Monday Marketing Minute January 23th 2017

Monday Marketing Minute January 23th 2017

Monday Marketing Minute January 23rd, 2017

“Citations — what are they, and what to do about them”


Show Notes

Hello, Loren Gray Host of the Weekly Live Streaming Video Show This Week in Hospitality Digital Marketing and its podcast of the same name with this Monday, January 23rd’s Marketing Minute. Why the date reference? Just like food, advice and answers have a shelf life. Especially in the world of Digital Marketing.

Today’s Question, “Citations” What are they? Every time I refer to them I get some who look at me like I’m talking about a ticket or a fine. In a way, a fine is not far from the truth because without proper citations you will get ‘fined’ in lost revenue. So what are your citations? Citations are your NAP Name Address and Phone number.

Useful Links discussed in the show;

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