Live Show 60 September 30th 2016

Live Show 60 September 30th 2016

“ROAS? what does that have to do with MetaSearch? Our special guest Dean from Derbysoft talks about that and is Expedia using face recognition now?”

Show Notes

Tim Peters
Holly Zoba
Special Co-Host — Dean Schmit with Derbysoft
Minute 13— Expedia uses facial recognition
Minute 15 — what happened to Pokemon ?
Minute 19 — groups sales repeating history and the loss of talent and the heavy use of automation
Minute 22 — Next year is going have a downturn?
Minute 27 — Next years impact on brand verses independent value for resources
Minute 31 — Direct business drivers and who wins
Minute 33 — Survival of the fittest? — life during the business cycle of a downturn
Minute 35 — The discussion of ‘Alice’ begins
Minute 40 — Dean Joins us
Minute 45 — Dean starts off with MetaSearch budgets brand search terms are fair game in Meta unlike adwords
Minute 50 — Tim made a great statement regarding is meta a distribution cost or a marketing cost is if it has a booking button on it then it is a distribution cost to produce it.
Minute 55 — how much does MetaSearch as a share of business contribute
Minute 58 — defining real ROI beyond just the simple ‘make more revenue’
Minute 61 — Trivago verses TripAdvisor as channels denied by ROI
Minute 64 — How do you control your inventory on all of these sites, and what platforms do this, how to control ,cache, cost and use cross-channel management
Minute 70 — North America verses EU when it comes to MetaSearch platforms
Minute 71 — How MetaSearch platforms like Derbysoft work in the real world
Minute 73 — Programmatic ads verses dynamic content ad’s whats the difference
Minute 81 — Discussion about Facebook DAT (Dynamic Ads for Travel) and what is Derbysoft is doing
Minute 83 — Strategies regarding frequency of ads serviced and retargeting challenges
Minute 86 — WeChat and what are the requirements to participate on it and its audience.
Minute 89 — Facebook DAT now open to everyone
Minute 91 — Google multi-platform tracking
Minute 93 — Discussion about hands-free and voice-activated search
Minute 101 — Touched on the real purpose of Googles new Allo product
Minute 103 — budgeting for content discussion
Minute 107 — Commoditizing hotel inventory if this automation of AI in the new Hands-free SEO
Minute 115 — show ends
Items of potential interest
The explosion of hotel brands and what owners should do about it
Facebooks Dynamic Travel Ads launches mainstream
Trivago IPO or Homeaway which will be bigger for Expedia 
Google (finally) launches cross-device retargeting
War games: Hotels may have more to lose than OTAs in booking fight
With Spectacles, Snap Inc. eyes augmented reality future, raw reality present

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