Live Show 57 September 9th 2016

Live Show 57 September 9th 2016

Show 57 recap September 9th 2016

“Ed & Loren go ‘rogue’ over bad news articles, stodgy corporate politics, and Marriott joining forces with Expedia”

Co-Host Edward St Onge
Minute 5 — Recap of some discussion points from the HSMAI Digital Marketing Retreat held in Boca Raton
Minute 11 —  Discussion about Metasearch and budgeting for 2017 for all related links to the webinars —unable to get our guest speaker Dean Schmit connected to the show.
Minute 13 — Discussion regarding the future of the Digital Marketing summit coming in February with HSMAI
Minute 17 — Digital Marketing Budget Simulator 2017 discussion about potential KPI’s
Minute 23 — Brands frustration of properties lack of services available within the brand services
Minute 29 — Budget discussion regarding 4th quarter
Minute 33 — The politics of great ideas in a world of unsupported team members
Minute 37 — Who is doing it right ed thinks G6 I think Citizen M
Minute 39 — Loren Makes a statement of lost opportunity during all this merging changes within companies
Minute 47 — Why OTA’s are better at branding that brands are continued discussion
Minute 49 — Ed asks the big question, before you disagree with someone ask, “Why are you doing that”? when it comes to any effort
Minute 52 — Citizen M discussion as to there uniqueness
Minute 53 — Loren – “To fail is to learn, to fail twice the same way is to not be learning from it”
Minute 55 — Talk about the Boca Raton Resort, both in appearance and there in-house Instagram content.
Minute 59 — Skifts 250 article discussion and the lack of some integrity on several ‘news’ platforms
Minute 71 — Expedia and Marriott news article on Skift about Marriott vacations joined services with Expedia

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