Hospitality Marketing The Podcast Show 273 October 30th 2020

Hospitality Marketing The Podcast Show 273 October 30th 2020

Hospitality Marketing the Podcast Show 273


Hello everyone and welcome to Hospitality Marketing the podcast, I am your host Loren Gray and this is episode #273 where each week we spend around 20 to 30 minutes sharing the most interesting tools, news, and techniques being used in marketing for the hospitality industry. We also do a quick recap of our weekly Live Video show “This Week in Hospitality Marketing” which also airs every Friday at 11:30 am Eastern US Time.. SO let’s get started;
00:01 — Our tools for review this week are;
00:06— Our Technique this week is; “Broadcasting, the final frontier these are the voyages of the USS Hospitality”
00:18 — News and Show Review
Tracy Prigmore — Founder of “She Has a Deal”
Stephanie Smith
Dean Schmit
Edward StOnge
Tim Peter
Stuart Butler
Lily Mockerman
Adele Gutman
Show Notes
00:01 – Introductions
00:04 — What was the start of ‘She Has a Deal’ — SHaD
00:15 — The real first hurtle was the education of funding and what is available
Marriott Announces New Day Pass, Stay Pass and Play Pass Packages
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Hospitality Marketing The Podcast Show 273 Transcripts (English U.S.)

Announcer — Welcome to this week in Hospitality Marketing. The podcast show number 273 with your host, Loren Gray.


Hello, everyone, and welcome to hospitality marketing the podcast. I’m your host, Lauren Gray, and this is episode number 273. So each week we bring about 20 to 30 minutes of time sharing the most interesting tools, news and techniques being used in marketing for the hospitality industry. We also do a quick recap of our weekly live video show this week in Hospitality Marketing, which also airs every Friday at 11:30 a.m. Eastern US time. So with that, let’s get started on now.


Announcer — Today’s new resource tool.


So our tools for review this week and I say tools as plural we’ve seen we’ve gotten into that pattern of multiple tools and not just one. We’ll go into the line, of course, obviously associate with our technique of the week one we’ve talked about before. But we’ll put it into a different context this week, and one is completely new, which is very robust and not for the faint of heart. Um, as people in the live show, awfully condemning. Have I? I live on a razor’s edge of the newness and the neatness and the tools and the craziness.


And you know everything from flip to or Stuart Butler from fuel travel. Often, um, point to the fact that please do the basics before the things that Lauren talks about from tools or functions get used. And I reiterate that to a great degree. Good S E o good ECM good CRM block and tackle basics are mandated before you begin to venture into variations of those things on. It goes to a lot of the tools that we talked about. That being said, there is a constant changing landscape that we have and of course, reduction coming up and so forth.


We don’t know what that landscape will look like in variety of ways. Um, but there are some things that we know based on what will be for current environment and short term environment and progressively transitional environments. We have to find different ways to communicate with our potential guests. Now, we all know about the traditional of getting ads in front of people when they go through search engines. We know about the ways of getting ads in front of people when they’re on social media platforms, and we know that there’s a white noise to that and and over used by some marketers on over indulgence and re marketing.


Ah, spookiness when it comes to tracking and what have you. But we also noticed that there was aspects that, as we get better with technology, better with bandwidth as we associate with technology that we are getting the chance to watch a variety of media that we just didn’t have access to before from a marketing perspective and also from a user perspective and that is broadcasting or videography or media rich meeting that we’ve gone through a variety of tools about creating videos and creating rich media, how to use them, how to create anything from animation gifts to videos to what have you.


And, of course, we’ve been doing a live show. For now. In our seventh year, we’re reaching over 25,000 people the week in 32 countries. What have you We translate our broadcast in 11 different languages because of the diversity of the audience is that we have. So from broadcast perspective, I do get asking a kind of on a regular basis. But how do you do this? Well, we’ve talked about some of the tools, but there is now a new and emerging medium that we did not have access to before. Now, we talked about accessing, uh, close capturing CTM Uh, GTO.


And what have you channels to advertise on those, um, channels. Like who? Lulu and ESPN and those channels that you get on on smart TVs that are not just broadcast you be a CBS, NBC And what have you All of them have their own fractional on line channels. Now, peacock for NBC and, uh, CBS on demand, ABC on demand. Uh, they all have the channels, and they have a whole new opening of advertising and that advertising could be very geographically focused. And it can also be, um, very demographically focused, based on shows and types of people that watch certain shows.


That’s a long, preemptive nous into this tool that I’m about to talk about. Code odium o D, um dot io. Now odium is making it available for you to create a subscription based for lack of a better word channel. Similar to what you see Netflix as where you pay to have access to their content. Now, obviously, Netflix, you’re dealing with a completely different animal. But the concept, the premise of it, is the same. The breaking this down into practicality. You need to create what it is you need to do to show up on Apple TV or Raku or smart TVs like Google and Google Play and Google Chrome and all the smart channels that are out there like the Hulu’s like the Netflix is and you pay for that accessibility.


Well, this platform odium has created the means to do that. They do the heavy lifting, you create the content. Now I say this is not for the faint of heart because it isn’t just Oh, I got a great video. Let me throw it up and use this platform and it gets put into a channel on people subscribe to it. You have to satisfy ah lot of criteria with all these different providers. Apple, Amazon for kindle um, Google. Rahul, what have you, um, to be able to justify getting the ability to put this into their platform for people to subscribe to?


Now, if you’ve ever gotten adventurous and creative and on your Roku TV or on your Apple TV over there is a almost limitless amount of channels that available for every fractional interest that you may have. I would say they’re based on three primary categories. Cooking, fitness and travel. Now there are, of course, others. But those are large bulk entity of those things and always looked and say, Wow, how could I have gotten that channel on that travel channel on? How could I? How could I do that for myself?


Now? Obviously, a single hotel doing this is completely different beasts than up ownership group that has several hotels or variety of hotel locations as an ownership management group. So again, this isn’t for the faint of heart. This isn’t for the one hotel per se as it is about having enough diversity of content, whether it be a destination of CBB, a TDC that now gives you the chance to have subscribe herbal content where people will say, I’ll pay X dollars that you’re asking for, and I say that you have to do that because the platform is based on the fact that you will be paying them for the people that subscribe to you so if you’re not charging the people to subscribe to.


If you want to keep it as a cost to yourself, I’ll be it that but Apple kits 30% for the first year, 20% thereafter. For everybody, the subscribes rock who gets percentages, Google’s percent just Amazon gets percentages, and the platform odium gets about a bucket head plus 30 30 cents per transaction to handle the cost of people subscribing for you. So you have to have what you need to get there, and you just can’t put one video up or a couple of videos up. You have to have a bevy of videos, uh, a content that is justifiable, that when they take that data and go to those platforms and proposed that the channel be created, the channels don’t refuse you because they’re like, Yeah, that’s not enough there, that’s not no, it has to have a lot there.


And to keep people’s interest in subscribing with you, that’s now a hole that you will always have to fill. You will always have to come up with content for these types of tools, So odium od, um dot io thea other tool, which we’ve talked about before is more about general broadcasting. That is the multiplicity of going on to other channels and bringing this up and and having like we do with our show this week in hospitality marketing, we use re stream re stream allows us to simulcast simultaneously cast on Twitter YouTube, Facebook linked in and not just one per channel, but a multiplicity of channels per those except for Lincoln, which only allows you to do one of the time.


And that gives us our reach to the audience that we get to be in front of a lot of people for whatever channel they find convenient to watch us on. And that gives us our audience participation. And that is re stream dot io. Uh, of course, is a monthly fee with that, but again, it goes to what as it that you’re trying to do, which goes into our technique of the week


Announcer — Now for this week’s hospitality technique.


So our technique of the week is broadcasting the final frontier.


“These are the voyages of the USS Hospitality”. Try to be cute and cheeky about that being a tricky, um, three idea of introducing broadcast into your marketing strategy again, as I mentioned with the tools odium and re stream restore not so much, but odium definitely is not for the faint of heart. Um, you have to decide, Do you have the diversity of content? The ability to create additional future content or or the access to resource is to draw that in that you have the world, he writes for to bring in to make it a channel that people are willing to say.


I am willing to give you money to continue to see the content that you’re putting up now. Obviously, if you want to be very robust and start your own business, this is a business to start if you’re in a destination or would like to make the area that you’re in a destination or awareness for people who want to make that a destination, creating a broadcasting channel that talks about your area is a great start. But before you do that, you need to make sure that again that you have current content that is of interest that hasn’t already been given away for free and that you have a access to resource or your own resource to create additional contents going forward.


What do I mean by example? Well, let’s say, for instance, your blogger in Dallas on Do you follow restaurants and you are good follower, and you have a lot of followers about your adventures in discovering great restaurants in Dallas. Maybe there’s even a genre you love Korean food, and you have pursued to the ends of the Dallas region the best and diversity of Korean restaurants and food. So you have this medium of being able to do this. Well, you’re not alone, obviously, because you have followers of what you’re doing.


I wonder if you translated that into a broadcast channel. Great Korean food now, not just doing restaurant reviews, which I’m sure you’ve done on blog’s and so forth. But now maybe it’s videography of interviewing owners. Chefs? What did they create with giving them recipes? Picture picture of the Food Channel guy Ferreri for our never say his last name right running around in diners drive ins and dives where you’re showing off places and what they dio. Why can’t you do that? Now You have the means. This is an actual vehicle of doing this.


You don’t have to sell pitch this to the Travel channel. Hey, I got this great idea. You have to win a contest like I did. To be able to do this, you can go and create through odium dot io saying I want to do this. I I can make these videos. I could do these things. I have friends will handle the camera, meet the interviewing the people and so forth, and we can start posting up all this really super cool stuff. That’s an example of food and beverage, one of its hotels.


What if you’re interviewing and doing the same thing with hotels and what they are and where they are and what you do when you’re there and and learning about well, you’re now talking about just what you see on the Travel Channel. People travel and show off where they’ve been and what they’re doing while they’re there, Why can’t you do that? And if your travel blogger, why can’t you create broadcasting that you post a show and shows per month up onto this channel? That’s the power of what this platform is all about.


Three ability to be on Rocco TV for somebody to subscribe to saying Yes, I’ll pay a couple of dollars. And no, they don’t have to go find some things that they do exactly what they do with Netflix. You have to activate it. You pay Roku boom boom that you get paid through these odium people your final percentage and so forth, and you create an audience of people that want to pay for what you’re producing to learn what it is you’re showing. That’s the power of broadcasting from a hospitality ownership group.


If you have a soft brand, if you have a cluster of hotels and you have reason and capabilities of creating sustainable content that can feature what it is to be staying at your resorts or hotels in that market and what that market may mean for somebody to travel there, you could become the authority in your marketplace as a destination resource. And what I mean by this, what we all have. To some degree, CBS convinced visitor bureaus TDC’s turned tourism development councils in our market. Do they have a channel for it?


I’m sure they produce videos and they put them on YouTube or they have them on websites. I’m sure you’ve had to pay them a large sum of money to participate in those or advertise around those or to be a participant in those, Uh, we could just short circuit all that and you could do it for yourself again. With the caveat being, you’ve done everything else. This is an expansion of what you’re already doing. Well, now I know in our current economic situations and industry situations, this is probably again not for the faint of heart and maybe something that’s beyond the reach of what first should get done, which is your fundamental CEO s crm and what have you.


But for those that are on the precipice of looking for new and creative and innovative ways of doing these things, this is a potential venue that didn’t exist before. Here’s a platform that can do the heavy lifting for you. Before it was massively expensive per channel to try to get into this realm. And even then it was no, not even a guarantee, but not even a possibility in some ways, without massive amounts of coding and technology and people and paying. And what have you here? This is a place to go says Okay, I have to create all these development platforms.


I have to create all these. Brandon’s have to create all this content. I have to do all these things, but I don’t have to do the complex on the other side. They will handle that. Of course you’re paying for that. Uh, the other course with broadcasting on a less invasive or less heavy lifting way with re stream is you could do the same for yourself by broadcasting that same content we’re talking about. But for free on public channels like YouTube, like Facebook. And what have you that you can share that information and maybe monetize that in a different way, where you’re actually allowing for sponsorship?


If you yourself aren’t promoting yourself doing it or attach yourself to the restaurant you’re featuring the hotels that you’re featuring, or the destinations your featuring and create a model in that what you’re allowed to say? I’m broadcasting all this, all these different channels as well. So broadcasting for those in the industry, an innovative new way of approaching because the means of meeting with five g coming to be more of a standard. Obviously all of apple finally caught up with their phone being five G Samsung has already been there.


What have you As more bandwidth becomes available, people in these movies and videos are time consuming. Oh, I gotta wait for the little thing to go all the way around the load before I see it. That’s e don’t have the time now. It’s like, Boom, I wanna watch this being is right there and get to see it. So broadcasting is gonna be more more valuable and more more interesting and more more available as platforms like Odium come around and use abilities of restoring do happen. And it can be literally the final frontier and the voyages of the USS Hospitality.


Yeah, so that’s it. Our broadcasting conversation of the technique of the Week. And now we move on to…


Announcer — Now this week’s hospitality news that you should know.


So news and show review. We had the privilege of having Tracy Prig more founder of she has a deal. Now, this isn’t your a typical down the hospitality lean she has a deal is a function of allowing women and specifically potentially minority women Thea per to nitty to get into hotel ownership. Uh, it was really fascinating. Our co host Stephanie Smith, who brought Tracy to us from Caldwell Marketing Dean Schmidt from, uh, many search marketing and base camp Meta ever Saint Ange with Flip to Tim Peter with Tim Peter Associates.


Stuart Butler with Fuel Travel Lily Mark Urman with things of Enterprises in T CRM services. And Adele Gutman with a spy reputation Marketing where our co host and we had really fun dialogue of First off the impact of organizations like she has a deal which nickname affectionately Shad, um is about offering the opportunity, legitimate bit opportunity of getting funding to support the ideas that are being presented toe opening up a hotel. This is a hypothetical, uh, college level, Uh um, realistic creations of If we could put a hotel here.


This is you’re actually talking to read people with real money that have real chance to invest in what you’re really telling. You can dio, and so you really have to come with numbers and you really have to come with budgets and expected costs and reasons and rules and guidelines on what is going to take, whether it’s building a building from the ground up or it’s referring a building that’s in existence or its re flagging or D flagging. All these teams got together and pitched in the midst of covert, which is no small feat down the logistics site is.


Tracy was pointing out the ability to say, We’re worthy of you, giving us some funds and and the reward was up to $50,000 in funding towards your goal of starting your hotel and, of course, being put in front of people that have by far larger funding to actually make it a reality. So these proposals were talking to legitimate people. They were being presented in in front of legitimate investors that would be looking at whether or not it really was warranted to potentially invest in those hotels. Add to it the auspice that if you’re doing this in the middle of cove, it while the industry is suffering, how it’s suffering and trying to convince these people to spend money on something in future tense, that right now is not gonna be one of those probable things, unless you can prove it to be so fascinating conversations to the value of that stark realities as to the lack of representation of the female population in a hotel ownership role and even starker reality as to the roles of minority women in the ownership roles as well.


We know of completely capable, talented people women, women of minority, uh, that are in great management roles, but a infant testable Few are actually in an ownership role and so brought into some fascinating conversations as to how is an industry, the inequalities that we’re having theme the old ways of doing things that are still prevalent? Um, how to break down those barriers? How can we break down those barriers? Is this the time to break down those barriers? Do we have that now leveraged capability because of the despondency of our industry?


So fun, crazy cool conversations about the role of women and minority women in the role of hotel ownership. And Tracy did a great job of presenting amazing facts and information and methodologies through the entire process. So, uh, thanks to Tracy for having joined us for the live show now, I do wanna bring up one news feature that I thought was very interesting because it has actually come up with my client conversations as well. Marriott announces their new day passed stay pass and play past packages. Um, it’s the first real sign of Marriott Mm trying to address current environments for hotels.


Now, for those who may not be familiar with this, they’re pretty it under their Bomb boy conversation, which was their aggregation of marketing for market all the Marriott brands. But the day passes basically following the idea that allows the traveler to check in at 6 a.m. and check out six PM uh, toe work in a hotel room changed the venue from being at home working at home, which may be prohibitive based on their family scenarios of kids or what have you and being, uh, at home with virtual learning and or workspace availabilities and or the need that they just they have family in or don’t have family or they’re taking care of indigent family.


Um, convalescent care. What have you, And they just don’t have a clean working space, and that creates tension and unnecessary conflict and hear the hotels are basically saying, Hey, show up. You work in a hotel room, you get access to our WiFi. You can, of course, food and drink with whatever the safety restrictions they have within the beverage operations on, you know, fitness room and everything else if you really need Thio. It had been rolled out into some select hotels in Atlanta, Phoenix, Dallas, New York, Toronto, London, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur or so forth.


And they’re looking to expand this into Europe, Middle East and Latin America as well. Um, which is something we’ve been talking about even on our live show that hotels have to rethink what their inventory control we represent with the demise of we work in the inability for people to work in close proximity like that, Um, hotels can become that service provider. We also talked about even some hotels offering themselves up a school pods where they could take some of their smaller common space and have schools that are doing in person learning but to isolate them from the total school population.


So that should somebody unfortunately, catch covert within that pod, the whole school doesn’t have to shut down. Only that pod has to go back and go to virtual learning. Eso. Some hotels are participating that we know that some hotels in the kidney and the California market actually opened up to homeless populations, so that they could. The government could place homeless people in to these hotel rooms as a way for the hotels to survive with that income. So hotels have been looking at innovative and diverse ways to keep the lights on, so to speak.


Now, the other aspects of the offer from Marriott uh, the state pass, uh, combines the day passed profile also with overnight aspect to it. So it’s kind of like renting a room, but you’re able to get it earlier. Check in basically, uh, and then the play pass, uh, includes business concierge. It does include, based on the property supervised kids activities. Uh, preferred office space studies like some of the smaller meeting rooms might be usable for, you know, gathering meetings or what have you on curating experiences that the whole family can participate.


So saying, Hey, look, we’re gonna take the whole family. Mom, Dad is gonna work out of hotel rooms. The kids have supervised experience. We’re gonna get together downstairs and have lunch from the little box lunches they may be giving out. And we go to the fitness room if we want to or dip in the pool if we want, because we don’t have a pool at home. So they’re addressing the diversification of opportunity for hotels to somehow find means of revenue that they can chase because they have a building in a certain location, rooms in certain location, and they have amenities like what I find so forth related to it.


Can we sell rooms that way? So I applaud Marriott for looking at that. I applaud Marriott for moving that forward, uh, minus whether it’s adopted in scalable and to what ends, people will use it based on how well they understand what is being offered. So Mayor again announces that new day passed a pass and play past package, which you can find at this length that I’ll be putting in the podcast. And by the way, it links to all the tools we just mentioned. Odium and re stream, as well as the live show itself for any playback that you would like to listen to.


Fascinating shows, I said, and also this news article are all available on our podcast notes. Remember, you can find us on Google play apple iTunes I heart radio soundcloud stitcher, Spotify, Pandora. The list goes on 39 proper platforms and counting or even on Amazon. Alexa, Google assistant and Siri just asked to play the hospitality marketing podcast and no matter which one you may use. If you like to show, please, please rate us and leave us a comment that allows other people to find our content and also gives us feedback as to what you like thio here or not as to what we may have talked about.


If you have questions or follow ups that gives us a chance to dialogue directly with you. Also, this is your first time hearing us. You can, of course, subscribe to our show on any of those 39 platforms that you may have discovered us on. A swell for an archive of all previous podcast, as I mentioned, you could go to hospitality digital marketing dot com forward slash podcast. And don’t forget our live video talk show that you can join and participate in every Friday 11 30 Eastern A. A. U. S time of 30 a.m. I should say Eastern US time called This week in Hospitality Marketing, the Live Show, and for that for all, links, you can go to hospitality. Digital marketing dot com forward slash live and look for show number 273 and one of referencing with Tracy Prigner. As always thank you for the privilege of your time and look forward to talking to you next week.


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