across the pond, a small island, can’t miss it just south of Ireland.


[00:00:47.230] – Ben

I think you should remember we used to love you guys. Yeah. You know, we used to be connected in some capacity or something. And you guys get down here when we left. Yeah. Well, pretty much, yeah. I say yes. Yes, we have. Take us back please.


[00:01:03.610] – Ed

Here we are in much better shape right now. I yes. I’m talking a big talk. We want to join Canada.


[00:01:13.140] – Loren

We went candidate Dick is over there doing way better than we are. Who offered Scotland? Oh yeah. Also with us, Edward. Same answer from Flip, too. And also Mr. Dean Schmidt with gosh, you have big, long titles like I meant search marketing, dot com and also base camp Medda. Right. There you go. Yep. Hey, Ken.


[00:01:33.850] – Loren

And also just now joining us is Kat Mahommad with AAHOA that is director of education for AAHOA Hi Kat.


[00:01:40.030] – Kat

Hi. Good morning, everybody. Thanks for joining us.



So, Melissa, please give us words of wisdom, inspiration, insights and all the cool stuff that you know.


[00:01:49.930] – Melissa

Yeah. I feel like the words of wisdom about to say are already old, even though they’re only a week old.


[00:01:56.920] – Melissa

I feel like everything’s changed since all of these words were spewed from my keyboard.


[00:02:03.800] – Melissa

I could be wrong, but that’s what I’m seeing. But any who do we at fuel have released the sixth version of our consumer sentiment study. This was sent out on June 18th, which apparently it’s July already. So it feels like it was a really long time ago.


[00:02:26.030] – Melissa

We waited three weeks. We have been doing this every two weeks, but we waited three weeks on this one. We felt like the email was kind of getting a little fatigued. They were getting less and less responses. So we waited a little bit longer on this one. We did get a slightly better response on this one. So we had over 60, 500 responses. Not too shabby.


[00:02:46.760] – Melissa

Overall, we’re still seeing safety just overwhelmingly at the top of everybody’s concerns, of all things related to travel in our little word cloud. When we asked people what they think of when they think about travel now, safety has been the top words since the first time we sent this survey out.


[00:03:06.680] – Ed

And that hasn’t changed, which is really funny because you’ve seen this in your market and we’ve seen it in our other beach markets. Most of our hoteliers are telling us how little care they’re travelers are taking to socially distance to be safe, to not do high risk things. You know, where, you know, we’re we’re just getting constant feedback from our open properties that, like the only people really taking care are their staff. And the majority, the vast majority of their travelers are acting like nothing’s done and actually are quite mad when something is different.


[00:03:53.720] – Ed

Which is funny to hear that when you do look at all the consumer research talking about how much people care about safety, it doesn’t seem like that’s lining up with who is actually traveling.


[00:04:06.710] – Melissa

So I wonder if those that travel of just safety to the wind and the people who are still cautious are the ones not traveling or sitting home taking surveys.


[00:04:18.020] – Kat

Yes, I was thinking, oh, gosh, it’s it’s very easy.


[00:04:23.970] – Kat

Somebody says, would you prefer this triple cheeseburger or this farm burger over here, you know, healthier choice. You can easily select on paper, but when it comes to actually doing it, it might be different.


[00:04:37.460] – Dean

I think a little bit of the herd mentality, though, too, as you’re planning for your vacation, you think, you know, you’re sitting your chair looking at your laptop right now. I’m thinking about I want to make sure the place is clean and safe. And I’m thinking about all those things you get there and everybody’s hanging out by the pool and you’re like, what the hell is going out by the pool?


[00:04:56.770] – Melissa

Well, Myrtle Beach is just past a mask ordinance. As of yesterday, that went into effect yesterday, which is always a blast. Let’s put it an ordinance and make it live the same day. So on and right for Iraq. It’s going to incredibly busy travel weekend.


[00:05:18.820] – Melissa

It’s a fun town. I love it. So I’m very curious to see what the market here is going to show. Now, there are mandates or safety precautions if we see a decline, a further decline in bookings or people canceling or whatever the case might be. That will be interesting to see, because, you know, again, what we’re seeing both in your market and other markets is whenever something does happen that shakes loose some cancellations, there tends to be reservations right behind them taking their place.


[00:05:53.440] – Ed

It’s almost like you’re shuffling the audiences that find whatever you’re doing acceptable or unacceptable.


[00:06:00.670] – Melissa

That was my gut instinct, because we talk about this internally all the time. And there was this debate of, you know, is this going to turn people off? And I was like, you know what, the people that it’s turning off and there’s gonna be another group right behind them. They’re like, yes, I need more safety for me. I’m going to go now.


[00:06:17.370] – Melissa

All right. Theoretically, again, I’m talking out my butt right now. I don’t know what I’m saying. I’m just back.


[00:06:26.440] – Loren

Melissa, you finally passed over to the side of reverse. Like, sure, we can throw everything up on the board. Who the heck?


[00:06:31.250] – Ben

You know, talking about 250 something episodes.


[00:06:36.000] – Loren

In fact, we don’t need those stinking facts.


[00:06:40.380] – Ben

And it’s the same over in the UK, too, with the the the news is covering pictures of people in a you know, a heat wave just crowding the beaches without elbow room at all.


[00:06:51.020] – Ben

And then the media flip to say, why is it good and why is the government still paying to furlough all these staff to the social distance and not being in the workplace? Why did the weekend have we’re just going to the beaches to, you know, cut to the out shower ice creams and cutlery. So there’s a reckoning coming up.


[00:07:11.420] – Ed

What’s going on over there?


[00:07:15.320] – Ed

I don’t even let my own kids share my own ice cream.


[00:07:19.290] – Ed

I wouldn’t let some stranger at a beach. What about ice cream? But not necessarily the same coke. Oh, OK.


[00:07:27.770] – Ben

And then there’s sharing silverware to wash again.


[00:07:31.700] – Ben

But now the new thing is that everyone has to bring their own silverware at a restaurant. So that’s one of the ideas that people have, is that Brigalow coatless to a restaurant to traduce infection.


[00:07:41.530] – Ben

Yeah, I like it. Yeah. I think you’re wrong.


[00:07:47.650] – Tristan

You know, as a rule, I accept that money, money inside pocket. Just now we have a Joey moment that pulling a fork over your inside jacket. So what are we eating here?


[00:07:57.610] – Tristan

Do I look like my own butler? That’s you know, I’ve got you know, I’m not sure who it was.


[00:08:05.210] – Adele

I think it could have been Anthony mockery. But he said, if you really want to be responsible, bring your own sheets to your to your hotel. And I think you like to be paid for.


[00:08:15.920] – Ed

Just really when to. Well, what if I said what about Bill? What about all of the studies now that have shown you’re not going to catch it through touching things? It’s going to be transferred through airborne.


[00:08:28.010] – Tristan

I think Loren just said facts.


[00:08:29.480] – Ben

We don’t need no stinking David Stern. Understand that there’s another study that says that’s going to live on the surface for a year or two.


[00:08:37.490] – Ben

And then, oh, no, this thing, it lives. It’s you’re not going to catch it that way has been what the newer studies have been saying, which is sure it’s on surfaces. You’re not you’re not going to get it that way.


[00:08:49.160] – Tristan

You’re gonna go back to the biofilm again. No, it. Yeah.


[00:08:52.470] – Ed

And evidently, biofilm is not.


[00:08:55.430] – Ed

It’s gross. But evidently, in this case, it’s it’s the least likely way you’re going to catch this.


[00:09:02.810] – Lily

You know, I think really completely safe. It’s to find a nice spot outdoors, to live with no possessions whatsoever. And then you will be guaranteed it’s going to turn to other people in your space not to catch it.


[00:09:19.730] – Tristan

You’ve never seen before in the UK unless everybody has that idea, Lily. And we’ve got Beach Thing Way, and I have yet to come to the middle of oh, shoot. So that they just don’t touch my screen.


[00:09:34.030] – Kat

You know, I’m from the AAHOA convention. It got moved to virtual. We had so many surveys going out on the feelings and I just had to test the waters with our members and board, etc. And a lot of the folks that I spoke to, they were on the fence of their own safety. But quite a few of them are more concerned with what they would come back and potentially put their family at risk, whoever else was in the house.


[00:09:57.260] – Kat

They were fine, risking themselves and as more so. Everybody else that they might potentially, in fact, take away.


[00:10:03.020] – Tristan

When did you check up? Was at the beginning of lockdown or the end? Because at the beginning you want to spend time with your family. At the end, you might be pushing them out to infected areas. No, not me. I love my family.


[00:10:14.450] – Tristan

I’m just saying your was asking for a friend. That’s who I’m worried. I promise I won’t use your name, though.


[00:10:25.520] – Loren

I think to add to what Melissa’s pointing out, too, though, the survey information is is what has it. It’s easily put on paper what you think should be the proper way of answering it or where you would willfully want to have. But unfortunately, two real strong dynamics have come into play. One, there’s a lack of authority as to the true details that we trust. I mean, as Ed pointed out, there’s does do we get enough the content of surfaces or don’t we get on surfaces?


[00:10:48.870] – Loren

You know, they didn’t tell us what a mass of the meaning. Why? Because it wasn’t a mass. Now they’re telling us to wear masks. And now the mask test, which has been politicized.


[00:10:55.880] – Loren

Are you a Democrat or a Republican? You burn your mask every Republican and you wear your mask of a Democrat. It’s God’s will that we should have better not have masks, which I ask. You know what? That’s why you weren’t close to God, didn’t make you close either. But those go far too far. The thing is, is that we have such a mixture of common sense or lack thereof and the authority of knowing what it is we’re actually dealing with.


[00:11:15.020] – Loren

And that ambiguity has created the scenario in our industry. This blend of people that are willing to travel under certain certain conditions. But then they necessarily don’t meet those conditions to be present, they just need to feel like they’re there. And they they they ignore them on their own. Like you. So they’ll go to the pool because they’re real. Goes to the pool. Meanwhile, the staff wears a mask. And if you don’t wear masks, something’s taking a picture of, say, these guys don’t wear masks from the person.


[00:11:37.320] – Loren

It’s not wearing a mask, you know. So if this is a mixture of how good it actually is perceived versus the reality of its usability.


[00:11:44.100] – Ed

And I think my my favorite, though, is the people who wear the mask with their nose out.


[00:11:50.480] – Ed

Oh, yeah. That’s got to change that. Yeah. Yeah.


[00:11:55.670] – Lily

All sorts of great mask sales online. Right. I like the one that cut a hole in the center to make it easier to breathe.


[00:12:04.870] – Tristan

It’s a signal, isn’t it? I thought that was the hold a little bit about the bear, but it’s a sure thing.


[00:12:10.250] – Lily

Melissa joins us for volume number seven. I just want to size act question number four. I don’t know, maybe that’s where you guys are going, but I really like that. You guys included fear of other guest interactions and fear of the common area separately from fear of the guestrooms, because I think that everybody’s really been focused on guestroom loneliness in most of their marketing. But in reality, it’s the common areas and the interaction with other guests that people are more concerned about.


[00:12:38.870] – Ed

And we we’re not here a single hotel talk about the other stuff because there is no real solve for the other stuff. They can control the guestroom. They can’t controlling, you know, the people roaming their halls. Right. Yeah, right.


[00:12:57.260] – Kat

Common areas. Yeah. See if he’s coming out with guidelines for elevators, too. I mean, as more time goes, more regulations mean more than just hold your breath and went to the door opens.


[00:13:09.620] – Ed

I do that in elevators. I only have when there’s over three floors, I get to level little.


[00:13:15.190] – Kat

Well challenging overexplaining. Always put your breath it up because it would just run up the stairs using the elevator.


[00:13:22.340] – Ed

Right. Mainly because I had to hold my breath for the 17 floors that had six staff.


[00:13:29.440] – Loren

So it was just on a side note so quick.


[00:13:33.290] – Loren

So I have a hotel in Vancouver that has multiple boards and it has a very small elevator.


[00:13:37.220] – Loren

And one thing that we did on the on the floors is every third floor we put a water station and snacks in the stairwell and actually like it because some people don’t mind shortcutting it not not going to come down all the floors, but they’ll do too.


[00:13:49.520] – Loren

Remember the old rule in hotels, you know, was it the one up, two down, at least for all staffing, you know, revenue’s elevator jump on the stairs and you get one up or two down if you need to get somewhere. Well, the guests were offering them at the incentives, say, hey, if you do want to use the stairs for Khamees and we also, you know, negative vented the stairwell. So that there’s a constant flow compared to the elevator, which is still has negative air flow, but it’s smaller space for those who like to kind of cut it down.


[00:14:13.940] – Loren

We put little snacks and water stations and they they’ve from writing in the comments that they will appreciate that little extra. Hey, this is a nice surprise. You know best. Nice touch. Thank you. Something so sweet. Little piece. So now you should, like, take pictures of the staff holding signs. You can do it.


[00:14:28.600] – Lily

And you did a great challenge. Yes. Within your app.


[00:14:37.250] – Tristan

Yeah, but it’s a divide in hotels now, though, isn’t it? It’s a no wait. Yo yo yo differentiates. It used to be your amenities, your location. You’re the thing that you are going to stay at the hotel. The guests say the stuff. Now, this whole you know, the difference in and people’s perception is what is safe, what isn’t safe. We’ve got mixed messages. Everybody, even people on this show right now, we’ll all have different variations of what we personally will feel comfortable with you.


[00:15:08.960] – Tristan

Now, this is now becoming that hotels are having to pitch themselves somewhere in that spectrum. Are you completely blousy with the rules?


[00:15:16.550] – Tristan

Are you going to relax then maybe not blasé or are you going to be stripped and have the most cleanliness or absurd, absurd rules you can possibly think of? And it’s now becoming. Where in that spectrum is that hotel going to picture themselves and position themselves?


[00:15:34.460] – Tristan

Well, I mean, only time is going to tell. It’s a really difficult one if you’re a hotel owner.


[00:15:38.390] – Ed

Well, it’s interesting. So one of the regional marketing people that I work with quite a bit. They were asking me kind of my take on how should they present and market the new stuff they’re doing? And I’ve given the advice to anyone who’s asked that I think you should make it easily found to anyone who cares, but you should not push it. And they took that advice.


[00:16:05.030] – Ed

So I asked him of a few weeks after open. They’ve been running at capacity. I asked them to, you know, look at how many people are actually going to the pages that explain it. Tumbles. No one. The fact I like realistically, I think the fact that they see an option for their new cleanliness standards or however they label that is the checkbox enough? People don’t care.


[00:16:31.330] – Ed

People just they think the people traveling right now don’t care. The people can have it.


[00:16:37.840] – Ed

Honestly, I got to tell you, too, and I still think a lot of the people who say they care right now, they say they care because they haven’t yet stepped out. Stuart’s talked about this multiple times. The first time you went to the grocery store during lockdown, you you were freaked out and hyper vigilant. The 14th time you were back to whatever. You know, I think we’re going to experience a lot of that. And I think it’ll end up being a very small audience of people who hold on to this and really, you know, like it’s important to them.


[00:17:14.180] – Ed

And I think half of those people are because they’re high risk. Right. Like, this is life or death for them or life or death for a loved one of theirs. But just human behavior is is not to take care of yourself. I mean, that’s why there is a diet industry. That’s why there’s no there’s a vitamin industry that’s you know, people just don’t do what’s good for them. They do you know, what they’re either used to or what pleases them.


[00:17:45.810] – Loren

I would add to that and this is something that’s down to home right now down here. There’s a lot of people there just almost defiant in their perspective of this stuff.


[00:17:55.300] – Loren

This is both B.S. This is a hoax, whatever their context of what are their perception of it was until it hit home down here, we’re at twenty, almost twenty five percent positive testing right now.


[00:18:06.940] – Loren

So one out of four people are getting that they’re being tested positive with this. And then a lot of very popular restaurants down here who have musicians and so forth.


[00:18:16.390] – Loren

But the musicians got sick and died and they were pleading out to the people that were there. I hugged you last night, Thursday at the Monkey Bar or whatever Baxley’s wear. And please go get tested. This is and people from that have died. And all of a sudden all the wrestlers go, oh, my gosh, this is real. Shut up. They stay open. I mean, they closed the bars, but they keep the restaurant open.


[00:18:37.820] – Loren

They wanted to they shut the restaurants down because there’s so many people.


[00:18:41.410] – Loren

And now it has hit in a way that people know somebody. And that’s the other part of human nature. When you really put it there, it’s not just what’s being told to you, but you’re experiencing it because somebody you now know, has that happened to them. Now, all of a sudden, it’s like, yeah. And that person was dang healthy in my mind. It was I mean, I, I empathize very you know, they’re pure of mind or something like that.


[00:19:03.730] – Loren

And now they’re like, I could get it and it could happen that same way for me. The guy literally got sick on Thursday, died on Friday. He saw hundreds of people. He’s a musician, a very proper musician at a bar. And. And then there’s a band that had five pieces in it. Three of them got sick. One of them died, too. And I see you right now. And obviously, people like, oh, my gosh, I was there.


[00:19:21.880] – Loren

And now all of a sudden they’re hitting the restaurant. The rest of us say we’re gonna close down for a couple days and clean up now. The set people are going over. Well, how are you going to reopen? Is it the same crew that was there when it was sick? Don’t they have to be 14 days corn?


[00:19:32.310] – Loren

I said ask those questions, you know?


[00:19:35.020] – Loren

And so there is this grim reality of here that they can see it all on paper, but until they see the mushroom cloud. Then it’s real. Yeah. Really? She wants to get that far. But with all this uncertainty of lack of authority as to what really is and isn’t happening, how it isn’t really isn’t happening. And the politicization, I don’t get the doubters like the ones who don’t think this is real. But when they see the slap and that.


[00:19:58.840] – Ed

Well, OK, I don’t I don’t get that either.


[00:20:02.400] – Dean

So I have to be perspective, though, because I used to live in the Dallas area. Right. And I would be very uncomfortable walking into a Wal-Mart in the Dallas Fort Worth area without a base mask market.


[00:20:13.690] – Ed

The only company I could be walking into a Wal-Mart at anytime gets spread out.


[00:20:22.530] – Loren

I never meant to be used that way.


[00:20:23.730] – Dean

I just said nobody could see it coming. There were fewer cases around here. So around here. Do I go to Wal-Mart with mess? Yes, I do, because there’s like six cases, you know. And so it’s not it’s a different perspective where a tiny outbreak has been caused by Dean.


[00:20:43.530] – Lily

I just want to on the record, I don’t know why I actually thought I made this from my bathing suit. I’m not sure. I tried to get out of my hair. Let me get rid of it. It won’t go nowhere.


[00:21:04.330] – Kat

We’re in a period again where emotions are driving decisions well before logic. That was definitely the case. But emotions have grown much more rampant in their support. And, you know, from the politics and those that support different politics, they’re perpetuating these stories and these feelings of fear or that things don’t really happen, don’t really exist. It’s crazy to say, you know, look at how many precautions we were taking a few months ago when the numbers were nowhere near where they are now.


[00:21:34.010] – Kat

They’re in a worse position.


[00:21:35.440] – Kat

We’re taking less precaution. Yeah. That is the logic, right? There is just it doesn’t come together. So we’re not in a realm of logic. We’re not in a realm of doing what makes sense based on data. Now it’s controlled the mind control, the masses.


[00:21:53.580] – Loren

There was an interesting statistic that came up locally here. We’ve had more positive cases and more deaths in the past 70 days than the entire three months combined to the.


[00:22:03.510] – Tristan

Well, no. It was there was an article. There was in the news, too. I think it was the news today or was it yesterday where it matches the whole of Europe against the USA in terms of cases. And you could just see the point that you your east and relax the the measures, it starts to go up. Now, the way Europe, albeit Europe, changed at different times. But where it is. It was in a reasonably short period where where they relaxed.


[00:22:37.080] – Tristan

You could see they relaxed. Later on in the cycle. So the bell curve for Europe was like that and it’s dropped. It’s still high, but it’s not on a rampant scale going upwards. The only exception I would say to that is probably the U.K., where we, you know, obviously with Ben and I right now, because we’re literally coming out of our. And aware about ease tomorrow. And we were talking before about, you know, how you’re going to feel and what you’re going to do.


[00:23:05.200] – Tristan

When I was dead set against. I’m I’m not going to go out. You know, I’ve got I’ve got a wife and two kids. My youngest daughter has health issues. I’m like, I’m dead set against going out, having done a little bit research, realizing it’s like I say, I can’t really make a decision. But finding out that they in the local area, there’s not too many cases. I’m actually going to venture out tomorrow. The appeal of going to a bar and beer just wouldn’t the day for me.


[00:23:33.780] – Tristan

I would like to say it was an informed and educate decision, but probably a little bit emotional as well. But I am still going be very much on guard. I suppose it’s what Ed was saying. It’s not the first time that you go out and I imagine by says they haven’t been up five, five, five nights on the truck. I’ll probably be fine, but we’ll see. My liver, my.


[00:23:55.860] – Lily

And it’s interesting. I’m really curious because obviously the study here that we’re looking at with Melissa has shown really improvement in people’s willingness to go out. And I think, you know, kind of what I was talking about in our whole webinar yesterday, that people can only think people can only deal with restrictions being imposed on them for so long before they start making illogical decisions that go against safety. However, I’m really curious to see the change from Volume six to I hope there will be a volume seven.


[00:24:33.900] – Lily

I assume you guys are going to continue going because now all of a sudden things are shutting down again. Have major restrictions here in Arizona going into place in California. And I know we talked before about New York, New Jersey and Connecticut requiring travelers to quarantine. I haven’t really seen it in the news, but I know anecdotally from friends and validated this on the CDC Web site that that’s spreading to other states as well. For example, Pennsylvania has has implemented the same thing now.


[00:25:05.090] – Lily

So I’m wondering with this kind of resurgence, because also in the hotel years that I’ve been talking with in my research project, they’re saying, oh, you know what? As soon as the closures were announced in our state, we dropped 20 percent of our occupancy for the next two weeks. So I think that we are kind of unfortunately not to be a Debbie Downer, but I think we’re in for another wave of difficulty when it comes to leisure travel that maybe kind of happened to right after the results of this survey.


[00:25:34.050] – Melissa

So that’s what I said. I think it was just before you joined early. So we sent out the survey. We got the results. I posted the results. And I feel like probably within a day of posting these results. Everything changed.


[00:25:47.810] – Lily

Don’t you love when that happens? Yeah.


[00:25:49.320] – Melissa

Hard data for our clients. Just revenue. Just tell them we were over 200 percent in revenue year over year for a good couple of weeks. And all of a sudden it just tanked. And it’s still we’re now below booking where we were last year after being so far above for a couple of weeks.


[00:26:10.370] – Loren

Yeah, but it lends itself a marketing strategy point of view. And then there’s something to then you put in there, you know what the new normal from the mail says and so forth. I almost and I’ve said this in previous presentations, I want to get off of what is the normal what is the next way, because we’re actually asking for a pause by asking for a normal. We’re saying that it stays a certain way for a length of time.


[00:26:32.360] – Loren

So that is considered normal at that point. Every day is normal because that is the normal for that day. The next day, as you point out, Melissa. It went from, you know, high water to low water just simply because of the change that happened. But you have to plan. You have to have all these contingencies laid out that this this you know, we were talking about reopening, preopening emergence, all these terms that don’t make sense right now because nobody’s emerging.


[00:26:58.070] – Loren

Nobody’s coming out of what we’re dealing with right now. We’re back in the hole again and having strategies that are planned for that relate to this like we lived through I did with one of my clients a great occupancy because we’re looking for the type of business that was travelling during this process and we never really venture too far from it. So when we look back in the hole again, it was just resetting back to what we were already focused on prior.


[00:27:23.240] – Loren

We were searching for new types of business as the business changed. That’s normal. But then when that business didn’t come through because of going retreating back to closing things down again, we went and reset back to the things we knew we could get business from. A lot of hotels are sitting there by their front door with the light on waiting for the business to pull in. And they’re not really targeting who they can get to come into the hotel as it is much what they would be waiting for people to come to the hotel.


[00:27:50.240] – Loren

It’s indeed whether you’re hunting or whether you’re just waiting. I think it’s kind of where we’re seeing some differences in what hotels are succeeding and what hotels are floundering.


[00:28:01.860] – Loren

Anyway, Melissa, with that, you know, since it was a bargain for. What are the numbers we have?


[00:28:08.100] – Melissa

What are the numbers? Well, since we already brought it up, we did ask again. I think this is either the second or third time we asked the top three reasons that we prevent people from staying at a hotel. And on our last round, we had so many people right in that there was nothing preventing them that we added. That is a choice this time. And so we have this data. We had over 30 percent of people saying that nothing is preventing them from traveling at this very moment and even no fear of guest interactions and fear common areas that have been the top two choices that remain constant for those drops.


[00:28:47.620] – Melissa

Substantially, fear of guest interactions went from 50 percent down to forty one and then fear common areas decreased from 43 percent down to just over 30. So there is some drastic change in three weeks on this question. But again, this is already a few weeks old, so I don’t know. I asked this question today. If these numbers are going to go back up.


[00:29:13.090] – Lily

Are you going to increase fees to a daily survey, let’s say?


[00:29:17.410] – Melissa

Where are you going to follow the norm today?


[00:29:23.990] – Dean

You know, the norm will be interesting to see what these look like post Fourth of July holiday weekend, because as we came out of May. Came out of what should have been the school year. Whenever there’s a lot of pent up aggression, people that are just ready to get out. I’ve got to get the hell out of here. Memorial Day weekend. People left. They went to Myrtle Beach or whatever. Have you any home to the early summer here?


[00:29:48.260] – Dean

They started going out Fourth of July weekend. People want to go well after we get over that initial high. Does it take a nosedive? And does that then change things? You know, especially as let’s assume that we’re going back to school, knock on wood. What’s that look like then when the school year starts again? Does that all nosedive? Because ultimately people need a reason to travel. You’re traveling for business. You’re traveling for Leyser, whatever it may be.


[00:30:13.240] – Dean

But there has to be a reason I’m going someplace. I’m not just going there because I like to look at the Holiday Inn. Right. There’s a reason I’m going there. And as soon as that. Right now, that reason is I got to get the hell out of the house as soon as that subsides. What replaces it?


[00:30:29.900] – Loren

I think we keep seeing it, shooting ourselves in the foot with these recurring holidays and the inconsistency of how we respond to them. Again, the political politicization of wearing a mask, not wearing a mask down here. The confusion of France. Is the east coast of Florida shut down? The restaurants are shut down, but the beaches are closed. So now over here, the wisdom of counties versus cities. The counties are leaving the beaches open for their access.


[00:30:58.160] – Loren

But the cities are shutting theirs down. Parking for the city is close to the residents, but parking for the county’s parking is available to whoever wants to park there and pay for it. So there’s gonna be this huge flood of people that are coming from the East Coast, have nothing to do, nowhere to go. They’re going to go over to these beaches like they did the last time that this happened. And they’re going to flood our beaches. No social distancing.


[00:31:18.650] – Loren

They’re going to crowd when they get kicked off the beach because of beaches. Then picture how this is going to work. The beaches open from 5:00 a.m. to 10 a.m. Then they’re closed. Then they reopen at 5:00 p.m. until dusk. So tell me how much fun that’s going to be getting people heard it up and where are they going to go? They’re going to pile up into the pools by the hotels because they already even said that we need to be people on the beach.


[00:31:38.870] – Loren

Well, when the beach goes, we’re just gonna go the pool and have fun. That is not going to be social distancing. The hotels are sold out on the beaches already because everybody for these courses are overbooked. There is no centralized forum fireworks, but every guest to shoot fireworks off the boats that are coming over are so profound that the boat ramps that there’s no parking for boats and trailers. They stretch up to six miles away from the from the boat dock where they park.


[00:32:04.940] – Loren

There’s places that people will come over and literally park up into the front yard of somebody and leave the car. And even though they get a two hundred dollar parking ticket, they don’t get towed because the tow people, if they max out their towed tow storage, they have no place to bring the towed car. So they can’t take cars after a certain point. So all they’re getting is a two hundred dollar fine to them, which is like the parking ticket.


[00:32:25.370] – Loren

So they don’t care and they’re pulling up in people’s front yards in the grass and just leaving the car. And we would do the and the person’s yelling, screaming out and they don’t care because they want to get to the beach. They want to go do something. And it’s this inconsistency of stuff that we’re facing. And then obviously, we get this surge like we just saw from the Memorial Day weekend. We’re literally the hole because of that.


[00:32:42.650] – Loren

We’re gonna be in a hole again because it’s like it’s going to come back around again in like a few other factors, too, to keep in mind.


[00:32:49.760] – Lily

We’re talking about the from the industry side of things, flipping it to the actual working side of things like my hand. He works in the restaurant business and his business, like many others, really struggled with getting staff back once that initial hit of Corbitt had furloughs and layoffs. So now he’s faced with this like a Monday call, like a fire drill of getting people in the door. And those people need money. They need work, they’re lying about their symptoms or people are bringing them in even if they have some type of symptoms, because you’re still required to have full capacity here in Georgia and function normally.


[00:33:27.080] – Kat

So how do you meet that demand? And people are walking in in groups of twenty and thirty five and looking for service. So there’s that aspect. And then July 30, first, that additional unemployment benefit is due to expire. So if that isn’t extended, then, you know, the market is going to get flood once again with all of these people that may have been vacation but, you know, haven’t been inside. But the opportunities for it to spread from inside where all of these tours and people are traveling to is going to increase, too.


[00:33:58.650] – Lily

Yeah. And it’s interesting what you’re saying about the unemployment, because, first of all, I have a feeling something’s going to get extended even if it doesn’t look quite the same. I would be pretty surprised if the government doesn’t pass another bill probably 24 hours before the other one expires as it goes. But as I’ve been talking with yours as well, that is one of the top three pain points in almost every market that people are not returning to work because they’re making more money on unemployment.



So if they do extend it in the same way, it kind of hurts us on the other side because there’s literally hotels that could fill more rooms, but they’re not doing it because they can’t get enough hands on deck to turn those rooms over properly.



So if anybody has any major solutions to that problem, please hit me up, because I have a lot of people who would like to know about that. No, I’m giving you these elections.



If somebody parks a dumb college of law, that really is a perfect time for a little bit gardening. Maybe, you know, the cycle of full time. Spread some around. All right.



Let’s not fly in the UK, but also if you take a mini marshmallows in the summer heat, just line them up on the top of the windshield wipers like that. Really?






You don’t mess with the no parking. No parking her yard for you guys. Has anybody I know somebody had mentioned. I think it might have been Ed. The mask fails.



Have you seen anybody wear like, whoa. I wish I could be as good as you. Like, I saw this lady running uphill with her mask on.



Like, no, I’m just going to sit down. It was just too much to watch.



But I have turned into a mask fashionista, though I have mass for all occasions. I have my Darth Vader mask, as I affectionately call it, because it has double breathers and a strap that goes around behind my back. So I look like, you know, I can sound like Luke. I am your father. And then I have a fabric mask, which is for socially engaged was outside where I’m going to be outside Damascus. Something look good.



And then I have my other mask, which is a thick car cut, one with a single breathings that I’ve been there. We have the physical therapist coming that has a carbon filter and stuff, so it’s a little bit more healthier. So I have I have mass reallocations. Now I’m going to go ahead and are getting some loga mass. Y’all might be receiving some of the mail.



Just saying I’ll be presented with a mask that says is it message says hospital marketing or is it a mask to your face?



Yeah, well, the mouth is full of how we all to do with just the bottom half of Lauren.



I’m ready. Hold on. I’m Lauren.



The term you were trying to come up with was mask NEA.



Oh, OK. That was a letter for me. I like it. I think that. Speaking by T.J. Max. No.



That’s Max, NEA mascot, NEA. You know what?



I was thinking of that with Lily regarding the difficulty of getting employees back. And I’m I, I, I’ve given this a lot of thought. And I, I really wish that the government would allow you to say, bring somebody back to work for, let’s say, two days a week. And that way they can get their full pay for those two days. Hopefully that would make it more then than unemployment and and still get it for the for the rest of the week.



But I feel like even just they come in for, you know, one day it messes up their entire unemployment, including the the six hundred dollars extra. I don’t I think. Yeah. I just don’t think that it’s organized properly and make sure they did it to be quick. But it’s been five months now so they should have rethought it by now.



So I thought. Sorry Lily, I thought if you will, unfilled those. And you said no, that stopped Jodan employment in any case, because we not supposed to be the case.



But I don’t think the businesses are reporting right.



That’s when if business has to then go in and do something to report that they’re not eligible for unemployment. And because, you know, the relationship factor, I think prevents that in a lot of cases, like they may say, you know, but we need them to come back later, even if they won’t come back right now. So people are being really lax about that now.



And I’m not sure it’s not either. It’s not clear how you would actually report someone, you know, because even on the paycheck protection program, you can report that you attempted to bring an employee back is it’s written that you can do that. And yet there’s no way to do it.



Right. Who really wants to hurt their their employees?



Right. I mean, if you’ve got a housekeeper who normally get their take home pay is let’s say, I don’t know, four fifty a week and now they’re making seven fifty on unemployment. I wouldn’t go back either. That would be the wrong decision for me and my family. When you have an opportunity to sock away a little extra money because we don’t know how long this is going to go. So I think that employers, although they’re suffering from in place, not coming back.



They are also it’s almost a humanitarian thing.



Well, and it’s not just like your standard employees that you’re seasonal, your interns, your you know, like there there are entire areas in like state parks that are 100 percent staffed by volunteers that travel in and live, you know, for the season.



They can’t do that this year.



So there is a there’s all sorts of, you know, dynamic challenges right now for, you know, different destinations on staffing.



Now, I know that from clients that I have with have restaurants in the Santoni or in San Antonio is one of ground zero as well. They’re just mandated. All restaurants have to be closed for nobody in the interior. One of the solutions was that he didn’t bring them back. But part of Mac is at Hawk’s. Do they do deliveries, pick ups, things like that, and work that way so that they didn’t go back on the payroll, so they’re stable to stay unemployed.



But they were able to as long as they didn’t go up to a certain threshold of income, they were able to do some sidebar work. So at least giving somebody back to where you live, we said, oh, maybe a couple of days or Abara, Dellums or a couple of days worth of work, in essence, without necessarily violating their unemployment status.



Yeah. Because when the hotel is is not performing at optimal levels anyway, maybe they only need their sales and marketing coordinator to come in one day. Right.



And it helps everyone out as the obvious vice presidential pick for Ed’s presidential ticket. I’ve put a lot of thought into what our policy is going to look like around your platform, your platform. But I think that it would make a lot of sense because obviously there is a greater need for greater unemployment right now so that it’s a good sort. But capping that at 75 percent of their regular earnings, I think provides incentives for them to come back to work.



And, you know, maybe even then making it up to a thousand dollars a week, because there’s plenty of people who are making 75000 or more and have expenses around that, that the unemployment is barely going to touch what they need. But still capping it at that 75 percent or even 60 percent mark.



Well, and most unemployment Pythias have a reporting functionality that they normally use where you prove you look for a job. You could easily implement that. You need a letter from your employer that you’re either permanently laid off or you’re on furlough and you have not been asked back yet. And that would allow you to have an exception for a greater benefit.



Right. Exactly. So I think that it’s really. And actually in Arizona, they would they’ve waived entirely the section of are you looking for work? Which I don’t agree with this because there are other jobs that you can get. So as long as if you’re getting a job that’s significantly less, you can still make up the difference in unemployment. I think it’s good to have people out there actively looking for work and mental health. It’s good for a variety of reasons, the economy in general.



If they can’t find something, then fine. That’s fair. But people shouldn’t be actively looking for work. And I think that’s one of the big loopholes in the current unemployment issue.



I do think, though, with some of the unemployment offices that are handling, they have been hugely overwhelmed with stories of people who were furloughed weeks ago. We have only just recently started getting unemployment and it could be backdated. So they effectively will fill it by the company, went without salary, without unemployment, without anybody coming in for a month and a half. Right.



That Lord is the poster child for that foot. Florida has been the post, which I think they literally their people have been unemployed for 90 plus days. And then and then when they finally got to and some still haven’t got unemployment, which is the lowest in the country, one of the lowest in the country. It can tell you that they were also denied anything.



I’ve never collected. No, no, no. But you were the one that pointed out that I’ve never been employed.



That’s true. You’re unemployable. That’s what I am. Unemployed, unemployable.



But but the the idea that they couldn’t even get back pay for the times that they were, you know, this is their doing back pay. No, they still having problems with those people want to know they’re they’re supposed to be doing backpay, which means financially you will get back paid.



But the Florida unemployment system was designed to be incredibly difficult, near impossible to discourage people from using it. And, you know, there’s a lot in this specific instance, I think they went through way and a system changed as well.



Midway, they had the process. And so we all we’ve all kind of worked in an ideal a lot with computer systems. You know, the worst possible time that you can make a change is when you’ve got a a rush of people coming to your Web site. I mean, it just. Yeah. Yeah.



But better. I mean, it was something like 80 million dollars to develop a non-working architecture. I think I want to go into government contract.



I think, you know, for half a half an agent or a five percent better. Yes. Right.



So I want to throw something towards Melissa. This is a byproduct of what’s going on right now. That might be possible to be brought into the dialogue of future tense surveys with the US being shut out on international travel because we deserve it. And Russia and China as well and so forth. So on the scope of Internet. Travel is going to change him for the short term, it’s like a race we’re not in that race right now. Everybody, as they emerged from their ability to travel a family in Holland and they normally come to the U.S. because they have property.



We hear that. They say it well. Now, that plan is now changed to what am I going to do in Spain, where we’re doing Italy, what we do in France, whatever, and maybe even travel to other countries that are safe to travel to that DNA. Much going to change for at least the rest of this year, possibly as an impact on Future Tense because of the discoverability of people saying, hey, I don’t have to go to the U.S. next year.



I kind of like going to Turkey because it was an all inclusive resort or whatever. And I didn’t think about it before because I was forced to do it this past year. So is there a way to somehow engage the survey, attentive participants, as to future tense international travel? I know you have a lot of domestic survey people and not so much international audience, but I know you have some, I imagine, as to the perceptions on the international travel preferences going forward.



Is safety of the traveling destination now part of the consideration process is or is there an exclusion? Do they feel that they’re going to be less likely to travel internally, whatever? I don’t know. I don’t know how to phrase out the variations to the questions. But, you know, it is going to have an impact. It’s going to have an impact on U.S. people being able to travel, which for the first time we’re actually limited. Usually we’re the ones to go rocking around, going out, you know, the ugly American tourist.



We don’t have there. I don’t know.



The current the current climate of the U.S. has me in a weird position because I have a rule that I don’t go to places that are in like volatile, almost wartime type situations. And the U.S. has kind of air left there.






Trying to be. And they won’t let us go anywhere else.



We’ve turned into the already starting to look for how to apply for refugee freedom.



I want to go to New Zealand really bad.



And this is going to be one of three and six. Is things. Right.



Refugee status for Americans who want to make a rush job with two parents that by lucrative. Well, I mean, I would I would advise the UK at the minute. Yeah, well, we’ve just locked down, but we’re playing now is biological whack a whack a mole. Our government, our shuggie had a terrible situation in last year. So what we’re trying to do is lock down Lester and we’ve subway were a lot less like Lester Lester or less of the outlying area, just less.



OK, so don’t got questions about just locking down.



So you’ve got all these articles on the news where they were people on the street, on a row of terrorist houses. And one guy was like, I was down there. It was like, oh, boy. Said The line stops there. So you guys get, I guess, you he’s biofilm. That’s what they’re doing now, is is stopping people and getting them to produce driving licenses to prove they’re either from or not from Leicester. Because one guy.



This is truly. This is the British way of thinking. One guy hired a coach to take his entire street to the next city down to get plastered. Tomorrow, I’ll have a drink tomorrow when the pubs open and the court calls it. You can’t do that. Google can’t do that. Then why can’t do it? Lester’s locked down. I believe in less. No, no. That’s not the point of a lockdown. You buy food so surprisingly.



Oh, go, go, go. The US will be the oh, my beer. We have kids that are having parties, too.



Well, all right. 19.



Please do not refer to Alabama as I think everyone in the world said your name.



Alabama should not be what we use as an example of.



So I’m telling you, though, now that this has gotten out there, it will become a national trend. And if you don’t believe me, just Google Tide Pod, right.



Hands up.



Ice call injecting. Injecting while we’re at it. Yes, there is enough dumb people around here. But I think, Ben, to your point. It’s nice to know it’s a good old Boris is taking cues from the US in how to do a lockdown effectively, because essentially that’s the same thing that’s happened here, is, hey, everybody can make their own rules based on their own locality. And I could see from the beginning, if we had shut down as a country with the same rules, every very strict quarantine rules in the entire U.S. government overthrown for 30 days.



If we had been able to accomplish that, that would have eradicated most of this.



Agreed that the problem is, is and the UK generally has the same problem. Is.



Governments that allow freedom, right, have this deep rooted issue where they can’t actually force the public to do something without fear of the public immediately rising up and pushing back. It’s like the whole idea of preannouncing a lockdown. I mean, that’s asinine. It’s like you literally should roll military and in lockdown. Sorry you’re here. We’re locking it down because the nature of this thing is as if you’re here. You’re likely to have it. No one in or out.



Right. That’s how it should work. But in free nations, you can’t do that because what will happen is not only the people who were locked down will riot. The people who are in fear of the government doing the same to them will also do that. And I’m not just talking about the crazies. I’m talking this would trigger, you know, middle of the ground people to even be greatly concerned that the government is overreaching what it’s allowed to do.



And that’s actually the systemic problem of a free government. So the only governments that can effectively handle this type of situation are governments where the people are not free.



Well, I’ll leave a little bit on Lily side to this, too, but lack of central authority on this conversation. And I won’t say common sense because it’s not common and nobody has much of it anyway.



Is the idea that even statistically pointed out that if we all just wore masks and not politicized, if we just wore masks from a financial point of view, we’re five trillion ahead because the economy would be able to function. To your point, it in a decision way, it would be volunteered that we would realize as a community mutual safety. And if we simply complied with the aspect of making sure all of us are a participant in this in a free will society, then we should do this.



What has happened is a lack of clarity of leadership, the lack of consistency as to the decision process, the diversification of response and all the things you pointed out clearly has created this ambiguity as to whether I’m on one side of a view versus another side of you simply by doing precautionary things that scientifically pointed out our beneficial. How beneficial. Sure, we can talk about that all day.



Well, the benefits of the bag with the mask thing is the problem that they could not say they had to. And if you look the government really in the early days of this, we’re like now MarsOne do anything. They were they were actually super downplaying masks because there just weren’t enough and they needed them.



And that was that was never it necessary because people knew how to make a mask. You know what I had sitting next to me right here, this car? You know, that would have been better than nothing. Everybody has a sock or a pair of underpants or some smart in their house or other piece of fabric.



That isn’t gross. I tried manage my cat litter box like that. And so Michael and Joann fabrics are like, yes, yes. I mean, actually, I imagine what it would be if Governor Cuomo was president and just talked to people with facts and and and commonsense as as you said, that is so uncommon. And just said, you know, yes, you may be free to do what you want to do. But isn’t this what you want?



And and and that’s why, you know, we’ve got a lot of compliance in New York.



I’m going to share what is going on in my own neighborhood. So I live in an HLA community. We have a pool that is not opening this summer. And the community is at war with each other because in order for our pool to open under the letter of the law of the governors executive orders, we would have to pay multiple staff members to be at the pool to clean up after every single person touched the door handle and all of the chairs and tables and everything else.



And there’s no way we can afford to do that.



And the of a board and can be sued. Lion Lee. Because if somebody gets nobody, somebody is going to sue. The amount of controversy over this pool is in my mind. Insane people are so angry about their right to this pool.



And also, oh, if the pool’s not open, we deserve money back on our fees for the year. Even though, you know, the pool still has to be maintained. People are out of their minds.



We’re even funnier because it’s your pool. Like, if you don’t pay, the pool doesn’t get taken care of. You’ll end up having to pay rent it back up and running. The idea. Any idea of doing your age or why you’re suing yourself?



You are suing yourself.



You don’t know any like you. It doesn’t matter.



It doesn’t matter if it’s a pool or the masks or whatever. Everybody is just on edge right now. It’s been too long. And, you know, I think to the point of with 30 days work with the 30 days, not work call ups, that either way, it’s like the idea of shutting down society for 30 days. We basically did, but we did it for a different 30 days over here than over here than over here. And that’s why it’s July now.



And we’re still seeing shutdowns of the economy. I think we would have actually had less economic impact if everybody had banded together. But to Ed’s point, it doesn’t matter what we enforce unless we really go into military law. Because unfortunately, we’ve spread a culture where everybody’s so focused on their rights, which most of the ones they’re bringing up are not in the Constitution anywhere that I’m aware of. But people feel so entitled in today’s society and we don’t have enough care for others.



That’s what would actually solve this. If people think that, oh, I’m not sick, so I shouldn’t wear a mask, but I don’t really know if I’m asymptomatic or even more so this mask isn’t going to stop me from getting coronaviruses. I’m not going to wear it. I’m not going to wear it. But I saved not.



By the way, my favorite meme I’ve seen online explaining masks is I don’t know if you guys have seen it, but it’s it’s basically using pants in place of a mask. So if someone’s not wearing pants and they p they pee on you, if you’re not wearing pants, that’s directly on you. If you’re wearing pants, only some of it gets on you. If the person who’s being is wearing pants, the piece is on them.



That’s my favorite.



So essentially what it is, it can’t put it into terms like this is Carrot Top. It sort of.



Yeah, but I think it’s also it was mentioned on there about a lockdown for 30 days. I think there’s a misconception about what what a lockdown actually is here, because the UK has been on lockdown for a lot longer than 30 days. What we have now been is it like nine weeks? Exactly. There were a hundred and two. There we go. Both the worlds that are the UK still has to function. So there isn’t a true lockdown, isn’t there?



Everybody can just go indoors, stay indoors for 30 days because how do you get food? How do you get medicines? How do you get all of that? So there is still huge numbers of people going out there in the community so that the idea of what a lockdown is. Isn’t everybody being imprisoned for 30 days? It’s just not possible. But to your point, really, if you’ve done it all at once, then, you know, it’s that’s that’s how the UK is kind of reaping the rewards of having to have done this, is that I watched our cases.



We were too slow to react. Our case has shot up exponentially. We’ve now managed to get them under control because as a nation, you know, we collectively have that power because, well, we’re a lot smaller than the US.



It was obviously well, you’re on your central government, has your central government has the power to do that.



Our federal government does it already to govern how the states, you know, handle commerce and things like that. So the problem the problem with the United States is it would be impossible to federally lock down because it just can’t happen. The state the state could actually trigger where steps could secede from the union.



We still have quite a different set of them. And we still have got a similar thing because Scotland and Wales are not following and don’t have to follow what England does and they are attached to us. It is almost missed. All right. Well, we are fortunate that Scotland and Wales are actually being even more cautious than in England. I think they’re probably giving it more out of spite because they don’t like English, but.



Oh, definitely. So sorry. The English every time. She’s about to make an announcement. Nicola Sturgeon, the first minister of Scotland, gets a TV out before it’s safe to say so. So I love his voice. I mean, Scotland does Scotland to keep it to me is don’t. Not without to one. And us from I think it’s a tense face mask. Who will be local inside shops in Scotland.



I know, but I want to I guess a note by the and I want to point something out.



I agree with you that the that the federal government couldn’t mandate a lockdown. But as we have seen from the lack of leadership or the cookie submissive leadership, a central recommendation from within a sort of perspective, be the president, be the federal government, working in coordinating with the state, saying, guys, look at the here’s the deal here and get all the governors together.



This is what we’re facing. This what we’re doing. We’re looking to do this. This is why we’re doing this. This is this information to validate what we’re asking to do and creating a consensus of decision rather than a decentralization so that the face of where our government is a right.



So I’ve heard two things from Andelman, from Ed, you got I said these are perfect for our show. The first one was, I only wish the government would not be about fill in the blank. And then Endou said, the problem with the US government is that that that fill in the blank.



We we right now are also reducing funding on future cases, testing, kicking things right. So if the numbers if there’s less testing, the numbers go down. Yeah, sure.



They don’t stop this existing manipulation.



And then at the same time, we’re also fighting for reducing business or businesses from being liable if staff or your customers get sick on premises.



Prabal, it won’t be the responsibility of the business where you get that cold it out or wherever you get it.



So you can’t sue anybody, but you’ll get it. And they’re stuff.



Remember five months ago when the solstice came and started back in March and April, the message that was given to everyone was flattened, the Kurds. We have to curb everybody’s. So this line graphs that had about a 60 day window to them. Kirby, because like this or goes like this. All right. 60 days later, everybody’s like, we flattened the curve. We did our job done.



Right now it’s going like this. Now it’s a pool.



The last two thirds will be doing nothing until there is a positive.



They still I mean, we’re all very dim and gloom and government bashing, which is brilliant. Nothing gives me great pleasure.



And then a Friday to do that for the world.



Looking at the USA is like, oh, that doesn’t look good. Thank goodness. Where if we flatten because we’ve got bell curve. We’re not flatlining. This is great where we’re all really, really good.



And not many people in the population have got corona virus.



Then it’s over in America. You guys are probably all going to have it. And then he’s going to turn around. He’s still to be going around the rest a little bit.



Most of the USA has had Corona virus, so in effect, you’re kind of in a bad position.



What do you mean by people school?



It got all of the chicken pox parties on a national level. Thank you for the coffee party. You remember? You know, maybe it’s about maybe Alabama was right for in their first than something.



Besides that, it’s got these different presidential plan.



It’s not so wrong. We’ve accidentally got herd immunity. Yeah, well, that goes back to cheers. Good yet.



Antarctica is still free.



So if you’re wondering how is that because they haven’t tested. I mean, let’s let’s be honest. The people could use the the testing. The lions don’t do it, didn’t they. Yeah, they do. All the best. There you go.



Yeah. Do you want to go to a wild Paul debate with swinge just like her. Let me take your word for one for you. It like they are.



I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the show.



Cheers and Norm’s philosophy. I’m drinking beer that it kills the dead bird brain cells that will brain cells. So we’d like to follow the herd mentality. The herd can only go as fast as the slowest buffalo. So there’s those buffalo. By getting killed off the herd can go faster. Well, beer does that for your brain. It kills off your brain cells that aren’t working as well. Supre next semester. That’s why you know everything when you get drunk, because it kills off all the debris.



Sounds silly.



It sounds in a way, what you’re saying, Trist, is that we’re kind of doing the same thing as a country. We’re just a slow brain cells.



We’re Brina, basically.



So all of this celebration of all the wonderful things. That are America before birthday? A special edition, hospitality marketing.



I’m going to be interested to see over the weekend how the bump in fireworks related injuries are going like skyrocket, because most of the big fireworks displays, that area’s do have been canceled.



And so all the fireworks stores in this area have completely sold out because people are going to DIY their fireworks.



So I can’t wait to see how many fingers get lost this weekend versus normal.



By the way, when handling fireworks, open hands, safe fingers.



You know how many houses burned from hitting on, you know? Yeah. Exactly. I can actually remove my thumb.



Let’s listen a little bit. Let’s watch this way. Stumpy is going to be a new nickname for a lot of people.



And we can tell you one thing that’s happening in my neighborhood, which is that leading up to all the fireworks being canceled. And this has been going on now for about two weeks, every single night. There have been short bursts of fireworks earlier. And one thing that it will cause, although I don’t intend to lose any fingers because I’m not a big fan of setting off my own fireworks regardless, but I may need to get a therapist for my poor dog who is now scared of the outdoors.



As soon as it gets dark because he’s so terrified of violence, there’s so those no lily.



Like the two weeks as we lead up to it, too. And I’m fine. Guy Fawkes, which is, well, your witch additional. We set off fireworks and not.



Huge upgrades. You know, people tried to blow up our government. Yes.



That’s that’s what. Yeah. That’s the thing you want to celebrate.



That’s really. Yeah. I think it’s successful because he tried to gutless China.



So we have like two weeks before, you know, kids, whatever their old setting of fireworks, getting hold of them. And you can just hear the bangs and go. Is that not a thing before ungrateful colonial?



I mean, well, who lives in the desert?



So fireworks are just advised in general here and here in the tropical climate of Florida. That also is rich in Latin cultures. Fireworks are almost year round. We go pretty much Christmas, New Year’s, a couple of other holidays I’m aware of or just random reasons to set off fireworks. The two weeks leading up the Fourth of July, like it seems like it’s always fireworks.



See, I feel like I’m in a better place. Being in Florida than I was when I lived in Texas, because in addition to fireworks, we have the daily reminder not to continue to shoot your guns up in space because bullets do come back down.



I really appreciate it.



Oh nine oh oh oh. You’re going there. You’re going there. Dingwall Capital.



Well, I have to just interject because it seems to fit the moment. I’m just dropping a Lincoln here for anybody who’s interested. And this is a nice little video about how to follow the rules currently around Corona virus. If anybody wants a little holiday weekend humor, because this and this stuff.



And also with that in mind, you go again. But we’ve been I’ve been thoroughly enjoyed the covers which took me run from a marketing perspective for what’s currently going on. There are some things that are still tried and true that are still effective for communicating and getting whatever business is still traveling, for what reasons they have to travel. In answer to some of the other questions, and this is sad to say, but real, there is a need for funeral travel for those that could not go earlier.



There is a need for convalescent visits that they couldn’t do before. There is a need for to visit people that from a family perspective that had been isolated from their other family and they’re looking to just reconnect with them. These are still core travel purposes for people and they’re going to do it at a distance level that is comfortable for them. There is also the fact that we have been adding additional content beyond the protocol changes. Hey, there’s the executive producer for today.



She’s speaking more since already the.



Right. Right, exactly. There’s the other than just giving videos of what just changed in the hotel for people to know what to expect. We’ve also been really doing good, showing local information, communicating via social value, the content of the Web site, putting the content on the Web site, on orphan pages, on your Web site. If you. The capabilities of doing that, which is talking about the local destinations that are open to local restaurants that are as to what the service levels are, whether it’s lunch, breakfast, dinner delivery or pick up what these to expect it to do those things.



But we’re stealing that data and putting it on our Web sites and then we’re referring to it on our social postings. Real ending right now, reallocating assets for self self-improvement in the actualisation process.



So marketings, marketing, sulkily, doing those things. Those those things have really been beneficial because as people do the exploratory, knowing what they do before they travel, it’s helped them in the process because then we’re of course, we’re giving them still a trigger to purchase in that process like a book. We’re not offering special discounts or any. We’re just saying here’s a Buechele that once you feel satisfied with the information we’ve provided, you’re willing to go over make that choice.



And here’s a look. Here’s the bottom fourth.



And that’s helped. It’s that reality right now. It’s not about long term. How do we get somebody, consortia or wholesaler? It’s about who is right now is willing to do what they need to do for what reasons they have to travel. And what is it we need to convey information wise to them that makes them feel comfortable about that.



Unless you’re a beach hotel, then you free open anybody what you straight up your your good. You’re back you’re back to normal marketing. Yeah. Just show up. Yeah.



Well it doesn’t get locked down again and then you’d be back open again. State of Florida beach hotels are not going to get locked down again. Oh gosh. Governor Straightup said he will not shut down our economy. And I think South Carolina’s governor said the same thing.



They will let you know anything. So. So, so. Yeah.



South Carolina, Florida, your opportunity to vote. Oh, wait. You’ll have a little game or everybody’s dead.



No, I didn’t say let the bodies hit the floor. Right? Yeah. Yeah. That’s.



I said you could just blow it on a theme tune. You’re this instead of lying on the floor. Right. Look at the show. 250.



You got to go. I think we could make that work.



I think you celebrate our children, actually.



I mean, you know, with the exception of Adele, every other American on this show is in a ridiculously governed state.



You’ve got South Carolina, Florida, Georgia.



Dean, where you. Nebraska? Oh, yeah. That’s ridiculous. I’m sorry.



I’m just going to say, we’ve already mentioned we’ve got all this. So I think you’re involved in this.



So, Adele, you’re the only person who isn’t in a ridiculously governed area.



I only wish you could all be away if you’re not met with much as I hadn’t spent that they that he has with the governor of New Jersey and the governor of Connecticut. Because when they close things, they all discuss it together and come to some sort of a consensus or agreement, mutual benefit, because everybody understands that if something is open over here, everybody’s going to go there because we we we roam freely between those three places.



But keep in mind, Cuomo also is from the land of room, but he he is connected with a place that had gone through the very first huge outbreak of Kovin. I am sure he has contacts were like, hey, you don’t do this. Everybody nobody is going to vote for you. They can’t vote for me when they’re dead. So you know what?



I can tell you that my thinking about everything changed when I was, you know, just kind of reaching out to some different people, you know, that I know. And there’s a wonderful photographer that we work within immediately. And he said to me again. I beg you, do not take this like me. This is extremely serious.



And I got that one question really impacted my thinking of everything moving forward and and made some life decisions on that.






Yeah, true. Those have been impacted by.



To understand the importance of it, those that haven’t brushing it off. And now we’re seeing the repercussions of that with the aged desperate to change, the youth that really blew it off are now getting impacted for the fact that they’ve been exposed to it. And it’s not as a simple cold. It’s not a simple flu, maybe for most. Yes, that’s great. But for others that are still the impact that because pretty severe. Florida, unfortunately, has the reputation of having the two youngest pass from this eleven year old just past a couple days ago.



It’s just you just got to wonder there are things to the senselessness of that, let alone the others. You know, it’s easy to see old people with preconditions can have issues, but healthy young people know so.



So to lighten it up and to further appreciate Governor Cuomo, he’s also a bad ass because he has pierced nipples and does not hide it like straight up on national TV, wearing sheer shirts with both of them showing you everything you need to Google.



You need to know when you get the door.



Just type nipples into Google, for goodness sake. Just high tech. Whose nipples got.



I just deployed.



I destroyed Wholey’s oboes image of him when I finally showed her cause she was actually I was on another I was on an HSM a I chat with her and she was going on how he is her imaginary boyfriend. And I’m like, I didn’t know you were into guys you like had the piercing. It’s like, what are you talking about? I’m like, oh, you need to Google that.



Wow. There they are. Do you know it is the other one at two out and Italy getting hit with this really.



I don’t know whether I’m, you know, beginning to join the tinfoil pop brigade or not here, but that I’ve been speaking with with some people who believe that they’ve had it earlier than they looked at. We’re talking January.



So an ex colleague of mine that they’re in laws, a French cable to stage.



And then a short while after my my friend got very sick and it was like really, really bad flu, you know, really bad flu symptoms.



And very recently, the inlaw has been tested to find out that they actually had Colford, 19, and they were all at the same sort of time. You know, everyone survived. Everyone’s happy and everyone’s the case. So now now this. They watch that. Have we been on lockdown? The book this up really? I actually had it back in January and January was way before I knew it.



Well, and to be fair, think about how impossible it is to truly trace how early it hit certain areas because it was before it was even a known thing.



And when you think about normal medical treat trials, it’s not. Let’s find out. You have flu like symptoms. You get it. You have the flu. You’re right. You have pneumonia like syndrome symptoms. You have pneumonia. And it’s it’s taking longer. It’s a little bit worse. You just have a really bad case of it. I would not at all be shocked to hear, you know, that, you know, in certain parts of the world like this went back to last September.



Right. Yeah. You know, I think I actually was one of those people. I had it in January just after the marketing conference in New York, because I spent about a week in New York also visiting with a friend and whatnot. And essentially a really bad three weeks lost my voice for four days, got tested for the flu twice. This time it’s negative. But I recently went to have the antibody test and that came back negative. So when my doctor gave me the results, they came with the message that, you know, we don’t really know if this antibody test is accurate.



And if you think you had Coke at 19, you probably did. I think you probably could get it again. But we’re not really sure. So just use cost.



Great. All you have, ladies and gentlemen, is how you don’t get sick.



Welcome to the marketplace of modern medicine.



I’m fairly certain that I got covered 19 from Stuart Butler.



Baby thing got from Stuart.



I didn’t want to go into the rest of the test. We had it way with proper cream. Don’t worry about it.



At least Holly will have her way and people will stop listening to her every time they see her.



She’s not a hugger.



I do hope the handshaking will go. That’s my hope. That’s great.



I’m just, you know, I’m glad we’re not a culture that does the kissing because the kissing always has been weird to me. Like, it’s just strange.



It’s not just with strangers or with with your wife as well.



Also, just just all the time, I made a sales trip to Mexico to promote some tourism to New York. And and I. I would visit every day I go and. The sales representative from Mexico would then go with me and drive me to introduce me to all of the owners of travel agencies. And as I would wait for her, as every single person in the reservations department told me, they would go around the room and kiss every single reservationist in the room and then sit down.



And the next one would come in and it would go around again and again and again, like 30 people all kissing each other every single morning. It was the most amazing thing. I love the love. It’s amazing. I worry for them now. Well, and I learned how to get someone to stop doing it to you.



You just quickly turn your face so they kiss on the lips. They’ll never do it again.



I think I’m going to talk.



Where are you going to kill the society. All you need to do is say welcome to just go and get drive.



You know, I tried a similar thing with Lauren, with us. Hugging is the first time you came up and bear hug me. I was like, well, that’s weird. So the second time you did it, I just nuzzled my face into his neck thinking I was going to creep them out, giving me a squeeze, tighter squeeze.



He just he just doubled. He just doubled the hose.



I like it.



And he said, I’m with you. I’m with Lauren on this one. You know, a good hook. Yeah. A good doctor.



Yeah. It should crack a couple. Right. You should hear a pop. Go on. Yeah.



It’s it’s good for your mental health and that is proven to breathe.



Did you get videos of this? We are by nature people that need to be around other people.



Ben, whatever capacity he feels to take me if I dussel but he around and do the fun but also do it in more ways than the Huggies.



What we lost in our industry was the efficiency of communication. We, we lost got ourselves lost into it. How fast can we turn the guests at the front desk? How fast can we abbreviate what we’re doing with the guest to get them on their way or whatever. The lack of engagement less solicited by the guests. We tried to turn away from. Yeah, we had the rules. The other five 10 rule and so forth. But it’s really just to acknowledge it really wasn’t to engage.



We now get to go back to a more core source where we’re we may not be able to shake hands or do the two traditional ways of communicating physically that we can’t up our game communication wise. We can be a little bit more sensitive to time to spend a little extra time to answer questions a little longer. Explain a little bit better. Show a little bit more quick. Ask questions a little bit more to see if we can help a little bit more.



We do. We can translate some of that into a little bit more open dialogue that even e-mail we’re behind a plexiglass or across from the table. We can still improve our ability to make them feel welcome and a part of being wherever they’re at and with a safe distance. I mean, we can brush up on our scope of anything. Training now is more important than ever because these people, they have been trained wrong, for lack of a better word, need to be trained right now.



They need mentoring, trained for these extra things. So it’s something that you would probably agree.



I think it’s a cop out to say that, oh, you know, well, we’re not, you know, face to face interacting the way we used to. So we can’t give the same emotional support and level of service and sparkle prinstein on the gas to make them feel great and welcome. Like a movie star. It’s just a cop out.



Yeah. You weren’t having them. So many of you were doing that. You weren’t touching them. You weren’t like getting up. You know why?



No, no. We weren’t touching them. Right.



Nothing changed in that sense. But we were. Yeah. But now, you know, behind the Plexiglas and the mask, by the way. It’s more challenging. Yes.



I worked at the front desk and was behind plexiglass. I would buy like killings of like different hats and mustaches.



So as people walked up, I saw them when they saw me that way and I could go, oh, hey, nice hat. Yes, I said, great post.



Posten linked in a little video from a Hilton garden. And I think it was a step stone property. And they had, you know, their stickers to the lobby to show people where to stand. And then they got their Hilton honors guests to do like this little dance routine. I saw the signs and they were all in there like six feet apart. Places I thought that like like a tick tock type thing. I don’t know.



I tried to get amplified what it tells that and not to disagree with it because we never did hug just to make communication. What we used to do for personalization was focus and focus, required proximity. We got closer. We were more direct with the person and that’s been taken away from us. And I think to a point. Complexly behind a mask conveying the smiley we can’t show. We have to do it in our eyes or in our communication and changing our methodology that we can’t stand to for the way through, for a way to show focus on the person and that we’re dealing with them and that we’re intent on them and showing them is priority.



We can’t do that as much anymore. We’re at a distance behind a wall with a face mask on. That has to get trained differently. People need to understand how to convey emotion beyond the way they used to do it in a way that makes the person feel that that is true and genuine and not fake and contrived.



Now, that’s the stream bridge, which is really difficult for people with crazy eyes.



Yeah, I can see you show me trying to check you out. Oh, the poor guy.



It’s a mask.



Okay, so let’s look at the contrast. Look at Tresize and look at Cat’s eyes. Tell me who you would know slightly more. Really. I’m really sorry. I don’t know why. Because it’s going to look like a robbery.



You know, those do look you you’d like to give me your money where cats can be like.



Well, especially when you’re moving your thing through all parts of the desert.



This is my face mask. Right? Slams It was like sitting here going, oh, God itself in two. Why do you keep making me go, man?



I’m wondering, keeping us on topic. I have to leave a little bit early today to unaccessible jumping around here, asking me.



Oh, I wanted to mention as far as that the messaging and finding a way to still be endearing and genuine in what you’re doing. Also, keep in mind, before all this, there were different types of guests that you have to tailor your messaging to. And I want to particularly draw attention to the folks at the FDA. I mean, we had so many conversations on how to manage service pets. And, you know, if you have a deaf person or somebody that communicates with their mouth, it’s completely covered or they have certain, you know, guards.



But there has to be even more specialized communication for those folks. And that’s actually one bucket of gaining revenue, because right now, how you’re communicating safety protocols specifically for eating individuals is that it will be a draw because hotels right now are really ramping it up to show what they have and some don’t have a budget to ramp it up.



That’s a critical point, loing. So I just look at look at their flu lawsuits last couple of years for breach of educate with Web sites. I mean, our previous agency, we had a service line which was helping you file lawsuits by proving you a.d.a compliant. Now, that was just one accessible Web site. What kind of lawsuits are you going to get if it’s a safety briefing, if you’ve got somebody who’s deaf and calm and you can’t read because of a face covering masks?



I mean, I’ve seen masks that I hear.



Yeah, but plexi that you can live pretty well and you can do a face shield to get through.



It’s something like capsule where you can communicate via a text. You know, worst case scenario, when I lost my voice for four days and I was in a hotel, that would have been really helpful to me, almost like a destitute person for a temporary basis. Instead, I had to text my assistant to call in my room service orders to the hotel because I couldn’t speak. So I think that it really makes sense to implement things like that.



So I’ll make it more. Sounds like you just enjoy torturing or assisted.



She’s great. She’s great. I literally I was at the point where I couldn’t even whisper. I could make no soever. So being in a resort environment where I would have had to walk nearly a mile to get to the front desk to even write something to them. It was literally my only other method of communication was to house helps contact me afterwards.



So. So two two points of text. I think, first off, how many hotels are mandated to have one Braille? Guide. So you have one. Is going to keep that clean. If you don’t have more than one second. A good suggestion is if you’re going to do videos to explain anything. Do it with the audio, obviously, for those who can’t see. And then for subtitles for those who can’t see but can’t hear. So they can understand what’s being conveyed in the videos as well.



It’s easy to do. The technology is out there for everything on that sense. So those are two aspects of including to what Kat’s pointed out. There are special needs that there’s also a exceptionally cool Athens Zambada that if somebody is doing American sign language, they become the baseline American sign language. If you hold a camera up and watch them, it will literally translate the hand signals to words, which is amazing.



That’s really cool. That is a really good test. Yeah. That’s just a brilliant use of the technology. I think it’s awesome because, I mean, I can’t learn another language to save my soul. My wife speaks five of them, you know, so she’s my translator. When I travel on then American Sign Language, I would love to be able to know how to read or even use it. I’m just language sufficient. I can’t really translate past drunk talk because you’re know, it’s because you’re American.



You speak three languages.



You’re trilingual, too. You’re bilingual. One, you’re American.



No, I’m just not that bright. I’m not sure where you’re in New Jersey, Connecticut and and and New York. We speak one language. If we spoke three languages, we would all speak out of necessity. And, you know, I. I only wish that that Inspiron day or whatever, he was not going away.



I’m sorry you got to have the exclusivity on this. As Americans kiss, the Brits are also terrible. It’s one of the reasons why we’re leaving Europe. We just can’t communicate with you.



Because let’s be fair. You don’t even speak English.



You’re looking good. That’s not what we are going to exit the show. This is waving your hand as well.



This is before you leave. I must say this. You regard this is now a word in the dictionary.



You know. I feel about it. I’m very angry. I’m very, very angry about this. Oh, I’m happy it’s back.



I’ve been using that word wrongly for years. I feel very ashamed.



To be fair. Lauren used many words wrong. I think you’re right. It’s true. OK.



So if you want to more about you and what you do for a home. And so France, what work is it that can reach you?



You can make me actually right now. It’s hard for me to check too many e-mails. So catch me at home. That’s key p h i j. A at a whole dot com. Even if you write to Info Idaho at ARCOM Astrachan.



They’ll send you to a pile of e-mails. That’s a file. I’m sending.



Now lot you catch all that spelling. Lily where is it they can find you. Please.



Please find us at T Shearim Services dot com for excellence in all things. Stay today revenue management and pick up enterprises dot com for our podcast, as well as all things that revenue management consulting system audits and technology recipes on ice.



Well, the two of you. Thank you for classing up the place. Yeah, right.



I did that so well this week. No, you really don’t. I was just I was just talking about only a little. I’ll let you search. I got melting marshmallows on people’s way.



Yeah, I don’t know.



I mean, really, we’re going to have to pray for your dog with its P.S. Tedi’s. Right, Grandpa? PSEG is a different thing.



I know that that comment made me wish I were happy.



What were you saying about being classy. Right. I’m not the one who said it. Everybody was going to get into the very last minute.



So I think you’ll be OK.



Thank you. Lily, thank you. Have a date.



Oh, you have a great Fourth of July. Have a great weekend. How did the executive producer do so for us?



I actually asked him about right now. It’s firing, right.



So it’s so Trystan been something that’s been bothering me.



Why is it three six? We need it in hand, too, to actually describe that conversation.



So the scholars maintain that the original the original meaning of the cockpit lost to the sounds of time, I will lie to you and say that it’s my best that I kill to death ratio on Call of duty.



That is three out of six. Otherwise not exist. That’s all you need to know. A pocket knife. Together you’re a slightly above average person. I guess when aliens we’ll all be lost.



We’re not we’re not pulling up the yoke here. The plane is burning down.



So, Melissa, they won’t save us out of.



So for anything else in comparison to when the survey was taken compared to current circumstances, now we’re faces. Do you feel that there’s going to be any prognostication as to swing as to. Do you think people’s opinions are going to change? It just they’re just waiting for it to act on it because they’ve been closed down and they’re still thinking the same way. Or do you think that’s gonna make people think their mind does, too? Well, I’m glad they didn’t do what I thought it was going to do, because look what happened for those who did.



So here’s one of the questions that we’ve asked. I think every survey, you know, how soon are you going to trial or how soon or are you willing to travel? Who knows? Within 30 days, there are three months of Obama. And those numbers within the zero three months have continued to grow in terms of likely, definitely, etc. And we saw that again on this survey. But we also saw the more than a year grow. So people that were in the six to 12 month category sort of migrated into the more than a year category.



So I think we’re starting to see what our brains are already knowing, like people are just more diverse. Now, the people who want to go are going to go now. And the people who are unsure are like, I’m just I’m waiting this out. I’m not I’m not jumping on a plane. I’m not going anywhere. I think that the people who are uncertain are more uncertain now. And the people who just don’t give a crap are just going to travel.



Now, I know that, you know, it’s interesting, for the first time in our nation’s history, I guess, to say that we are be excluded from our options of travel internationally. Where I mean, there’s one thing there’s Ted’s point. Going to a dangerous country is always a you know, you get the state a dangerous country.



Yeah. But. But. But now with the teacher’s country and we can’t go to Europe. We can’t go to Canada.



Can’t go to Japan, South Korea, Australia to go to Mexico. Everybody can go to Mexico. Tequila kills everything, you know. But but it’s different in that sense. I mean, do you think there’s any idea of asking did you ask anything about how they’re going to travel? I mean, drive versus fly versus maybe no incorporating RV or camping or. And I bring this up only because it came up with the news recently. A lot of corporate apartments are coming to market for long term LBB in states where if you want to go somewhere and go and stay and feel safe, that you can control your environment by cooking and so forth.



Of all these corporate apartments that have been out there for corporate travel that aren’t being used not to lose them, the companies are now renting them.



Yeah, but I mean, you can’t that’s that’s not that’s not a cause and effect type thing. That’s them repurposing their own business model to, you know, what will work. You know, and this is something we need to be cautious of when we see changes in behavior is like, is it the consumer that thought of it or was it the business being creative, you know, and really like I don’t think you can get an answer to that.



Right. Like, in one hand, yes. A corporate apartment has, you know, attractive aspects to it. But the amount of education you would need to make that mass appeal is substantial. Right. So they’re just looking for pockets, just like you’ve done for your clients. Lauren, you’re looking for the pockets of people that you can speak to and you’re dropping that message to that audience to, you know, attract them to you. Do I think that’s a long term?



I mean, I don’t think you’re going to see corporate apartment companies switch to leisure travel because usually corporate apartments are in areas that are not necessarily like strong leisure markets to begin with.



You know, and then and again, that’s speaking to corporate markets. Like you look at companies like Donio who are setting up, you know, basically apartment communities to be hotels. You know, those those are in leisure markets. They’re driven to Lesia Traveler. They’re trying to give the best of both worlds of a vacation rental type stay with hotel type professionalism and services. You know, I think you’re going to see more of those, but not because of what’s going on as far as COGAT goes.



It’s the overbuilding of apartment communities. You know, everywhere here, apartment communities are shooting up at breakneck speed. Yeah. And there’s just there’s going to be a need for a model like a Donio.



So but I don’t think that’s a Cauvin related. I think that’s just, you know, enterprising business trying to find a way to make the best they can with the lemons that they were given to get some right in.



I can’t remember what questions it was where we see this answer, but we do have a lot of people who write in, you know, campgrounds or I have an RV or something like that, in my humble opinion. I don’t know how much that’s going to change. I think if you’re a camper, you’re a camper and you’re not a camper. I’m not going out to stay with the bugs. I’m just not it’s not going to change clothing or not.



I mean, how could you be. Could you be a glamour Billabong’s?



They’re still not doing it. Kill of bugs. Let’s go back to the feel the surf. I always I always really like and I’m much credit goes to you guys for doing this is the word cloud in question 14. And I’d love to see the differences. And what I’m not seeing here from previous surveys that we’ve done there was that brief spike when looked down with was eased. All the restrictions were eased briefly and in fun and different touch was I’m not seeing a great deal this time to really back ultra safe as well.



I agree.



Not surprising given the rise in cases that are happening. But it’s it’s it’s good because even the words seem to be changing and a little bit now as well, because you got that comfortable in there, which I don’t recall seeing. I think it can jump out to me less time and work.



Work is is jumping in there as well. You know, people are now starting to think about, you know, as we get towards the end of July. Is the unemployment going to stop or is it going to get extended? We don’t know.



So I’m going to go back to work. Is there going to be issues? So it’s really that I think that what be really, really good in the way that it just it’s almost like a cross-section of what people are thinking there. And then on the spot, an interest to see that we’ve had a brief spiking for. People are getting a little bit more serious again. I agree, and again, like I said after this survey was sent out, I just feel like I think if we sent it out today, these all of this would be different.



Again, I could be wrong because maybe these people taking the survey just. A chronic survey takers seeing the same questions. I don’t know, but I, I feel like with the numbers rising that something’s going to be different on the next round.



Still enticing them to conduct the service by the foot to come down that you are running with the. The shooter mentioned a couple of shows ago. At the end of the campaign, at the end of the survey, they want a free chance to enter another competition on the back flips. And all you gotta do is do the social stuff.



They don’t get until they actually fill out the survey. OK. What do you tell them about? I think it will be completion each.



I think no, actually, you guys you guys closed entry’s earlier this week and you’re getting ready to move into your your wrap up mode, pledging to close out to close out the most successful campaign ever thrown on the flip to platform.



So we need to bring that up as well with Tim and Stuart back here, because wasn’t there a competition going on between.



It was a little bit of let’s be honest, the competition ended about four days after that competition.



Stuart just pulled out all the stops and redid their audiences to get them into the campaign, just fixed fixed it.



So he only stayed with what was really fun for them. Stuart, Stuart’s been sharing some some cool stats with me is they’ve had over twenty thousand people sign up as part of this campaign, as part of their interaction with the campaign. And over 80 percent of them are net new to their database, which is credible. It’s insane. And it was an organic they didn’t spend a dime on this campaign, which is amazing.



That sounds like a Melissia idea. This is a stupid idea here.



I think it’s more of a blizzard idea far out of the realm of my job record on numbers.



So you say it was somebody else and the team must do it. That’s OK. That’s OK. Yeah, you could say you did. We’ve just we just know it’s not Stuart at the baseline of it. It’s just not Stuart. I mean, nobody from New Guinea can actually do that.



He’s from Hong Kong. Oh.



Was Typic become a New Zealand resident like anybody else?



I think everyone knows what’s good for any country. This by a woman.



I mean tourism. Yeah. That’s a good way to go.



You can’t ruin New Zealand recently. Didn’t they report no cases of that two eight two Brits, one over there for a family funeral. I just call second touching. Everything went from zero cases to Britain. So half the British people to the New Zealand dollar Kiwis listening to these.



We’d like to apologize on behalf of Her Majesty’s government, just like Obama isn’t proud of the US.



Those two all caught up with such a high quality show today.



Despite all of our attempts to make the education budget, yeah, there’s a lot to talk about.



At least one other question before we run.



Let’s hear it because it’s new this round of the survey. So it is question number 12, anybody is actually looking in Syria right now. And so we asked how likely people are to use different types of amenities, mostly different types of water amenities. But then we also asked about the gym and a gaming arcade, the business center spa.



And outdoor pool was by far the most likely thing to be used. And again, remember, when we’re asking this question, seasonality is going to have maybe a little bit of impact on these answers. So we had forty four percent said that they would definitely use an outdoor pool. That didn’t surprise me. We did surprise me is the differential between the outdoor pool and the indoor pool. I would love to hear somebody else’s more scientific mind than mine about why there are only 26 percent that would say that they would definitely use an indoor pool.



Now you’re sitting with the same group of people with the same chlorine, with the same tiers. But indoor versus outdoor. Don’t mind.



It’s the sun. You say allegedly because we can’t trust anything that anybody says about coronaviruses, about, well, allegedly, allegedly UVA kills Corona virus.



It also, to be fair, indoor pools are gross. And you feel it as soon as you walk in the room and it’s humid. And that’s registered for a while. So you just think there’s mold somewhere.



Yeah, there’s definitely mold in indoor pools. Yeah, but how many people how many people so far about that. Anybody.



Less than six percent definitely on the gym and about four percent of them are lying roughly as well.



My wife asked, did I work out when I was travelling. Oh yes. Yes, definitely a hundred percent. Lots of hugs.



I also thought was interesting is so so we’re at 44, 44 percent for now. Outdoor pools that definitely. Thirty one percent said definitely for Lazy River if you’re touching.



You know, that has not been maybe cleaned. I don’t know at this point what hotels are doing. So 31 percent of Lazy River, but only 16 percent definitely on a water slide.



Top. I think the thing you’ve got, as well as if you’re going into a swimming pool, in any case, you’re taking your life into your own hands whether you go or not. So, you know, coronavirus is just one of many things that you can potentially catch in a body of water that’s hot. God knows how many people in it and kids and else. And I’ll stop that.



Yeah, I agree. So and speaking of kids, so this is one question to ask. The respondents do tend to lean to an older demographic of this survey. I did specifically break this out to see the differential for households with children because I’m thinking older people are not likely to get on a water slide anyway. But even with the household with children, only 24 percent said definitely to a water slide versus 41 percent to a lazy river.



I wonder what it is about a water slide that makes people think, oh, maybe it’s the fact that you can’t control your head going under water. Well, I was thinking it was climbing up a ladder. Having a hold. Oh, see, I was picturing like a staircase type water slide, not a ladder.



Yeah. Unless it’s the standing in line. In line. Yeah. I was standing in line. Yeah, maybe. Yeah. Lazy River. You’ve got chlorinated water going over those tubes and stuff. So like I think most people look at that and are like yeah.



Whatever. Yeah maybe.



Yeah. But now you’re outside I call it. I think I’m gonna go with the wedgie principle.



You know, deep down, people don’t like your wedgie. I’m just making something out of that.



Now, I would like to make it clear for anyone watching this. We are now wading into water activities. You should not enforce facemasks in the pool. That’s actually been outlawed by most nations. Waterboarding is illegal.



It is a form of torture.



Did you read about the the pool incident at the Hampton Inn? I’m sorry. I can’t remember what state it was in where an employee called the police. Oh, yeah.



That’s one of our Roro. Yeah. That’s just idiocy. That’s. Yeah, that’s a stupidity. Idiocy. Niggers. Yeah, I knew it.



Go on. Go on for the day. The employees said, you know, what did I do wrong. She really didn’t understand which he what she did wrong. And I think that when you read deeper into the article, you know, he says, I saw two children swimming unsupervised. And that is what alerted me, as you can imagine, that there were other African-American people in that pool, hundreds of them, over the time period that she may have worked at that Hampton Inn that didn’t get the cops called.



But she because of that situation. She. She was it kind of center planks, but what she should have done instead of just, oh, let me call the police and see why these people I don’t know. I don’t I don’t know if their guest knows how she should have gone up to the kids and said, hey, kids. Are you enjoying the pool? How has everything? I’m I’m a damn. I’m you know, I’m the manager here.



Ah, you know, hey, where’s your mom? You know, kids are not allowed to swim in the pool without adult supervision. And they would have said, oh, that’s your mom over there. And and and then engaged with her in a normal way. Hi. What’s your name? And then she would see. No. Ask her what her room number is. And she would see. Yeah. Your. That’s that’s a guest in our hotel and everything would have been completely different animal.



And you know, do I. I don’t think that this was a person that is necessarily calling, calling the police every time she saw a black person in the pool. That doesn’t make that. That’s just not logical. But the way the whole thing happened was a mix because they weren’t trained to. Facilitate, you know, happiness and comfort and taking care of people and with a with a heart that is there to take care of guests. Instead, she was controlling the situation.



And whenever you puts your employees in a situation where they think their job is, guard the company, control the situation instead of, you know, empowering good things to happen. Yeah, I mean, I agree the answer should have been go to the kids, ask them where their adult is and and remedy the situation that way. This way.



All right. Because that’s. Your heart should be living. Yes. You’re very smart.



You’re very smart.



True. I mean, that’s where it goes for this is so, so successful. It is that you humanize the relationship.



I mean, let’s let’s also be honest, too. Why the heck would you call police anyway? Because the police shouldn’t be called to handle kids like that.



Well, it kind of goes through this questioning of the same family of the two people. The stern said their house with their finger on the trigger of the gun.



When you get into some people who are part of legal ethics committees, I think in that state, I guess. Yeah. Yeah. It’s not like they should know better right now. Yes. Laughs Dyce, that is always that kind of sensational reporting that we speak to the rest of the world. You see on the news as a guy, I’ve called that possible. It’s I just marching past someone’s house and a car comes out like roundball, like 19 year old roundball.



His wife carrying a hand is pointing it around willy nilly.



You know, what it reminded me of is it reminded me of the couple in Ozark that grow poppies on their farm.



Yeah. And so it’s OK that they can’t leave that country right now, we’re safe for a while, are now a few weeks in of sending over its use.



That door opens some friends over yet. Hello to my little friend.



I do think that you’re talking about their Adell. I think this one huge thing that seems to be lacking in a lot of this, and it’s a big, healthy dose of common sense. Right. You know, and whether that’s whether that’s an operational thing, whether whether employees don’t feel empowered to be able to use or make those type of decisions, it must be something in the way that, you know, the whole situation is set up that a normal person.



And I’m not saying that the lady that was abnormal. I’m just in a normal response would be you have an escalation of processes and usually to get to the process of calling the police. It’s quite high up the list before your. You haven’t called threat of safety, which an 11 year old and a seven year old are not a threat to safety. I’m sorry. Mean, in no book is an 11 year old and a seven year old a threat to safety?



And, yeah, you know, you go to the kids, where’s your parents? Where’s your guardians? However you want to put it, you know, where’s the adult? Making sure you don’t die in my pool. Right. And that would have solved it, you know.



And to the littlest point earlier on, everybody’s had a free point and it goes back to training as well. And education and training isn’t about wrote about learning process one to process due to process three. It’s got to understand why there’s a process. Why do we escalate a conversation and not start at the top? But she just did, you know, why is it that we tried to evaluate the situation rather than make a decision as to what the situation is and act on our interpretation of it without all the facts?



It’s a learning process of the value of the process, not just knowing. Step one followed suit goes a step two, step three and so forth. And that’s where this breaks down. What is you’re not creating the humanization of would you want to be treated the way you just got treated? Would you like to listen and see the police show up? And you don’t know why you’re talking to the police, only to find out that somebody misinterpreted what you were doing and you’re a child.



You shouldn’t call the police on children.



Right. It’s clearly one of two things or a mixture of both in the lack of training that we’ve already mentioned that is abundantly clear, but also probably a poor recruitment policy as well. You know, there’s some people that are built for customer services and there’s other people that they can do all right. But they’re never really going to be you know, they’re just not that type of person. They’ve not got the the traits. And that’s that’s not a bad thing because they’re going to be absolutely exceptional at other things, like probably being.



I didn’t see how old the person was who was the employee.



But I mean, it almost feels like they had to have been young play because even in a like anyone with any experience, you’d look at that and go, what’s the end game of calling the police? Right. What’s what are you doing?



You know, it’s a back story as well. Is it that this is constantly happening and that there’s this children that are going in there all the time and it’s a problem with the with the property and it’s gone straight to escalation point as opposed to going through the steps. There’s usually a back story when most things you just described my dancing skills. I love it. I love to try it, but I have to count when I do it. I’m not built for drag dancing.



I love to do it. But let’s not drink. If I drink, I’m a really excellent. I actually do you drink and then I, you know, I can talk about it guys. My wife might be a different interpretation too.



Just she leaned but we dance to see, you know.



Just dropped in a link to the story. Been talking right into the CNN Web site. And they say it’s is a fun video of the associates. It’s called police. Not only is it really a very, very highly charged societal situation, a very highly charged micro situation. Look at the employee. She’s got a bandana all around it, like a face covering on the face. It looks like she’s about to call them. It must be really, really interesting.



Just a shaky situation all round. You believe I would outlaw it. You want to. But I’ve got you’ve got this on of video. A one with young children. Some remember stuff. It doesn’t look like she’s got to pull all back or anybody ability to just sniff test what she’s doing. There’s a way to get an answer to a question without asking an actual question first thing. Do you have a room here where, as you guys earlier, where are your parents?



What are you doing? Who’s here making sure you don’t die in my gun pool.



We want you to be safe. We don’t say, you know, you can use to keep where your parents are at. So we know that you’re you will protect. Rewind. Watchdog because we don’t have a lifeguard yet again, there’s a thousand rights and one wrong. And she picked the one wrong.



Ask somebody what their name means. Instead of asking what their room number is like. Hi, my name’s in it, you know. Got me. What’s your name? And and. And then. Oh, you say, oh, one moment, please. And you’re quickly tapping even that, you know, they don’t have to know it and confirming that that person is in the hotel. Or maybe no happily. Guess whatever that feels sick, you know.



Show me your pee.



Right. You’re challenging them. And not everybody likes to be challenged. I mean, if somebody walked up to me with a bandana on and maybe your nameplate is on there or not, maybe she’s done a good word in literature for all I know. Let’s be fair.



First term was untucked and non logos. OK. And somebody says, well, where were you?



And I’ll be like, who the hell are you?



This this is that if you watch a video, two cops actually turn up, two cops turn up. That’s all that matters. That’s how it works. By the way.



Yeah. It’s usually to other nervous right now.



They don’t travel a lot. That’s right. So any amount of cops turned out better for one of us will swap them for some kids playing in a pool. Yeah, right time, guys. Well, talk about bad training through the other.



Just the rubber when it just to be done, that is. And that is the feel of that particular article about the sheets not being changed and being exposed that way. I think get on the tinfoil hat society. You pointed out it isn’t that they were caught in a catch. It’s like that’s just poor. Before any of this was a problem, not changing sheets.



We should be changing sheets. Really. I mean, that’s just that’s just. And that’s yeah. That’s that’s being sloppy. I mean, it goes back to the same things where people discovered that they were wiping the toilet down, used the seem right to wipe the glasses off when that that’s just slop.



That’s when they spray. If it gets through down to the pillow itself or to the, you know, whatever was underneath. And then I’m just wondering, you know, now there’s actually new pillows out.



There’s new pillows and mattress covers that are buried. Shields are going to keep talking about this.



I’m going to add this biofilm, biofilms, biofilm, where the pillows themselves.



You can do the spray and it hits the surface of the biofilm, but it doesn’t penetrate the pillow to be worried about. So. Yeah, I don’t know if that’s a good answer. Well, it’s supposed to be more preventative.



I mean, I would I would like I would like my pillows to be not gross. Well, it cleans the surface at the surface. And anything that’s contact supposedly, but inside your pillow could be germs waiting to be expelled when I push on it.



OK, how to use it?



Well, we are well past the bottom of the hour. Was there any other thing, Melissa, that we missed and you want to get in since we didn’t give you actually any time at all to talk about anything?



I got the one question, actually, two questions that I needed to get into that.



So it only took you two hours now.



And the other show, what did they say? So fantastic comments and conversation.



So I applaud you for very you can let Stewart know we prefer you so easily better.



We tell Stewart that just like this is why I don’t let my employees come on. They’re just doing just symbolist.



Please. It’s OK. You don’t have to be a busy man. Don’t worry, buddy. Got things to do. Symbolism.



Give me your application. Is. Is that tender? Yeah.



Yeah. He sang a little. He’s a little Stewie time off with the. And stuff like that which is nice. He needs it because I. What I stay. Melissa, you guys are a thousand miles an hour right now.



You have four months to get that image of the gift from Family Guy. I’m.



This intimacy and you actually get the little email. Whatever. He’s got it. Yeah.



Congratulations you guys with the platform and having the mobile keyless entry and so forth. Me. How better to be in a sweet spot right now? I mean, that’s that. Congratulations to you guys for having the build that you have and the software that you have in the systems and so forth, because timing is everything.



Yeah, it is. Right. All right. So that said, I guess we’ll start with the Delta Delta.



People know more about you and how to contact you and so forth than everything you do.



Where can they find you linking with me? It’s backslash hotel it down or by my nickname down got me name and where you can send me an email. If you ask me anything regarding reputation and guest experience, Adele Spier reputation back.



You know, my cat that you’re going to get on there for a webinar with them. Yes. I think you would be frickin awesome to cover and tell them what they need to be focusing on. But yeah.



Yeah, definitely, because she’s she’s always looking for more Web content, so I try to reach out to her. Yeah, please do.



Mr. Dean, the new creative genius to metasearch, the guru of all things, metasearch, whereas the people to find you.



And what is it you’re doing and all that good stuff.



Greed’s to the quickest, easiest way to find. We’d be on LinkedIn, of course. Just look me up on LinkedIn under Dean Smith. Soon to be released to the Web site said metasearch marketing, dot com and basecamp met dot com. So pay attention and watch for those in the near future. Outstanding. Trista, I know you’re playing second fiddle to the three. You’re the six. But, you know, I understand I gave Ben grief when he first came on because he hadn’t been showing up for the past couple weeks.



So that was because I wanted to program in show the group made such an impact to try to be fair.



Ben, you’ve been present.



I didn’t quite hear what the show.



I did show how quickly can you put it?



His Lauren did attempt to the same show. He said he laid out. So don’t know. Lauren.



And came out of surgery and fell and still made the show. I mean, now you’re just just making excuses for why.



I mean, come on. And I had a paddle uphill in the middle of winter on a pad on a frozen lake without a paddle, without a paddle. Just my bare hands. All right.



So if we want to know more about you and three six, they covered the joint U.



S, but. OK. I just need to point out that six is bigger than three and and probably more based.



And but you can get me again only each.



Tristin Haywood’s an alternative. You get the Trista Hayward Suite and six to eight. That’s three and six. All is Lexa’s. And your Twitter is three six mafia, right?



No, no, no. That’s our youth outreach program. Feel free to follow them like guys.



Mr. Ben. Other than being the cohort in crime of Mr. Trist, anything about three in six you went through and they’re like, oh, you dominate the world safe groupism them.



Well, I mean, we’ve only got a couple of hours left.



There’s lots of things coming. Three six is digital without dishonesty. That’s how we are. That’s how I like that. I like that. That’s cool. And Jill, without his honesty, no smile. No, there is not. Should Utian. You know, look like windows of six years? No. He was volatile. We’ll take it. We’re trying to be a little different to the other market. Just so you know.



You’re not you’re not using a lot of hospitality architecture than are you. But try to shy away from the more traditional the traditional ways of things operate.



So that’s definitely in contrast to the rest of most of the agencies out there right now. That’s for sure. Work as well. Yeah. Miss.



Mr. Ed, you and flip to flip to F.L. ip dot tío. You can find me on social media.



Edward St. Onge and Mr. Lauren Gray. Who is your daddy and what does he do?



My daddy I was. And we can’t miss Melissa on this one either. Just make sure. But if you want to get this show and all previous to him, 55 episodes of Fantome dialogue and quit with an insightful insights, you can go to hospitality marketing dot com forward slash live. And there you can see this and all preview shows, episode links to it as well. Also, we have a weekly podcast, Hospitality Marking that will go out shortly after this.



To Lilly’s point, she has a reference revenue management into Harleysville, but she has a sales one. So if you’re looking at the categories up, there are some pretty cool, I guess, nature, the silo’s.



But with that, we can’t miss Melissa because we do have to tell about fuel travel and their award winning podcast winning song.



You can find all things related to fuel and cuneyt, including the podcast, the series, all the things, the mobile app and the Shuki annual travel dot com. You can find me. I’m only in Mellissa Cabinet. That’s what the key. No, you and I’m on Twitter anyhow.



Outstanding. Everyone, thank you so much for his time, as always. It’s it’s. It’s it’s a joy. This is my therapy for the week. And I mean that beyond the physical therapy that I’m getting, which is pretty personal torture. I found out about it. And this is my mental and my mental therapy for the week, being able to talk and learn from everybody. So thank you all very much. We look forward to joining everyone next week, Friday, live at 30 a.m. Eastern for episode number two.



Fifty seven, I believe we might try to have a different be personal with us, the executive chef of the West in out of Denver as to what they’re doing, how they’re doing and what changes in their world has happened. So we might have some good now figure out how they make souffles out there or how they make souffles out there in high altitude. Right, exactly.



I want to know who wants to know exactly. Inquiring minds want to know. So that.



Thank you, everyone. And we look forward to next Friday. And, Melissa, thank you for bringing the data. That’s because the next generation of work. We ran out of time for Sturr today. Sorry, sir. We can have enjoyed the show, but maybe next time.



Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe not. Maybe not. We did. People from New Guinea always take time to take over the show. So we don’t know. We want to come up and go.



It’s all a mistake. Sounds just like him. Hi, guys. Hi.



Thank you, everyone. We’ll see next to the end of the.



Happy Saturday, as it’s going to be for us. Happy Saturday. And I I’ve ruined by.

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