This Week in Hospitality Marketing Live Show 239 March 6th 2020

This Week in Hospitality Marketing Live Show 239 March 6th 2020

This Week in Hospitality Marketing Live Show 239

Kat Mohammed
Tim Peter
Robert Cole
Show Notes
00:02 — Roberts review of diminished RevPar
00:07 — Does your property have a coronavirus strategy?
02:28 — Show ends
STR has reported 2020 weekly US hotel industry performance through the ninth week ending February 29, so we’ll use that as the marker.
[NOTE: By looking at weekly performance, one can largely eliminate the impact of day of week shifts and leap years,as opposed to looking at months.]
Here’s how things stacked up over the last three years:
Week 9
YOY Growth Rate
52 Wk Mov. Avg.
Occ %
Three take-aways:
  1. In short, the US hotel industry occupancy percentage growth rate has dropped 50 basis points in each of the past two years.
  2. Average daily rate growth has also been cut in half since last year.
  3. Unfortunately that combination produces a pathetic 0.74% growth rate in revenue per available room.
Bottom line, the industry isn’t growing, eliminating any cushion for any looming demand displacement.
So with global market volatility imitating a roller-coaster, group events and corporate travel under intense scrutiny, and new COVID-19 cases popping up across the nation…

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Marketing & Strategy

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15. Ryugyong Hotel: The story of North Korea’s ‘Hotel of Doom’
How Bad Is the Coronavirus? Let’s Run the Numbers

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