Live Show 62 October 14th 2016

Live Show 62 October 14th 2016

“Expedia got it right, stories are content, banner ad creator comes with a warning, Pinterest ad’s make an improvement”

Edward StOnge

Show Notes

Minute 7 —  content comes from the guest not from the property, at least not the most productive. Google has ruined the content to being just SEO and its not the real content guest want.
Minute 10 — Properties need to be focused on storytelling
Minute  13 — website designs and how they can inspire and engage without just being a commodity
Minute 19 — Marriott says it will put Starwood on Marsha and abandon Valhalla as a PMS system
Minute 24 — iMessenger enhancements in IOS10 using the open table example
Minute 26 — Payment processing in the messenger system and the pitfalls of staffing
Minute 29 — AR versus VR the advantages of AR integration for guest experience, giving non-hospitality examples
Minute  39 — lost hotel levels skills and an over reliance on tech for basic sales functions like displacement analysis.
Minute 41 — the level of staff competency is at a level that if yo don’t have tech to support basic level staff then you will end up paying to train them.
Minute 43 — brand trained staff versus non-branded staff level of skill there is a profound difference
Minute 48 — Discussion about the challenges to the Caribbean market
Minute 52 — The uses of salesforce and its value
Minute 57 — Ed discusses the way to change the dynamic of dining with guests and business to better become familiar and OpenTable
Minute 62 — the use of google street view app
Minute 65 — I reviewed the new Marcus hotel communal dinner experience
Minute 68 — Discussion of the Leonardo online summit coming up
Minute 71 — Discussion of our potential “Practical Hospitality  Digital Marketing Summit” online
Minute 75 — Banner ad generator

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