Hospitality Marketing The Podcast Show 282 January 1st 2021

Hospitality Marketing The Podcast Show 282 January 1st 2021

Hospitality Marketing The Podcast Show 282

Hello everyone and welcome to Hospitality Marketing the podcast, I am your host Loren Gray and this is episode #282 where each week we spend around 20 to 30 minutes sharing the most interesting tools, news, and techniques being used in marketing for the hospitality industry. We also do a quick recap of our weekly Live Video show “This Week in Hospitality Marketing” which also airs every Friday at 11:30 am Eastern US Time.. SO let’s get started;
00:01 — Our tools for review this week are;
00:07— Our Technique this week is; “Helping define the answers you need for the coming demand”
00:15 — News and Show Review
Dean Schmit
Robert Cole
Show Notes
00:01 — Happy news and Fuel travels consumer sentiment study
00:22 — Market segment ideas
00:47 — The places travelers are searching to go in 2021, according to Airbnb
01:22 — Adobe’s chief product officer predicts the 8 biggest tech trends of 2021
01:49 — Legal requirements for the new year and how to use Iubenda app
02:14 — Show ends
18 of the Most Anticipated High-Design Hotel Openings of 2021
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Hospitality Marketing The Podcast Show 282 Transcript (English U.S.)

Announcer — Welcome to this week in Hospitality Marketing the podcast show number 282 with your host, Loren Gray.


Hello, everyone, and welcome to Hospitality Market In the podcast, I’m your host, Loren Gray, and this is episode number 282. So each week we spend around 20 to 30 minutes sharing the most interesting tools, news and techniques being used in marketing for the hospitality industry. We also do a quick recap of our weekly live video show this weekend, Hospitality Marketing, which also airs every Friday at 11:30 a.m. Eastern US time. And so with that, let’s get started.


Announcer — Now, today’s new resource tool.


So our tool for review this weekend again, we’re keeping this pattern of a single to pour per week actually, tools. I’m sorry we have tools this week. We have more than one this week because it is kinda gonna always, always with our technique that we’re about soon to discuss. But our tools for review this week are one that we haven’t talked about it one that we’ve talked about before. But they both have a reason to be put together for our technique The tool that we haven’t talked much about before is heck, so watch dot com that is H e x o.


HexaWatch  dot com and what this platform does. Well, it helps you find out what’s going on. Say, for instance, uh, from a revenue management perspective, you would like to always keep ah, hand on what your competitors are doing. Um, did they change their specials page? Did they put new rates in? Did they do new promotions? Um, did they change content on the website? If your Web developer and marketer what are they doing? Eyes there. Certain leaders in your destination market that are adding things to their websites on a regular basis that might be useful for you to know what they’re doing so that you might want to do the same or similar based on the value to you.


Hex Watch allows you to identify websites and or sections of pages, actually, and track changes. Now this can be visual monitoring, which is, you know, changing the designer layout of a page. monitor a specials page html element Monitoring keyword monitoring technology Monitoring um, content monitoring. Uh, it doesn’t for the what they call a I and and I always take a I statement is a bit of a grain of salt. Is is it really thinking on its owners They’re just doing algorithmic, you know? Conditional statement, follow ups and so forth.


So I tend to think AI monitoring or AI and usage of things tends to be a little over. Exaggerate is to truly the autonomous nous of what a I should really be. Um, Also, it keeps track of websites or up or down as well, whether your competitors website went down or if a certain website went down or if there was a market. If you want to track and see if you were doing placement advertisement on a, um, link provider in your market, whether or not that their website was maintaining authenticity was was it up during all those times?


Was your ad on the page all the time that it said it was going to be on the part time or didn’t get taken off for changed? You can monitor these things with heck, so watch HD xo watch dot com Also, two of your kind of interested in domain now there are domain service providers to do this for you, but they often charge you for it. It contract on the who is if an ownership of a website exchange, which is usually indicative of whether, if they surrendered it up for domains that that people could buy and or if ownership change member domains or assets just like the building and brick and mortar and everything else.


And if the ownership of a domain change that could be a precursor to ownership changing, that isn’t necessarily publicly known. So it’s a great monitoring tool, and that is heck so watch dot com. Thea. Other tool I want to talk about is more on the social side, and we have talked about this before and is one of many tools we refer to many times over. And that is Social Insider. What Social Insider does So so well is it tracks what your what you or your competitors or anybody else you wanna put in there, what they’re doing on their social platforms.


Facebook, Twitter, instagram, Lincoln. Whatever it ISS, you can track what traffics they have. Are they gaining followers? Are there high engagement was their best post was the most engaged post what time of day or they posting what kind of engagement during what time of day they’re posting So one it can help you to see what your competitors are doing to it can help you to improve what you’re doing if it works well for your competitors, and you find them very symbiotic in the sense of demographics and market.


Three, it gives you a sense of what they’re doing, successfully or not successfully to exploit either condition. If they’re not doing something successfully, you could exploit the fact that you can. If they’re doing something very well, you can adapt it to beam yours either. Which way Social insiders allows you to track what is being done by your competitors or anybody in any market for any reasons you know, to keep track again off just keeping an ear to the ground or whatever way you want. To paraphrase as to what movers and shakers and markets are doing.


If you have a leader in your destination market, your C V, B, E, T, D. C, or chamber, whatever, you can monitor what they’re doing and see how it resonates with the audience and symbiotically look at whether or not that that is something that you can adopt or whether you should think of different ways of doing it or gives you a creative spark. It’s a great listening tool and observational tool for any condition, good or bad. As to whether the success or failures of your competitors or those in market or markets that you want to see that do it right.


You know that there’s markets, that there’s some incredibly talented people that are very creative and very ingenious. And then maybe the inspiration. We just say, Well, I can do what Las Vegas did or what Orlando did or Chicago did or whatever, whoever did this, um, one of the things that I did one year was through the HSM as Adrian Awards looked at what they are doing. Those that you know, when the Adrian awards for platinum and what have you and literally followed them with the social insider platform to see what they did and how successful was it to know whether or not that gives me a creative idea to use that with.


So our second tool is social insider, which is literally social, S. O s O C A l i n s i d e r dot io social insider dot io and the first other tool was hex a watch h e x o w a t c h dot com and those are our tools of the week.


Announcer — Now for this week’s hospitality technique.


So our technique of the week, of course, goes hand in hand with our tools and our technique of the week is the statement helping to define the answers you need for the coming demand.


Now there are many other tools that we have referred to in our podcast previous, and I highly recommend that you look at some of the amazing tools that will help work through the answer process that people are asking for on your website and so forth to vote F A Q listing and what have you. That’s a context that is slightly different than what I would like to talk about today. Today I would like to talk about the usage of these observational tools hex, a watch and social insider, and how that helps you find out what people are interesting listening to now.


Last week’s show we talked about another platform called hashtag for Likes, which was a way of monitoring hashtag usages and for those that are familiar with that one. When we talked about it, Hashtags are kind of like the bookmark of conversation. There is literally a bottomless ocean and infinite with off social dialogue going out there, and you may not be in the right position of dialogue. Hashtags allow for categorizations of content. When you hashtag something or follow a hashtag, you’re following the context of what the hashtag is representing.


Some don’t mean what you think they mean. Some are only demographically use. Some are only regionally used. And there’s all these different things that if you attach yourself to a hashtag, you may think you’re relating to the audience that you want to, because the hashtag seems to sound like what you think it should be for you, when in fact you’re demographically off base or geographically off base or topically off base. So platforms like hashtag for life’s helps you to identify and quantify which hashtags might be more relevant for your content.


That’s one way of looking things. Hex. A watch allows you to monitor the immediacy of your competitors or agencies of your destination or people in destinations that you admire to see what it is that they do to have the influence that they have doing, the things that they’re doing and how it resonates. The resignation of it is based on social, which is social insider. It gives you a feeling of When did they post? What did they post? What mediums did they post? What was the message of the post?


What was the hashtag they used of it? What was the engagement? What was the reaction in the sense of follows? Did they a B testing? Did they do create variations to it? Thies Air all nuances of this. I was talking with a client that I was listening to one of our team members, Tim, uh, talk about social media and it’s a lot like saying, Hey, I drive a car back and forth toe work or I drive a car for family or whatever and then talking to a race car driver, Technically, you’re both doing the same thing.


You’re taking a vehicle with the motor and you’re going from point A to point B somewhere. The difference of the nuances of a professional race driver car driver compared to the nuances off a family car driver are profound. Where the functionality maybe basically the same turns steering wheels push cash pedals and so forth. But the nuances of draft and distance and angles and trajectories and and all the other things that are infinite to discuss from a race car drivers perspectives just simply don’t exist in the medium of our person driving the family car.


Same to with social media. A lot of people look at social media, approach social media from the perspective of Oh, it’s posting pictures and things of interest and what have you? And that’s very willy nilly that’s very untargeted. That’s very generic and very whimsical to the person that’s doing it. To have a true, genuine social media strategy is to have a plan, have a target audience, have a timeline, have a story context and all of that thing goes into tone and both voice and variations and medium changes and colors and graphics and nuances that just don’t exist into the Oh, I had a fun picture of my cat today or my dog today.


Let me post it up on my social platform and get, See what my friends and family think about it. People tend to, unfortunately, approach their business social in the same whether they approach their personal social, and they’re completely, totally different in their process of discovery and targeting, much like a family car driver is to a race car driver. So when you’re looking to define the answers you need for the coming demand, we and our Live Show, which will talk briefly about soon in our news and show review, was talking about where we are in marketing right now.


What is January 2021 by the way, happiest of New Year’s to everyone. Hi, hope it. It was a safe and healthy transition from the year that everyone wishes to forget to the year of optimism. And no, I’m not blind to the fact that we’re still in the dark days of things and perhaps darker days to come before we get to the other better side. But we’re hopefully in the year of that transition and from a review in our news and show review, talking about consumer sentiment will address that more directly.


So in this process of as we begin to refine and put a sharper point to our pencil of marking for 2021 things being the beginning of January 2021. Then we need to be very good about understanding the tone off those that we want to speak to. The interest of those that were going to speak through and the information that those that are interested in potentially what we have to offer, what they’re interested in by listening. We have to be an industry of listening and answering. This’d isn’t about selling rates and dates.


This isn’t talking about Sunny and 72 things is talking about What do I need to tell you so that you could begin to understand what I have to offer based on what you’re interested in doing when you’re interested in doing it, and creating that that timeline, that process of discovery, that story lines that are related to the context of what people are interested in, each person travels for their different reasons, and we’re in a very unique time cycle right now and then even more unique segmentation of marketing, the traditional sources of business and channels that they provided for it do not exist in the same context as they did prior to Cove it.


We have differences of purpose. We have differences of interest. We have differences of travel. We have differences of time for people looking to what they want to do for travel. And we’ll talk all about that as we get into the music show review from our live discussion today. But again, helping to define what those answers are is beginning to get a lay of the land. You just don’t walk out of your house without a flashlight in the middle of the night going in direction. You’ve never been thinking that you’re not gonna run into a tree or follow down the ditch or hit of rock or whatever you want a plan.


You want a direction. You want to know where you’re going and you wanna know roughly what’s gonna take to get there. Not everything goes the way you’re playing. The road could be out of path to be broken. A bridge could be gone. But those things have to be adaptive when saying Okay, but I still want to get to the top of that mountain. How do I get there? There’s a forest, and there’s a river and a bunch of stuff in between. This was the path I thought it was going to go on.


But that bridge isn’t there. And that river is too big and those forces air wrong. What else are my options? So discovering what you need to understand and the direction you’re going tools like hex watch and social insider will help you being aware of what your competitors are doing. Being aware of those that are still in the space, what they’re doing well so that you don’t that you basically learn from their mistakes and you improve what you could do sooner faster so that you can talk better and have people listen.


Mawr toe what you have to share with them that ah, lot of people are gonna emerge out of the little rabbit holes they’ve been hiding on for 10 months of survivability, you know, Or they shut everything down, closed everything up, get rid of all their staff and tried to exist by cost saving themselves. And now that they’re coming out to the market, the websites they have haven’t changed their dead rusty and old. They don’t work anymore the way they used to the messaging is out of out of step out of time and basically tone deaf, and their marketing strategies are based on functions and segmentation, zand demographics and business cycles that don’t exist in the same context anymore.


So knowing whether your competitors are aware of that unaware of that have been good at doing it or just learning to do it is what this observation, all type of defining the answers needs to be. What is it that’s out there that’s happening? So I have the answers to what I need to dio, and what is it that I need to do to get to the people that I think are the most interested in what I have to say? So our technique this week is helping to find the answers you need for the coming demand based on tools like X, A watch and social cider.


And that brings us to,


Announcer – now this week’s hospitality news that you should know.


So our news and show review First off, sincere and genuine thanks to Dean Schmit from Base Camp Meta and Metasearch Marketing and Mr. Robert Cole, with Rock Cheetah being that it is New Year’s Day, just like it was last week for Christmas Day. I was so pleasantly surprised that’s in. My co-hosts were able to make it and join us. It’s always a privilege for everyone when they do show up with me, because there is no mandate to saying, Oh, well, you’re obligated to this.


This is always a pleasure of taking their time out of their days to join our show. Talk about all the things that they’re experts in. And this was no exception. This week, Dean Kamen and Robert Cole dramatically improved our dialogue is what it is we’re talking about. Of course, we used Mr Robert Cole, his weekly newsletter that he sends out which is amazingly excellent curated list from rock cheat. And if you’d like to sign up for free to get that, you could go to bit. Lee forward slash rock Cheetah all lower case.


No space. It’s with him, Um, and you’ll get a curated every week. He tries to get out a little bit before our live show so we can can include that into our context of conversation for the live show. I didn’t expect us to spend the normal two hours that we spend each week doing this and for those that are familiar with our live show. We’ve been doing it now in our seventh year. We’ve been doing it every week. Have never missed week. As it could be told by us being on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.


We don’t miss it. We are well over 39 countries and transcribed into 11 languages and a little over 25,000, the weekly listeners viewers to the show. So we have cultivated a great following of people from around the world that enjoy our open dialogue. We’re not here to monetize anything. That’s nothing we’re selling. There’s no advertisement into this. It’s really a chance for our professionals in the industry toe openly discuss issues and information and methods and techniques and news that is relevant to hospitality for that week. And we had a great conversation today.


We started the conversation talking about fuel travels, recent consumer sentiment study, um, which brought out of really some very interesting positive highlights. We wanna make Thio our show today. Positive one being a bright in Chinese squeaky New year, Squeaky new month, Squeaky new day, um, that we wanted to not focus on the things that are so easy to focus on with what’s going on with Cove. It, uh, that’s there. It’s present. We are aware of this. Let’s talk about the optimism what we could begin to think that we should be to strategize for.


And the consumer sentiment study helped us a lot. There was a lot of great highlights that were brought out into it that January, and we know historically, January has always been a great month for planning travel being it’s in the doldrums of winter for most people and or the fact that they’ve traveled to warmer climates. But they’re still enjoying travel. What have you. But this is even more so that January is really talking about translating the aspirational idea of maybe someday or when I look forward to traveling and translating that into Ah, well, let’s pick some dates.


Let’s start taking advantage of all these super low rates and offers that are out there in the market right now, knowing that there’s kid cancelation policies, knowing that we’re not really putting ourselves into financial jeopardy, and let’s start putting this pen to paper, so to speak and start defining what it is that we really want to try to do now. That time scale, according to the consumer sentiment study, was showing that the peak of what people think they’re gonna be able to do for travel will be somewhere around June this tsunami off.


Okay, I feel safe enough. I will feel quantified enough. And we did bring the caveat in that we have to as an industry, be adamant and militant almost about and telling people that they need to take the vaccine. Are we? We should be soliciting are associations The HSM ai is the ho is the H l A s of the world to mandate to their memberships that please, please. The only way our industry will begin to come out of this is by everyone joining into the vaccination program So that this this this up and down cyclic.


You know, wave after wave of stuff can go away because it will be enough people that are vaccinated so that the spread doesn’t spread, that it begins to be a diminished rather than just every time we go out we share. And no, we’re not helping by going to a company of restaurant now saying, Well, I want to keep them alive because you’re on Lee Slow death in them because it will research and research and research and eventually restaurant can’t run at 25% seating capacity and it fails. So these conversations, we had not to bring negative to it.


We were actually very positive about all this three idea that we have the tsunami of of interest, of people thinking that they’re gonna go out in June is really Cabinet on. Do we get the vaccination to enough in the population that that June number is a realistic expectation that there’s enough people taking the vaccine? At that point, there’s enough people in the world taking at that point. The world is safe enough to feel that they begin to travel again. If we don’t get to that levels, or get to the levels where people feel more importantly that they could do that, then that June gets into July that July gets into August and it just keeps getting pushed forward.


So it’s critically important that we make sure that we get vaccinated. We make sure that people are aware of the value of that people getting vaccinated to our industry so that we can think that June is a great month for tsunami travel, which is where everyone feels comfortable enough to begin to do things. And that could be across board. Doesn’t mean that international trade is gonna return corporate travelers returning. It means that people are going toe, want to get out to whatever travel they feel comfortable doing.


And June June is the apex. The growth is actually earlier than that’s late spring into the beginning of summer. That’s the real growth pattern. People saying in the survey that they feel that they are going to be able to travel at that point. So what do you do with that information? Well, now is the time to do something with that information beginning to, as we said, answer. They find the answers that we need to give to those that are beginning to look for what we might be able to offer, validating our value proposition to them, helping educate them toe Why were something that should consider in their travel plans?


Giving them reasons to give us consideration for in their travel plans is now. It’s not waiting until everybody starts getting out By that point, you’re just white noise with everybody else. The true winners of this, when it comes to getting market share and beyond, are the ones that begin to do their marketing now and identify their targeting if they already haven’t identified, they’re targeting and cultivate that relationship with them by answering questions with them, creating communications that air direct with them and not relying on third parties, which we openly discussed in the live show because of the transitions of what’s happening this year with Cookie tracking and G A four and all this other stuff which you know, have to listen to show cause that’s a very great conversation we had about him.


But all of this has to start now. January. Now is the time to start getting in front of the people while they’re making the decision process. They’re taking more time to make the decision process. They don’t want us the biggest ball of time. If they were to travel somewhere, they want to stay in the hotel that everyone says they should stay in. They should eat at the restaurants that everyone says they should eat at that should go do the things that everyone says they should go do that.


Research is now this month. Now, this day, Now it forward is the time that you need to beginning in front of those people. This is the time to begin to do those things. So we had that conversation. We also talk about different market segmentation ideas how things have shifted, obviously, corporate travel in the diminishment of that, or almost the nonexistence theme, the revaluation of Smurf business, the weddings that have been to postpone that. Now you need to get your plan, the family reunions and you get your plan.


All of the Smurf business that we’re talking about the value that was dismissive now is now front and center, and that needs to be a focus of what can you do to get these things and the changing landscape of what business travel for clusters or bubbles or pods, or whatever way you want to use The terms are out there for now, so changing your segmentation methodology changing your messaging to those changing the demographics of those is a now thing. Right now, January 2021 is a now thing. Also, we talked about the interesting perspective of article that Robert share, which was the places travelers air searching to go to in 2021 according to Airbnb, strangely reflective of distance from not Major Metro’s places that are a little off the beaten path or places that are idealistically what they represent for their areas that they’re in.


And this is a global list. It’s from the anything from the Maldives to Monticello uh, really beautiful places, uh, that you anyone would probably would love to travel to, But it just shows you the diversification. That being said, as soon as Broadway comes back online, hopefully in June next year is they have planned. You know, New York is gonna be huge with coming back to see Broadway shows one to support the cause. And the arts, Of course, to because people have been going to New York has nothing every most everything shut down.


That’s a reason to museums. They’re still open. But ah, lot of hotels aren’t a lot of hotels aren’t coming back and Broadway shutdown, so there’s a lot of anticipation of how happy that will be now, the politics and the next thing in politics. But the population has changed. There’s not as many workers in New Yorkers that once was. Theirs have been an exodus of certain cities going to other areas because that centrist city of having to live by where your work has shifted for a lot of companies that have that capability.


So a lot of demographic different changes have happened. Markets that used to be in New York to try toe pander to now aren’t in New York as much they might be in the Carolinas. Like Candle, Gunman is with a spy reputation marketing. She moved from New York down to the Carolinas. Have a big, beautiful house being feel beautiful state lots of friends around, family around and less of the small New York apartment as much as she loves New York. This was also a wonderful change for her.


A lot of people did that, but those people also have the same desire of travel aspirations. They’re just not geographically located where they once before, which goes back to my earlier conversation about old marketing trends, programs that are no longer relevant and current circumstances because the demography has changed. So we also talked about a article that Robert shared which was always chief product officer predicts the eight biggest tech trends in 2021. I think the key element I got out of that was the referral to, um, the marketing of platforms, creating influencers and creating markets of one where people are going to control Moeller of their own direct audience.


Facebook is beginning to get struggles where they’re no longer they do anything any, which way they want to platform Google. Apple have all decided that Facebook has to follow their guidelines for privacy and data usage, and Facebook is barking and pushing back and so forth that they’re unable to track correctly and follow through correctly a k A cookies and things like that. Now Facebook is a platform is great and sharing context and content with within the eco system itself. But they crossover between Facebook and other platforms like what Mac users use and so forth.


If it’s restricted, it does diminish the marketing value of Facebook outside of its ecosystem. And of course, Facebook knows this, and they’re pushing hard for their own things, plus also the beginning to face the music where some people are going to say you have too many things in your ecosystem. You need to get rid of WhatsApp and or Instagram because you have too much dominance over what you can and can’t do and know firsthand. I’ve also faced the frustration where Facebook has shut down accounts with no explanation, no courtesy of defining what it is you need to do to bring it back and no way recourse to get it fixed.


You just out because it’s their sandbox at the end of the day. So we’re building communities and cultures on websites, uh, that are very social esque in their engagement, but it totally under our control. So the relationship exists there that changes marketing strategy changes there from continual conversation. Two highlighted opportunities. Not always. Do you want to keep in communication socially with a place you may have stated Resort, but you don’t wanna lose track of them in order. We wanna lose track of them either. So knowing and timing how you communicate and make that engagement so that they come back to the conversation when they’re interesting coming to back to visit you is critically important, which is a nuance that didn’t exist before.


We’re used to the oh, they’re all in these platforms, we just have to go advertise on them. That’s changing, or at least changing in scope. So great conversations we had about it. We also got into some legal conversations, as we know every time there’s an annual change over for one year to the next. Certain laws that we tend to forget actually were changed and made going to force, and I So I brought up a platform that I’ve been very impressed with. I you benda, which is I u b e n D a.


You get a nap, Sumer. Right now I’ll leave the show notes of a link, which is where you go get it really good. Um, it basically, in a nutshell, handles all your terms and conditions. Privacy policies and what have you in any language you want to Plus, Also, you can insert any platforms and tracking usage is that you have for data acquisition based on the platforms. Facebook, Google, what have you that I’ll get added into your terms and conditions. It also keeps track of people in the accept your terms and conditions and cookie policies so that there’s always for, you know, G d.


  1. R C c p a or presenting I p o D a. All these ones go and, um, get modified dynamically by this platform should the changes need to be made. So you’re not sitting on top of this going? Oh, I gotta be right by in terms of conditions because that new and new thing in there or that new thing there, they automatically get changed in real time, toe what they need to be based on any changes in in any sort of regulations. And so for that, as we discussed in earlier shows back, you know, 28 states are trying to create their own CCP, a program who knows where all that’s going to go or whether the U. S government gonna have its own GDP our program thes air, all influx.


So this platform just keeps you up to date with all that does that all four. You want to identify what it is data that you’re trying to get very simple. But then the plug ins are very easy. Great platform. So it’s how you benda, which we had on the podcast two weeks ago. You go look at that podcasting. And I think I will show to number 280 for Are you Benda Azan app? And that’s pretty much our live show is a lot of fun. Um, from a news article perspective, I got to say that we come for most of the highlights.


We want Thio, probably in a fun way. I like to go about what Robert refers to is a boop. Yeah, um and that is that because we want to keep the whole conversation light positive, and I want to do the same thing with the podcast today. The Boop was 18 of the most anticipated high design hotel openings of 2021 from Architects Architectural Digest. You can imagine being in Architectural Digest. What that translates to is to these places stunning, stunning, beautiful hotels. And the reason why I want a feature that is my news article of reference today for the podcast is it’s so easy to get caught a and depressed as to what’s Garden going on and what will probably will still have to go through and all the other things of uncertainty and so forth.


And that could be a dwelling point that begins to overshadow anything else. But the world is a beautiful place and there are beautiful people in it, and there’s amazing locations to go to. And there’s still some amazing places that are opening. And we know already of places that we want to go see and do and so forth. And here there’s a team or new hotels, beautiful hotels, whether we all can afford to go to these hotels, No, but to know that they’re there to know that that who knows?


Maybe someday, you know, that’s the aspiration of it all, that that’s the beauty of travel, that the these hotels represent exactly where they’re at and what is so amazing about where they were built. And these are the things that you, as a traveler, say, Wow, that’s something I would love to be able to do some time or that’s on my bucket list. Or that’s on on something that I think maybe, you know, we can think about whatever it is, it makes a smile. It makes us look to forward to the fact that these things were there and then it isn’t all the negativity that we see and if anything, to carry us into this new year, is that is that their travel in our industry, however damaged and battered it is, is isa Phoenix.


It will rise from this. How fast we do that is up to us. A little bit of pain now. It saves us a lot of world of sorrow. Later where the mask wash their hands, keep the distance, get ready for vaccines when you’re made available. That will bring back our industry going to places before its time. It’s spreading what it is, Whether we have it or not are being spread by is only prolonging the agony. Pain now happiness later. Make it work. Follow us. So with that, um, please remember, you can find us on Google.


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Thank you, as always, for the privilege of your time. And I so look forward to talking to you next week.


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