Hospitality Marketing The Podcast Show 271 October 16th 2020

Hospitality Marketing The Podcast Show 271 October 16th 2020

Hospitality Marketing The Podcast Show 271


Hello everyone and welcome to Hospitality Marketing the podcast, I am your host Loren Gray and this is episode #271 where each week we spend around 20 to 30 minutes sharing the most interesting tools, news, and techniques being used in marketing for the hospitality industry. We also do a quick recap of our weekly Live Video show “This Week in Hospitality Marketing” which also airs every Friday at 11:30 am Eastern US Time.. SO let’s get started;
00:01 — Our tools for review this week are;
00:06— Our Technique this week is; “A holiday season like no other, and what you should be doing about it”
00:14— News and Show Review
Dean Schmit
Stuart Butler
Griffin Sandberg
Tristan Heaword
Show Notes
00:02 — OTO and CTV opportunities are they viable to hoteliers
00:21 — Organic Google Metasearch? Is it for real?
00:31 — Is HITEC Virtual worth it this year?
01:30 — video and VR and what the future of both are
02:00 — Show ends
Travel Zero.O: 10 Key Takeaways from WIT Experience Week
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Hospitality Marketing The Podcast Show 271 Transcripts (English U.S.)

Announcer — Welcome to this week in Hospitality Marketing. The podcast show number 271 with your host, Loren Gray.


Hello, everyone, and welcome to hospitality marketing the podcast. I’m your host, Loren Gray, and this is episode number 271. So each week we spent around 20 to 30 minutes sharing the most interesting tools, news and techniques being used in marketing for the hospitality industry. We also do a quick recap of our weekly live video show this week in Hospitality Marketing, which also airs every Friday at 11:30 a.m. Eastern US time. So with that, let’s get started


Announcer — Now today’s new resource tool.


So our tools for review this week are actually two of them, and they’re more prophetic to the time of year that we’re in and in the theme that we’ll be talking about and for our technique this week, these air to tools we’ve yet to review but are in vain with something that we have dialogue with before the first is promo republic dot com, and the second is social be dot io. So what do they do? Well, promo republic The reason why I’m bringing this into our tool kit.


Discussion today is promo Republic. It allows you to see all the content, creative possibilities that you can post within social. Uh, it tells you, you know, this is national beer Drinking day. This is whatever peanut eating day, whatever. And you might find this to be contrite. But for those that are tasked with the perpetual creative content associate with social postings and interaction and engagement, sometimes you need some inspiration. Now, the platform, of course, presents this as, Oh, you just grab this and use this. It already gives you creative.


It already gives you layouts. They’re very professional looking. They look good, just like camera. Um, the idea that I would like proposed with these tools that you just don’t take what they give you and posted up is just something to say. We’ve often discussed by the strategy associated with social media, especially organic social media and the limited audiences that you’re getting because of the restrictions that the platforms provide of Well, if you’re not paying, you’re not getting in front of a lot of people. Um, is to tailored into your story lines that you have created for your demographics that you’re speaking to based on your seasonality, your business cycle in the time of the year.


Now how this ties together, even with our our news feature today and so forth is we’re going through yet another insurgents of our president Covic ISS scenario and tragic as it is, we have to reevaluate who are marketing Thio. Uh, we have to look at the fact that we are local and hyper local and that have different designations to that in different reasons and cause ations for travel. So talking about aspirational travel in future tense is great for 2021 bookings on even in some small context holidays, which we’ll get to in our techniques a little bit in a few minutes.


But really talking about stories and the value proposition of what you are is very strongly related to where you are. What’s around you, what you could do to communicate and answer questions the guests may have about if they were to travel to you. Safety protocols, things that are available in open around in the eminent area, availabilities of things to see and do should they be part of their time strategy outside of the more functional aspects of segmentation, which again we’re talking about Maurin the techniques conversation today in the podcast.


So promo republic allows you to finite that and bring up interesting content. Schedule it, uh, look for content that’s related to topics. And you look for things and see for things that you can adapt and put into the storylines that you’re dialoguing with your demographics for the markets that you’re looking to try to bring into your hotel. Thea other ones social be is very good. Also for the newer ones a new people that you have that are trying to do this process for you with the change in structure, um, within our organizations about bandwidth of actually having warm bodies, doing something internally, whether you’ve had to let go your your third parties, that we’re doing it for you or whether brand has abandoned you, which we’ve had that discussion before you’re looking Thio assembly.


Take on these responsibilities whether you’re directly responsible for you, have some of this helping you with your Sometimes it’s a matter of coordinating and collaborating on a singular platform. Well, social media is a great one for doing that because it allows you to one stop shop. It can put your social platforms into one place, allowing it to be reviewed before and and before being sent and authorized before being sent. Plus, it also has great content suggestions. Um, it also allows you to go over and put to your proper scheduling and so forth, so it gives you a nice, common, stable platform in which to create the fundamental storylines encounter that you need on the timing of the cycle.


Is we talked about what social posts many, many times. It’s not just the content you decide. Oh, I gotta say something today or write something today. You should be well ahead of yourself by one or two weeks when it comes to post. And, of course, that also means that in the changing climate that we’re in and changing interest and, of course, changing situations where you might have might have been marketing before, all of a sudden it turns into a place you don’t want the business from, because they may now have turned say, for instance, to a hot spot, and you don’t necessarily believe you could get people to come travel from it.


Or maybe you. Do you want them to come from there? Because they might be bringing, unfortunately covered with them into your hotel environment, regardless your safety protocol. So that’s an ever changing environment that even though you’re up to two weeks and plus ahead, when it comes to your scheduling, it’s always evaluated and always review to make sure that you are not saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. And, you know, basically saying it’s sunny and 72 when in fact there’s bad weather or coming visit us when you really don’t want them to come.


Because of the current change in cycles, so are two tools. This week, our primary republic dot com and social be dot io. Which brings us to our technique


Announcer — Now for this week’s hospitality technique.


So our technique this week is based on the conversational topic of ah, holiday season like no other and what you should be doing about it. So here we are, October 2020. Um, cove it in the Midwest is growing exponentially. Uh, states that didn’t have it. Now have it whatever reasons or political affiliations or whether we should not be even a consideration in this but unfortunately they are in the forefront.


All this is happening and whether you are getting business from those areas or not, or whether you’re in the middle of those areas or not. We are facing a holiday season unlike any that we’ve had marketing wise that I’ve been with, and they have been in the industry for decades. Um, our holidays were based traditionally historically, for those who have been the business that Thanksgiving, the Friday afterwards was, uh, the time where everybody crowded around the stores at five AM or two AM or 1 a.m. and always kept getting earlier, right?


And then they pour in like a notion of people into the retail stores to snap up the black Friday deals that they had been advertising and teasing about for days, if not weeks, in the big Thursday newspaper circular that would £20 because of the flyers that were in it. Um, that’s not gonna happen this year. Also to which is not gonna happen this year. Like it has happened in times past is a newly developed a holiday, though shortly thereafter called Cyber Monday, which was when all of the online functions of those same great super deals that you could order to solicit people to purchase and by what we’re now being told is be, don’t get together.


Let’s not gather because we have the potential making this much worse pandemic Lee um, it creates scenarios for families that are struggling to understand how they can still celebrate the family without jeopardizing the family. What’s coming out of this is the potential that families may get together in a MAWR and a smaller group or and open air and or and, uh, confirming that they’re all stabilized as to making sure none of them have covitz so that they’re not, unfortunately, exposing to the family members. But one thing is probably most certain is that the traditional staying at Grandma’s house or the parent’s house for the holiday season Thanksgiving in particular, being our first want to talk about is probably unlikely, which opens a window of marketing opportunity for us as hoteliers to basically not to go from be coining about the Halloween season coming up but, you know, offered stay with us just in case of having family over scares you where you can go visit family, probably drive market not a lot of people might be flying, but I’m sure there’ll be Mawr elevated flights because of it, because people still are in the distance and they’re still gonna find a way to get home so flights will pick up.


So airport hotels be mindful of that in some circumstances, but offering the hotels to say, Hey, look, half thanks came with the family for dinner, but stay at the hotel safely. Distance Marketing Idea. The second, which goes back to the retail component of this is we’re already being warned and already are purchasing. History is changing. 56% more people are buying online than they have done historically, one because of covert, too, because a convenience either way, Black Friday Cyber Monday. You’re not gonna be the same. Already this month, Amazon had their earlier prime deals, and they’ve ever had before.


Um, best buy Target started their great black Friday esque deals. Already, Walmart is having an entire month of November, where they’re offering their black Friday deals in the hopes of pushing people to purchase early. Why are they doing this? Well, one thing the linchpin of black Friday and cyber Monday, aren’t there anymore as the pivot point to there’s a delivery issue that’s going to start coming up. FedEx DHL ups, Um, all of them, um, are hiring as much of the camera. They’re already saying that they’re gonna be overwhelmed already that they’re saying, By the time the Thanksgiving hits, there will be a lag in delivery.


There may be windows where if you don’t have it ordered and what have you, that there may be a supply chain issue because of reductions and teams and staffs for productions. Also, there is a logistics of delivery issue that will be compounded by this overwhelming tidal wave off online purchasing that’s going to go on so the same by early by soon by fast. Well, the other suggestion that they have is by but do your own pickup in a retail outlet. So if you’re gonna purchase something, find out if the store already has it in stock and then go to the store and pick it up well, from a marketing perspective, if your hotel that is by a retail function or close to retail functions, you can feature what those stores are and put into your messaging.


Come stay with us make your purchases at the stores that are nearby with ensuring that they have the inventory available in the store and do the curbside pickup. That way they’re ensuring that they get the product without having to have the delays that they’re warning us all about. Now that doesn’t solve all the problems, but it certainly may help that issue and also help you for people that might be in secondary markets or in that drive market. You know, that are outside of the area, that they don’t have that best buy store or that large target or that large WalMart or they might not be in stocking their stores that they do have in that market.


But they find one in your market that does have it, and they make the purchase with the delivery of curbside pickup or in store pickup, whatever way they want to our safe they feel, and you are the conduit that they come and literally you say, Hey, stay with us and then go pick up your stuff and have a wonderful holiday and then go home. So these air little grains of rice that make a bowl These are the things that you can target now in your messaging, in your content, both on social you can schedule for with good graphics, good information, good content in your ad campaigns, featuring your deals that offers that you have right now for people to stay with you right now into the holiday season and through Okay, that you can say, Hey, family, stay with us so you can enjoy dinner with Grandma.


Hey, come in and stay because you go to best Buy just down the road and pick up your stuff. Whatever that messaging is, you can do use the tools that we mentioned, like promote Republican, Social B and others. But those two are the fuel and ones with future today. But keep in mind that all these things we’re talking about are different than any other holiday that we’ve had, like in like any other also to historically, um, for our Southern hotel years or those that don’t get snow, you know, Southern Texas and Arizona and New Mexico and so forth in certain regions.


And Florida’s in Louisiana’s, um, that we usually had good ads ready in the breach that assumes the cold snap happened up north and stuck usually somewhere Thanksgiving. You, Sean, we do a lot of campaigns like Now is the time to head south. This is it. It’s cold up. It’s going to stay cold. Come on down where it’s warm and happy. What? We’re gonna be fighting the covitz safety issues. At this point, we’re gonna be looking at How do we get people to want to make that kind of distance travel?


Might it might be a drive travel. You might look at what feeder markets exactly. You’re looking for how long it would take for them to get down to you what they would need to do to get down to you, where they would need to stay in the in term and maybe work out relationships with those markets to say, Let’s offer a route deal. People coming from Cincinnati may have to stay at where first and then where Second, before they get to us. Well, maybe we can work out some sort of brand relationship if your brand talked to a brand that isn’t that market saying, Hey, let’s look up this whole road Dealers focus on Cincinnati to get down here, but they stay with you before they get to me, whatever it is.


So there’s lots of creative ways to rethink what we’re doing for our holiday season again. Ah, holiday season like no other. And these are the things you should be doing about it. And that brings us to our news and show review.


Announcer — Now, this week’s hospitality news that you should know.


So we had fun. Um, you know, we have huge co host list. Sometimes were multiple talking heads. 10 people, 11 people. And then we have Those are just a handful of people five or so We did have the privilege of having Mr Griffin Sandberg from, uh, screen pilot.


Join us. Griffin hasn’t had the chance. You’ve been busy attack these past few weeks. It was nice to see him come back onto the show with us. We also have Mr Dean Smith with Meta Search Marketing and Medicine base Camp Meta. And of course, if you haven’t figured that out, he does meta search. We all said Stuart Butler from Fuel Travel, CEO of Fuel Travel, Brilliant Man and Mr Tristan Hayward with three and six marketing agency across the pond, a small little island called England in a little township just north of that, um, billion people where he says digital market without the, uh what is their slogan is great slogan, though.


Dishonesty, that’s it doesn’t work without the dishonesty. We had fun, fun conversations we really we’re talking about. I brought in the topics associated with the new forms allowed with, and we’ll bring this into the podcast on more detail of O. T O and C T V. Opportunities were you know, that all these cable cutters and all this Internet TV that we’re able to do now the Hulu’s the slings, the A T T V T V. Now the pew bows. All these ones have their own advertising capabilities and these are very hyper targeted, uh, geographically, demographically, By showing context and timing of days, you have all this new opportunity to do very targeted video ads.


Um, and if you don’t believe me, just if you have any subscription to those you see those times when they don’t have one to fill, as as commercial in progress is, they don’t wanna show the one that’s on the show that you’re watching because they didn’t pay for you as an audience. Well, you can buy that if that’s the audience you’re looking for and show up in front of people that you’re most interested the targeting, the localization and so forth. So we had a great conversation about that, and it’s a viable for hoteliers.


Well, of course, but there’s lots of steps that you needed. As stories points out, make sure the block and tackle is done before you start going off on this little venture tangents. But if you have all your basics done, your PPC is your your CEOs, all your CRM stuff, working the way it should be. And you’ve exploited those as best you can. You’re looking for more avenues of opportunity. Thin these air, definitely viable ones that you need to have content for that you can put in. It doesn’t have to be amazingly brilliant videography.


It has to be good enough for it to convey the message without being cheesy, cheeky or cheap. So we had that fun conversation. We also got into the conversation of organic Google’s meta search potential. Is it for real? Are they really going to say, even if you don’t pay well, drop something in for you because we need somebody in the medicine hotel finder for you had some fun dialogue with that. Dean was very instructive as to what his belief is For that, um, we also talked about his high tech virtual coming at the end of this month Worth it this year?


Uh, Stewart made it very interesting observations. He is one of those that will be participating that is paying for a virtual booth, his company and is going to be there. Is that because of it being virtual and being for the price point that it is, um, there’s gonna be a lot more people that don’t normally go, which is going to open up those people to a whole new audience. Those that are going to be a high tech virtualized booths that they wouldn’t have had because high Tech was always very expensive to go to.


It wasn’t just the actual logistics cost of hotel and flight transportation would have. It was the actual tickets to it was just a downright expensive place to go to A Not a lot of hotels could send more than one, if at all. Anybody if they weren’t looking at for things that were at high Tech and high tech. We have diversified itself enough a lot. So he said this’ll is gonna be very interesting high tech for people to be able to see for the first time, perhaps all the things that high tech can represent for technology.


Um, we also I brought into conversation about VR. Uh, we also brought about a r I. I talked about Amazon, and it’s zero testing of the waters of its new VR travel program. Uh, responded to a hotel net hospitality, net dialogue on Lincoln and one of the articles, obviously, as to what I thought about Amazon and whether they’re trying to get into the travel space but really want to focus on the VR potential and that there is a segment of market for those who are physically unable to travel VR maybe, uh, not a replacement, but ah, surrogate value of being able to say at least they get to see some things and experience some things that wouldn’t be able to physically be able to do any more.


I know for myself, I don’t think I could go up the face of El Capitan as a mountain climber, but you can do the VR experience where you’re just much there and getting all the vertical you want. So with that great show took about two hours. First on this show, as usual, Um, the news article that we didn’t get to go to or talk much about which I find it worthy of us. Bringing into the podcast today is travel 0 10 key takeaways from W T. Experience weak. Um, I found this interesting because it repeats a lot of what we bring into the show organically, without knowing that this was a mainstream conversation with others.


It makes it very fun. I’ve run through them very quickly just to give you a sense of this number one. Be prepared to unlearn everything so that you can learn something new If anything, about this podcast we keep talking about. It’s something like that. It’s you can’t keep looking at the way you used to do things is the way you’re going to do things in the future on you have to constantly Ian, think what you thought you knew to rethink what it is you’re capable of doing.


Looking for those grains of rice to make a bowl of rice for revenue, so to speak that you just wouldn’t have thought about before is being worthy of consideration. But now might be the saving grace between enough of them toe actually sustain cash flow. Number two travel will get smaller. Tech will get bigger if anything goes to the high tech conversation we had in the live show. And also in general, if, as a company you’re thinking you’re gonna be able to take your traditional technology you had going into the covert crisis and think he will still keep afloat for you to get out of the covert crisis, you’re sadly mistaken.


Technology is evolving. Debates toe on the demands of our guests who are wanting things from key less entry to the rooms to a touchless communication with the hotel to potentially Mawr Answers and Mawr Engagement and Mawr video and all the other things we talked about on the live show on on the podcast that require technology changes, better crm, better identification, better answers to gets better information for the guest turning Maurin to answer better and heightened guest services. All these things technology can provide that if you don’t change and invest into the technology.


If you’re wanting to stay into business, you’re gonna find yourself struggling to stay in business. Number three. The fight for survival will accelerate. Big scale tech transformation. Even old Tech gets hip again. This conversation was little along um, e think the key element that they brought as an example was QR codes. I’ve been a fan of QR codes. I’ve been told. That’s dead man walking technology so forth and so on. Well, having gone back and forth to Asia for many, many times over a couple of years, uh, Q. R codes were on everything because it was the best.


Most e most commit way off communicating because of the diversity of languages, to get you to the point where you could understand whatever is going on. I would watch TV shows and there was a QR code in the corner and was on Chinese. But then I think your code and then all of a sudden, magically the translations were coming on the phone. So lots of things like that. The old technology is referred to like your codes was example. They gave in relationship to that number four Think different about growth sunset, the peripheral stuff this goes back to the conversation of what market segments are producing, what ones you wish produced.


But aren’t they just go on a shelf? Don’t keep thinking that you’re gonna revive your corporate travel. Don’t keep thinking you’re gonna revive conferences. If you yourself are one of a dozen two dozen three dozen other companies in the market that they’re trying to the same thing and you’re not the lead person at the beginning of this, you’re not gonna be the lead person. Now you’ll be creative, innovative, and and it certainly try different things. But it is not going to be the segmentation contribution that used to be before the number five was go big or go deep.


Um, this goes back to of the hyper targeting the localization. Dr. Marketing, if you’re gonna do it, go into it, go chase it segmented. Be granular. Be hard at it. And it gives an example that sometimes you can also go large where it says, like I’m going to go over and diversify my language. You know, try to see what markets broader, but because of a different reason, maybe language, I could bring them into me because they have reasons to come to my market number six activism, activism and recovery.


This is what we kind a little bit talked about yesterday, only yesterday saying the last week in regards to are you spending two survivors spending to thrive, you have to choose whether you are going to stay on life support or where they’re going to try toe be that business that garners market share while there’s market share to be gathered as low as the demand might be, so you can begin to build even on the lower market that you have because you’re the only one willing to do it.


Number seven. Rise and Rise of communities Thistles. Talking about the fact that we are looking at different segmentation is we’re looking at different modalities of demographics that are based on different criteria of interest. Now, safety is a thing where we never seven months ago had that is concerned other than traditional safety off. You know, lights, cameras, blocked doors. What have you now we’re talking about health safety, and that is just an example of the different communities that we’re talking about, things that we never had to deal with before and keeping engaged with them.


Thea, what is opened around you was now open. Whatever they’re doing, the safety protocols, what events and things and venues, all that communication that was just not for rot. Put out there saying, Hey, we have this going on that’s going on now It’s a matter of what may be going on, but these air conditions he’s by reservation on Lee. There’s a limit to this. There’s a pre purchase for this, so there’s a pre reservation for all those details. Number eight. Capturing demand versus generating demand again. Are you spending to survive or spending to thrive?


This is looking for anybody that is looking to come to your market. You may not be able to generate demand that has always been on open dialogue for revenue managers, but capturing demand is a different story. Looking for that still demand to your market, whether it is ex patriotism, expats having to self quarantine if you know like Hawaii, 14 days or so forth. If you’re not, if you don’t have a clean bill of health coming back into the state, um whether or not you know for Canada the same thing you know they have to go and have 14 days.


Um, whether or not they’re traveling because of medical reasons, 1 may be traveling for support. Convalescence care. Uh, on and on and on. Essential workers, uh, major distribution, transportation drivers on and on and on. We’ve had this conversation podcast so many times. Number nine Asia’s travel market will come out stronger in the long term because of the shift to domestic. That’s just talking about the fact that if you’re in that market, you’re gonna find a lot more inter country travel versus international travel to the APAC region, and that has to be redefined.


It’s not really directly comparable to the U. S. Domestic at this point. Um, when goods don’t cross borders, soldiers will. This is talking a little bit about the demand of essential travel between countries. I am, unless your rate on the fringe of both borders doing this, this is not really gonna be a directly capital one for you. But if you are, then there is still the demand of ebb and flow of traffic between the two countries or between countries. So there you have it. That is the wonderful travel to 0 10 key takeaways for W I t.


Uh, experience. We so remember you can find us on Google Play apple iTunes I heart radio soundcloud stitcher Spotify, Pandora Tune in the list goes on 38. Let’s give me 39 platforms and counting Where? Also on Amazon Alexa Google assistant in Serie just asked to play the hospitality marketing podcast no matter which one you may use. If you like the show, please rate us and leave a comment that helps others find our. Our show is well, and also we love the inside and feedback. And of course, you always let us know if there’s common topics and information you’d like to have us discuss.


Also, this is the first time hearing us you can, of course, subscribe to our show on any of those 38 9 platforms and counting. And for an archive of all of our previous podcast, you could go toe hospitality, digital marketing dot com, forward slash podcast. That’s with an S. And don’t forget our live video talk show that you can join and participate in every Friday at 11 30 Eastern US time called This Weekend Hospitality Marketing the live show simply go to hospitality. Digital marketing dot com forward slash live again. Thank you for the privilege of your time and we look forward to talking to you next week.


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