Live Show 61 October 7th 2016

Live Show 61 October 7th 2016

“Price gouging during Mathew can’t hotel’s learn their lesson? ADA, and special needs travelers, and is MetaSearch all that?”

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Tim Peters
Robert Cole
Edward StOnge
Show Notes
Minute 6 — Price gouging in Florida during Hurricane Mathew
Minute 18 — special needs travelers
Minute 31 — recount ADA room compliance
Minute 42 — the P’s and Q’s — limited budget and limited service in comparison to business travel guided by —  Price / Proximity / Quality are the key guides to the decision process of guests.
Minute 59 — loss of guest support in hotels when compared to the focus of AirB&B host program  Robert – there are three people who set the tone for the hotel, the GM, The Chef, The concierge
Minute 65 — Marriott Brands review in skift article all thirty with commentary by Robert
Minute 102 — MetaSearch article discussion, and its real value and contribution % discussion, (Disagreement)
Minute 112 — Robert says follow the ‘smart’ people when they get new jobs plus stats of OTA’s
Minute 116 — Voice control and AI use then show ends

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