Mondays Marketing Minute March 6th 2017

Mondays Marketing Minute March 6th 2017

“Location Marketing versus Proximity Marketing what’s the difference?”

Hello, Loren Gray Host of the Weekly Live Streaming Video Show This Week in Hospitality Digital Marketing and its podcast of the same name with this Monday, March 6th’s Marketing Minute. Why the date reference? Just like food, advice and answers have a shelf life. Especially in the world of Digital Marketing. This is Mondays Marketing Minute #10
Location Based Marketing — Location-based marketing is based on attaining the longitude and latitude of a mobile device through GPS or cell tower triangulation. to on average 50 meters or approx 150 ft.  In other words, it is defined as the use of mobile marketing to target consumers within a particular geographic area. This is where the term ‘Geo-Fence’ comes in. Location-based marketing is perfect for those who want to promote their product or service within a larger area
Proximity Based Marketing — Proximity marketing is a more granular form of location-based advertising. it is all about using the accurate location of a customer for specific communication that is not possible through basic location-based marketing. The most common technologies are Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons, Near Field Communication (NFC) and Wi-Fi. Proximity is all about accuracy and usually within 1-2m, with some now getting as good as 5-10 cm! 
Location-based marketing and proximity marketing does in the end try to achieve the same goal. but are needed for different reasons. For hospitality, Location Based Marketing will be the most often used, reserving proximity based marketing for very large resorts or convention services where a more precise location may be needed to communicate with the guest.
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