Hospitality Marketing the Podcast Show 263 August 21st 2020

Hospitality Marketing the Podcast Show 263 August 21st 2020

Hospitality Marketing The Podcast Show 263

Hello everyone and welcome to Hospitality Marketing the podcast, I am your host Loren Gray and this is episode #263 where each week we spend around 20 to 30 minutes sharing the most interesting tools, news, and techniques being used in marketing for the hospitality industry. We also do a quick recap of our weekly Live Video show “This Week in Hospitality Marketing” which also airs every Friday at 11:30 am Eastern US Time.. SO let’s get started;
0:01 — Our tools for review this week are;
00:06— Our Technique this week is; “Video is more than just watching, it can guide your guests interactively”
00:12 — News and Show Review
Edward StOnge
Dean Schmit
Tristan Heaword
Ben Hanley
Tammie Carlisle
Stuart Butler
Lily Mockerman
Adele Gutman
Show Notes
00:01 — Google and how they are handling clients large debt —
00:33 — Loss of corp travel and how Covid has permanently changed travel
Amazon Wants to Make You an ML Practitioner— For Free
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Hospitality Marketing the Podcast Show 263 Transcripts (English U.S.)

Announcer — Welcome to this week in Hospitality Marketing. The podcast show number 263 with your host, Loren Gray.


Hello, everyone, and welcome to hospitality marketing the podcast. I am your host, Loren Gray, and this is episode number 263. So each week we spent around 20 to 30 minutes sharing most interesting tools, news and techniques being used in marketing for the hospitality industry. We also do a quick recap of our weekly live video show this week in Hospitality Marketing, which also airs every Friday at 11:30 a.m. Eastern U. S time. So with that, let’s get started.


Announcer — And now today’s new resource tool


So, we always start with our tool and we have two of them today. So have tools, and it is continuously with the theme that will be tied to our technique for this week, obviously, and that is video interactivity. If you’re not noticing it now, you may be noticing it, or you may already been engaging with this, but there are a host of tools coming to market our in market that are helping you better in do video engagement. Now we’re all familiar with YouTube.


Ah, the ability to go in and see the pre roll the mid roll or click on the subscribe button. Or for more information, click here. And then, of course, at the very end, it gives you options of either continuance of video summer to other videos you might be interested in. So there’s always been this kind of level of engagement to that. And for that also, we’ve had where you can, uh, do things sometimes in the videos. Well, that was tools were always read a very expensive or very hard to use because you had to be very good at when, where and how and layers of videography of putting on top of another layer.


And they’re making a hot spot forward and all these other fun things. Well, the two tools that I would like to and I can refer to a third for a different reason. The two Jules I’d like to talk about today is one that I just recently acquired that does pose still shots and videos, and it creates hot spots in them and them or into related to retail. But I have an interesting twist for for hospital. We’ll talk about technique wise and then his


This tool allows you to put indicators in the image or videos. Its original concept of what it talks about mostly is like from a retail perspective. So you take a picture of somebody wearing clothes that you’re selling, and you can touch the button that is indicated that if you click that it, this is the jacket. And here’s, ah, link to go buy that jacket if you want to, or shoes or or slacks or whatever have you? Well, obviously, from another retail point of view, you could look at furniture and click on the furniture.


And if you like that, furniture will go to the site specific or page specific about that piece of furniture. So it does that functionality from a retail perspective now, obviously from the hospital respectable pre talking about that a few minutes. But my other tool I’d like to bring into the conversation is one that I have been using recently for story boarding, and that is called inter actor dot io. Enter act r dot i o i N T e r A C t r dot io Now what I’ve been building for this one, it’s kind of a progression of discovery.


Do you like reading to you? Like blue? I like blue well if that then do you like light blue, dark blue. I like light blue. I’m being very simplistic. But you see that that what happens is you have a video and you have images on the video and you put tiles on those videos or you put overlays on aspects of the video. This is click here for that information. Click here for this information. You could do it either as an inquiry or you do it as a way of discovering I, like, Do I like Am I traveling for family are soft adventure or contrary or off the beaten path?


When I click on that button, he goes to the next video. That’s Taylor specifically to that content that that button was pointing to. So it makes it a very interactive video. So those are my two tools authored. I’ll bring reference to know interact to invention before in a previous podcast for different reasons similar to what we’re talking about today. But the third round also want to bring in is called video Remix. Now this tool is about customization of video, where it will know your geography. They don’t know your name.


And so if somebody clicks on the video, it’ll say, Hi, Loren, What do you get? Such a such a such a section of your subscriber to our live show email booster in that email that you get each week is what’s called a personalized. You click on that, and they’re literally do that. It also fund your geographic location and place that where you placed it in the videos that people for me to be cape coral or it’s like Hi Loren when you get your hospitality news from when you’re in Cape Coral.


So I literally placed two hot spots that would take dynamic content, personalize content, put my name in it first or last. Whatever as well is also my geographic location. There are other dynamic feels that we placed in there, depending upon the data that you’re getting safer, uses confirmation numbers or what have you that you can actually place in there if that information is available to who’s receiving that email? But that’s more email video driven, which is a little bit of a hybrid tour when we talk about a little today, not that it’s out of place.


Just that’s an extra step in conversation is to placing that into personalized emails. Personalized social media engagement content were a little bit more lean towards just video engagement at this point and what you can do with video engagements. So we’re featuring spot day at dot ai and interact er dot io. So those are two tools. Now let’s get to our technique


Announcer — now for this week’s hospitality technique.


So our technique this week is my statement. Video is more than just watching. It can guide your guest interactivity. So with these two tools were just Thomas Pate I and directed I I owe it.


Allows us now to put things in video that people can interact with. They can engage with them something simplistic. I’m playing with right now to take a picture, a static picture, although it could be video of the retail portion of a hotel. You know, the little shot skis and logo stuff, and did you forgets and all this other stuff and I’m going to actually put because they do have an online store for a lot of these branded products. I’m gonna put hot spots on these products that will go to the page in which you can buy that product should wanted.


We always know that people wouldn’t they’ve enjoyed to stay with you as a resort or a destination event. Or what? Having you have these kind of branded shots. Keys to this, that we There’s always a great success in sending email on the This is Hey, in case you forgot memorabilia or you want to talk in a memory. Whatever. Don’t forget to visit our retail store. If you’d like to get a shirt or a towel or a flip-flop or whatever that has our logo on it so that you can remind yourself how much fun you had with us that’s been around for way long.


Um, what this now allows us to do is outside of that post engagement experience. This could be a pre arrival experience. This could be a gift for people in experience for experience. I think of ah Mei fact. I know I have on previous podcasts on the live shows I’ve talked about creating a online marketplace that people can go in and buy things from. So, for instance, if you had family members going to a hotel and you want to buy them chocolates and champagne to be in their room, you have a place to go that could be bought and then the details of what you wanted to have happen.


Please put into Mr / Mrs Smith’s offer when they check in your prior to check in on this tape of a block and you pay for it so you could do is kind online retail portion of it. Well, that’s pretty much a picture with a button under it. I’m talking about putting the button on the images. Nice part is with videos. You can actually somebody describe it. Emotions. They look at this. This is a fine said quality of this. This is this. This is what the food looks like if we were, you know, if you buy this and put it in there for dinner for them or whatever is for food service, whatever it is now, there’s a much higher interactivity that can happen by putting these hot spots on the videos and allowing the pre guest non guest anybody to actually buy.


So maybe there’s some crazy cool stuff that is that a resort that I never have made it to yet, but looking Oh my gosh, I want to walk around with a T shirt that has Spam Fest 2020 on it from Hawaii. Well, I can’t make it away this year, but I’d love to have late. Now that Lea T shirt wrote that you knew was sponsored by the hotel that, um, buying your from who knows? But that’s the cool part of all this is that you get to do some really funky stuff like this.


Now I mentioned earlier. I was using this before. This is a video guided engagement that I’m trying to use with this and hear me out on this one. Uh, because it gets a little weird. So from a priest, a arrival, I want to in the priest a email. Give them a link to discovering the destination around the hotel and have it sensitive to events that I’ll given the same with what we’re dealing with in Covid that are still running. Whether there’s restrictions about needing to buy pre early tickets or whatever.


All that’s in here. You make these videos, but not everybody wants to know about these things. So if you’re going to send all these links all this stuff, you’re really just hoping you’re throwing stuff against a wall in hoping something sticks here. It’s like discovered the destination that go into it and literally they’re given four tiles at the very beginning. Are you here for business or for leisure? Actually, first ones to tell. Excuse me and then they choose. Okay, great. If it’s leisure, Are you here with family?


Are you here for romantic adventure? Soft adventure off the beaten path? Um, culinary, whatever. And they click one of the towns. They might be here for multiple reasons, but they always go backwards and go back and see it again. Um, and they go pick when those was. Now. The next video they go to will be about that topic, things that they should know about. And of course, there’s a button in there for events for the month you’re there. And so we’re putting in the event links and event and videos of pieces of it so people may not even be aware of the events that are going on and they can see them go. Wow!


And I happen to be there for the dates that that’s running. That’s cool. You know, it’s an interactive video process for them that they can discover mawr than just saying what I want to do it on their I don’t know what to do when I’m in X y z City and here you’re actually helping them, making them aware of the really cool restaurants that maybe open and what the rules are and their guidance right around your hotel or locations that they want to go see, as we’ve talked about in previous podcasts, were in a progression of discovery.


Our first video discovery is protocols and changes in policy. So people understand what your hotel is doing to make them and your team safe. So they understand walking in that there will be plexiglass, or you have to wait in in the distance away before getting into the place that you check in at or what things get cleaned up on. What things don’t get cleaned up. Those that’s first rate of second video is then what is it they need to know around what’s happening, like what restaurants are open.


What other meal periods? What’s the rules? Restrictions about them dining in or not dining in? Um what? What do they need to know about deliveries or pickups? The third is if there is things that are available to do in the market. What are the rules? Guidance restrictions on those? And then the fourth thing is giving them reasons is, too. Hey, we’d love to have you visit because of these things are available and can be done and be done safely. So those air four progressions of conversation thes videos can play a part in each of those rules.


They will allow you to expose, define and an augment visually, audibly what it is that you’re doing on all those categorizations a conversation. So again, I say, as our technique of the week video is more than just watching, it can guide your guests Interactively and that is our technique of the week.


Announcer — Now, this week’s hospitality news that you should know


So, news and show review. We had a fun open conversation. We did not have a featured guest host, although it was always a pleasure to have our host that were with us with us was Mr. Edward StOnge. From Mr. Dean Schmidt from Base Camp metasearch and metasearch marketing , and Tristan Hayward and Ben Handley with three and six media from across the pond in in northern England. Also with us was Tammy Carlisle from Milestone Internet, Stuart Butler with fuel travel, Lily Mockerman with Thinks up Enterprises and TCRM services and that Adele Gutman with aspire reputation management, on really fun conversations to this, we hit some great topics, thanks both to the coast that brought them to our discussion as well as he ever well curated.


This from Mr Robert Cole of Rock Cheetah, which, if you would like to sign up for his really excellent list they puts out free each week you can go to  All lower case, no space. And there you can sign up and get the same listings of great topics that that we refer to in our conversations and using our dialogue and and to what it is that we’re doing. So some of the things we did hit on it.


As in the news, is how Google is handling some very large third party organisations debt by turning off of their ability to do advertisement. Geragos problem point first in coming to mind, there was a lot of back and forth as two. Is this a power play, or is this just a big company not keeping up? And why would they be asking for assistance and financial considerations? Are they that destitute? Or they were just looking for free money, right? So we had some fun back and forth about it.


We also talked about, um, Army. Exploring the sale of five of its hotels is part of reinvestment strategy. We’ve talked many times about brand of brand type and locations as to how they’re going to deal with the shift in marketing dynamics about the lack of corporate travel at this point, conference capabilities And what have you? How are some companies dealing with that? And that was a conversation our army was we positioning themselves for that? Ah, that we got into a heavy discussion. Is the loss of corporate traveling How covert has probably changed travel because of that?


Also, too. We talked about the core. And I see potential merger consideration of thing that all of us were in consensus. That that would be a very interesting combination is both of them. I don’t have what the other has. So putting them together makes even larger opportunity for both of them. So it was an interesting conversation for it and the one topic that we didn’t talk about, but I want to make sure we talked about it on podcast today was Amazon. This is thanks to Robert putting into his list.


Amazon wants to make you an ML practitioner for free. What do you mean by ml practitioner? We mean machine learning expert. And I thought this is very interesting is interesting. Halfway point of combination. Um, the more people know how to do this stuff, the more will get made and used much like very similar to when you look back. When Apple first rolled out its first iPhone, it got a lot of flak because you’re compare against the Motorola razor which fit better, flipped open was cool or smaller.


It seemed to be everything we wanted and hear all the someone get this flat piece of glass. Basically that’s how it’s contrived doesn’t fit against your face. You’re putting a window painting each face. It was so much negativity to it until the APP store opened and the ability to have a diverse amount of applications working. Now, Apple could have said, We’ll make all our own APs, but we know that with any project, when you launch it into the public and the public has the opportunity to develop and cultivate from it, you get ideas and creativity that you would never get within a controlled space such as your Inc just It doesn’t happen.


So the more public engagement, more capable, larger audiences stepping in and thinking in ways that you didn’t even think of how to use it makes the diversity geometric grows exponentially as to all the variations that go on. So Amazon’s bringing in this idea of saying look in a good structured format will teach you machine learning, and in such, you’ll be able to come up with ways of using this stuff that we haven’t even thought of yet, So the idea of it blowing up is very large. Now.


I say this directly and reference to a little bit of what we do already for the podcast. We are on multiple platforms, but ah, large portion of our listener ship, which is a little over 5000 now. At this point, um, is through Amazon, Siri and Google assistant, because I create. It’s what was called skills on Amazon and Google, um, in Syria that allowed for this to go over and be mentioned. How, Mr Malone Syrian When I said that that you simply have to go to your whatever way when you use Weatherby, Google, Siri or Alexa and just say, Hey, play the hospitality marketing podcast and it will play the latest version, this version being the one if you do it after we’re listening to show now.


So it allows for just a simple engagement like that Now. We also played with it for one hotel for a while, where we created skill set for them when they came to the hotel that we didn’t put it hardware in the rooms, but rather that they had it on their phones. They could use any Amazon in particular Alexa, that they could go over and turn on the skill set for that hotel, and from it they could say I’m hungry and it would answer what kind of food you like, and we given categories of food that were in the area that they could go to because there’s no restaurant facility in the hotel itself.


And you know, I want to do things and because of what we put into it. But what kind of things do you like to do? Similar to what I was described with the videos a little early, where we’re giving this this logic stream of things that they could go through a process of and then we give the results of this Korean restaurant right around the corner is exceptional. It’s five stars bubble about. Would you like me to call it? And yeah, next thing you know, it’s making your phone call the the place and make reservations now.


It was a novelty back then, and not a lot of people either traveled with or used their phones in that capacity, so it never drew that big large audience. But now imagine with the fact that more, more people build more skill sets bill more machine learning capabilities learn how to do these things themselves, become more avid users in addition to that. Plus, as more of these things get built and they’re more valuable, more interactive and people find purpose to them, it’ll become more of a natural process for them as well.


And I’m not saying that also, you know, Amazon skill sets is just that machine learning their machine learning is on several different levels that they’re doing with natural speech only being one of them. Computer vision tabular data. There’s those of the first three that they’ve rolled out the ruling Mawr after that. So the idea that it’s really a progression of several different things is very impressive, very smart on their point, to be doing something like that, to get people more engaged with the opportunities of what that platform can offer them.


So that was our news and show review, and that was our feature article. Amazon wants to make you an ML practitioner. Now, of course, the link to that article, the links to all the other articles, the links to the tools we’re talking about. Everything else, of course, is on our show Notes for the podcast. And remember, you can find us on Google play apple iTunes. I heart Radio Soundcloud Stitchers Spotify Pandora Tune in the list goes on 38 platforms and counting to be exact on as I mentioned before were on Amazon.


Ask Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, just ask to play “the hospitality marketing podcast” and no matter which one you may use. If you like the show, please rate us and give us a comment that will help others find our content and also give us great feedback as to what you might be interesting hearing more about and whether we’re doing a good job of it as well. Also, of course, if this is your first time hearing us, you can subscribe to our show in any of those 38 platforms. And for an archive of all previous podcasts and the show notes that we talked about, you go to hospital to digital marketing dot com forward slash podcasts Look for show number two and 63 which this one is to get those particular show notes, plus all 262 other episodes in there, too.


And don’t forget our live video talk show that you can join and participate in every Friday at 11:30 Eastern U. S. Time called this week in Hospitality Marketing, The live show Simply go to hospitality. Digital marketing dot com forward slash live again. Thank you for the privilege of your time and we look forward to talking to you next week.


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