Podcast 122 September 23rd 2016

Podcast 122 September 23rd 2016

“Marriott and Starwood are finally final, Google has two new apps, and Expedia has a new tool, plus some stuff we didn’t get to in the recap of the live video show 59 with Leonardo”



Show Notes

Hello everyone and welcome to Hospitality Digital Marketing the podcast, I am your host Loren gray and this is episode #122,  we are airing Friday, September 23rd, 2016 where every week we spend around 20 minutes sharing the most interesting tools, news, and techniques being used in digital marketing for the hospitality industry. We also do a quick recap of our weekly Live Video show “This Week in Hospitality Digital Marketing” which also airs every Friday at 10:30 am Central US Time. SO let’s get started;
Live Show 59 recap;
“Darlene Rondeau from Leonardo is our special guest, Marriott and Starwood are finally final, Google has two new apps, and Expedia has a new tool”
Robert Cole —Rock Cheetah
Edward StOnge — Flip.to
Tim Peter — Tim Peter & Associates
Special co-host — Darlene Rondeau of Leonardo
Show Notes
Minute 8 — Democratization of online marketing start of the topic
Minute 10 — challenges of mass access to marketing to the untrained
Minute 15 — Discussions surrounding Vizlly as a product solution
Minute 28 — Responsive  mobile not as a screen size but as an interface.
Minute 34 — Darlene announces an online Summit about the current Customer Journey http://www.leonardo.com/about/upcoming-events/
Minute 38 — How does Vizilly solve content needs for non-technical users
Minute 41 — The Samsung note issues
Minute 43 — The future of rich media — AI, mentioned WayBlazer
Minute 45 — guidelines of adaptive rich media, seasonality pictures, demographic specific images less static use
Minute 48 — long tail mobile type search queries
Minute 52 — Google Trip app discussion and ello roll out from Google  https://www.searchenginejournal.com/trip-planning-comes-google-maps-desktop/173599/
Minute 59 — New Vizlly website and Darlene steps away www.vizlly.com
Minute 60 — AI discussion and the value of content
Minute 62 — Expedia says its stopping ‘dimming’
Minute 68 — Reit forecasts down by 2 points for 2017 Robert reviews the pattern of forecast for 2017
Minute 73 — AirBnB Inventory issues that prevent it from capturing the business market
Minute 80 — Your product must match the market, discussion of the Four Seasons growth
Minute 86 — Ed eludes to a new product offering from Flip.to by the end of the year.
Minute 90 — Discuss first steps with Ft Myers resort and the use of Salesforce
Minute 92 — Ed discusses the variations of travel and catering to those demographics especially in off season — i.e. the ‘professional travelers’
Minute 95 — appreciation Timeshare marketing tactics
Minute 100 — Marriott and Starwood is finally final is it 30 or 27 brands that survive
Minute 102 — Carlson membership, Yahoo security wrap up statements.
Minute 110 — conjecture of what brands will survive the Marriott & Starwood merger.
First Hotel Company-Designed Third Party Booking App Launches
Well its final Marriott and starwood are married!
Trip Planning Comes to Google Maps on Desktop
Content not gotten to;
“Some 40% of visits to US travel sites now come from mobile devices. Additionally, mobile accounts for 60% of destination information searches. And, two-thirds of all watch-time for top travel videos on YouTube happens on smartphones. As travel planners get closer to booking, smartphones continue to play a role.”
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