Hospitality Marketing the Podcast Show 257 July 10th 2020

Hospitality Marketing the Podcast Show 257 July 10th 2020

Hospitality Marketing the Podcast Show 257

Hello everyone and welcome to Hospitality Marketing the podcast, I am your host Loren Gray and this is episode #257 where each week we spend around 20 to 30 minutes sharing the most interesting tools, news, and techniques being used in marketing for the hospitality industry. We also do a quick recap of our weekly Live Video show “This Week in Hospitality Marketing” which also airs every Friday at 11:30 am Eastern US Time.. SO let’s get started;
0:01 — Our tools for review this week are;
00:08— Our Technique this week is; “Stop Selling, Communicate, and What the Heck Does That Mean to a Hotelier or Restaurant Owner?”
00:13 — News and Show Review
Adele Gutman
Edward StOnge
Tammie Carlisle
Valyn Perini
Lily Mockerman
Stuart Butler
Holly Zoba
Dean Schmit
Show Notes
00:01 — current events and the USAToday article about canceling any travel.
00:27 — the real impact of what is happening to our industry right now
00:41 — how to redesign how we do business, Local schools using the conference space?
Housing homeless saved one hotel’s bottom line, for now
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Hospitality Marketing The Podcast Show 257 Transcripts (English U.S.)

Announcer — Welcome to this week in hospitality Marketing. The podcast show number 257 with your host, Loren Gray.


Hello, everyone. And welcome to hospitality marketing podcast. I’m your host, Loren Gray. And this is episode number 257. So each week we spend around 20 to 30 minutes during most interesting tools news and techniques being used in marking for the hospitality industry. We also do a quick recap of our weekly line video show this week in Hospitality Marketing, which also airs every Friday at 11:30 a.m. Eastern U. S time. So with that, let’s get started.


Announcer — And now today’s new resource tool


Okay, so are tools for review this week, of course, have a central theme to them, which will be connected to our technique. And the three tools that we want to refer to this week are about broadcasting about getting out the message that the platforms are and the So why these three? Well, we know that there is Facebook live.


We know that there is Instagram live. We know that there is Twitter periscope, which he loves to broadcast on Twitter. We know that there’s linked in live if you’ve gone through the application process and they still considered in bait us, so it’s very restrictive, and it takes forever and a day to get access to it. Those air platforms. But when you go to those platforms, you’re only broadcasting on that platform. Eso If the channel for communication isn’t that platform, you have to literally duplicate what you did on one toe, another one so forth and so on.


The other aspect of it, too, is these tools allowing you to multi cast that what I mean by this well simulcast. Basically, I use re stream dot io for our live show is an instance, and on that we broadcast to over 10 Facebook pages and platforms and profiles several YouTube platforms and profiles several Twitter platforms of profiles and also to Lincoln. But really now is a said. Lincoln has the restriction of being just one your personal profile that you could broadcast on. There’s a little technology and techniques to it, and there is a knowledge circulation that you have to understand bit rates and frame rates and resolutions and so forth, and make sure that you can stream adequately toe all those platforms.


Every stream is very, very helpful in that you literally set up in permission for restoring to connect to those accounts that you have access administrative access to. And then, from there you can broadcast whatever it is you’re doing to all of those channels. But that comes to the key element broadcasting what exactly? Well, begin referring to my life show. I use the platform called O. B s Project over open broadcasts, software or open market services project on. This is the ability to take either a screen or whatever you do is a the video source camera webcam.


If you have on you, can your computer, what have you? And it’s a lot like what you see in the zooms and the go to Webinars and all the others go to meetings where you’re selecting the screen you want to share. Well, it does that in effect. What you do is for me, I actually share a second screen, and that second screen is if I was in the 10 D of the live show and I have the Obi s use that as a source off the broadcast. And I used the audio of the computer, not the microphone of the computer, but the audio of the computer.


To be the audio source of that, you have to get that particular. This is my video. This is my audio. What have you It does a lot more than this. Please understand. It will be a software is very robust. You can do overlays and picture and pictures and lower thirds and lots of cool stuff with this. But I use the obvious project to be my source that I used to my re stream that then distributed or simulcast it to all the platforms that I’m wanting to do.


And that is the tools combined as to what gives me my weekly broadcast now one stream live. It’s a little different than those now. What it has is similarity to re stream is that it has access to a tremendous amount of platforms on additionally, to what I have. His re stream one stream also has access to Instagram live, and it also allows to do 3 60 video now maybe not now is important. But given current circumstances in the longevity of when we may actually attend a conference in the future tense, especially you look at Microsoft looking to the first person video engagement of a 3 60 so forth.


This may be something in the future tense that people might be interested in doing. Picture, if you will, that you would like to run a conference. Now we’re all kind of zoom fatigued and Microsoft team fatigued and go go to Webinar on blue jeans and join me and all these platforms that were using Google meetings and so forth of a single screen Brady Bunch tiles of people that are participating. We may want to have a more first person experience. Well, with one stream with 3 60 video broadcasting capability, it allows you to put a 3 60 camera in a room and let’s say, for instance, due to proper social distancing and so forth, you have a stage.


It’s set up with people that are keeping their distance, and I have a panel and you have the traditional presentation screen to a side or behind them, with a podium in a speaker and so forth. And through that 360 experience and maybe people physically attending as well again, socially distanced and being safe, you could have that first person experience of actually feeling like you were sitting in that chair in the room, able to look at what you would like to look at rather than being forced to look at what the editor of the video is saying.


Now we’re gonna look at the presentation. Now we’re gonna look at this person’s face. Now we’ll look back at the the at the panel. It allows you to kind of look around like you normally do if you’re in first person experience. So the cool part of one string being able to handle that is pretty neat. Now, the one thing one string doesn’t do currently is it doesn’t do the live streaming like re stream. In other words, I broadcast live, and there is no Layton See to that other than when we turn this on and we’ve simulcast all these platforms.


It is alive production, much like live TV. One stream takes recorded video and schedules it at predetermined times that you select on the channels you wish to distribute on. So say for is is my life show what I take with I want to do from a re stream and obvious project and then take it and put it under one stream, and I schedule it to be replayed at certain times on channels of my choice. This allows people that may have missed the live broadcast to be able to live through it a second time, obviously connecting every email so that they can send questions or comment or respond to things that came up in the show that they would like some follow up on.


I have those come back to me from the time that we broadcast it that way. But the very neat part of it is, is that I can simulcast then last week’s show this week so that for those who missed it this week showed this week again my podcast. I could turn into video casts, which means simply a logo with a bouncing audio bar behind it. But then, at that point I can load it into this platform and on my podcast can get re sent. That isn’t where is on iTunes or Stitcher or the 38 other platforms we have the show on, but rather you can actually watch it on Facebook live or on LinkedIn live or on Instagram Live or on Periscope Live or YouTube Live gives me that functionality have other mediums in which to display my podcast.


People would like to listen to him. So that’s the functionality of one stream Live, and those are tools for review this week.


Announcer — Now for this week’s hospitality technique.


So our technique this week is taking the tools that we’re referring to above the building to simulcast on broadcast and recast and how to do all those things and use it for stop selling communicate. And what the heck does that mean to a hotelier or restaurant owner? We kind of got a kick in the teeth this week of the massive resurgent into, Unfortunately, our circumstances with Covit-19 and the pandemic.


Excuse me, and due to that, we’re no longer talking about optimistically reopening pre opening what emergence and so forth as we are talking about survivability, durability and the ability to exist beyond a short term future? Ah, a lot of dialogue, unfortunately, has turned to the how many how many hotels may not reopen. How many restaurants may not reopen bars? Will they ever reopen in the near or even semi near future? Eso? There’s a lot of uncertainty because of this massive growth within the U. S. Domestic market for our current circumstances, and not to be political, how and why and so forth.


But from a marketing perspective, in the purpose of this podcast, what do we do about it? What can we do about it now? We have gone up to this point and making sure that we communicate with our guests in a way, way we’ve had this conversation or podcasts and in our live shows that we stop selling and start listening and communicating. Telling our guests what they need to know to make informed, safe travel decisions does no help that our media and what have you is pointing out that maybe this isn’t the time to consider travel because of all the uncertainties that are going on and the inconsistencies of where you’re traveling to and from as to what rules and guidelines exist in those places that you’re going to.


So we had a very lively discussion, which we’ll get to on the live show review today about well, we need to go over and put as to what we’re doing about it, and that requires communication. What is your hotel? What is your restaurant doing about this? That’s recommended two sections for hotel year. It’s about the change in protocol arriving and what to expect. What to know. You should be doing differently. What’s being done differently for you. What the rules and expectations are from the hotel as to you as a guest, conduct whether they require you to wear masks.


How do they require you to wear masks or the rules of wearing a mask? How often do they ever ask that you have what you do in a common area? Done. Those are things that need to be communicated and has nothing to with rates and dates and rooms, and what happy it has about communicating protocols and information. Also with that is the communication of once there. Nobody just comes to stay in your hotel and sitting in a room hidden from everybody else is what are they allowed to do both on your property, your pool, your fitness, your restaurants, whatever may be, but also to what’s available in and around the market itself.


What restaurants are open? How are the open? What meal periods? Of the open air, their full menu? Partial menu. Do they do deliver? You pick up, take out internal reservations. External seating. These details, if you can provide them in a communicative way, alleviates the for the continued research. And if they course find another hotel that does providing that information, they’re more likely to be interesting. Continue that conversation with that hotel, then to have to come back to yours and then rediscover what all these things would be since you didn’t provide them.


So communicated. The information is very important. So going back to our tools of restraint One stream and what Mobius project would have you is you need a constant communication dialogue. Now, this could be done. Be a live streaming which is hit all platforms and communicate effectively Attn Scheduled times what it is you’re talking about. Maybe you’re introducing them to the new world off dining in your restaurant and you walk them through in a live scenario as to once you’re greeted how you’re greeted, Do you call you text beforehand to make sure that you have space and seating capacities or what have you to preorder?


Is that touchless ordering is a touchless menus is touchless payment. How does that get handled? Okay, that could be done live. Or you could record that if you’re feeling uncomfortable with the live aspect of that and take the recording, polish it up, making intro to a little over thirds Dyson, maybe audio background, clean out the glitches. And now you have a recording that you then can produce on multiple channels. Say, with one stream in which you can say Tuesday, we’re gonna talk about what our new restaurant does and how you come to a restaurant Or how do you come to our hotel or what to what we do for our rooms.


And let’s show you how we clean our rooms or how we are. We expect our protocol around the pool. This is communication. People are very visually connected to this as well. Just typing it out and pulling bullet points or notices or, you know, xeroxed copies of paper. That tape to glass windows in front of a pool door is much less effective than visually communicating with the personality and the voice that your team and your staff can have. So that’s one aspect for the hotels. The restaurant tours is a continuation to the restaurant.


Conversation from the hotel sign is, How did they order for you? Where do they order from? How is it that it’s handled? Where do you go? How do you pick it up? What are you doing for contact lists, delivering contact lists. Pick up contact with suit. Fruit service again. Same questions. Contact list menu contact. This method of payment. How do I make a reservation to sit inside if there’s limited capacities? Okay, these are things that can be also video produced, both live or as a recording. And, of course, if you did record it live and you want to replay it, that gives you the content of replayed again.


So these platforms ever useful to just do one and then you use it again for another time. Time zones make a difference from where they’re traveling from how they travel and then also think, what the linguistics. There’s language. We tried about this, a couple of podcast back. There’s some great platforms, like lingo and so forth that will translate to your transcripts and then put them as a lower third or close caption in a language that is more couple of somebody be. We understand, like Spanish, German, French, whatever.


So there is tools that could be combined with this that make it even more effective in the usage of these tools for communication. And again he goes back to stop selling, communicate what needs to be understood by the guests with making a form purchase decision and how that means to to use the hotel restaurant. And that is the technique of the week.


Announcer — Now, this week’s hospitality news that you should know.


So our news and show review? Um, the really fun part is we had a great list of people today.


We had Adele Gutman from library Collection. We all said every say knowledge from Flip to Tammy Carlo from Milestone Valyn Parini from one nor one Lily Markham in for Tea, CRM Services and Things Up Enterprises. Stuart Butler with Fuel Travel, Holly’s Oba with Influence of sales and Dean Schmidt with Meta Search marketing dot com. And we Again. It was a gloom and doom Debbie Downer week, because obviously this week’s numbers have been atrocious. The growth in exponential growth of cases and those affected by that are profound.


And, of course, they’re stepping backwards because of not the reopening of things but rather the closure of things because of the insecurity of this spread of what’s going on right now. I live in Florida, Southwest Florida. We’re not software’s forward per se, but we are the epicentre Florida in general, as one of them, so to Texas. So to Arizona, so to California and other states were not. They were not alone in our our problems when it comes to that. So there has been a resending back towards closing things down.


We closed out bars again. We’re restaurants again. We used to talk about unconstrained demand in this sense of revenue management. Ever talk about constrained demand, the ability of limited inventory to sell because of the constraint? So how many people we can actually do business with? So it’s changed our metrics a lot in our conversation to this, um, we hit very hard on the USA Today article that came out which was basically media wise, discouraging any attempt at the thought of travel. Given the concerns of what to expect traveling the inconsistencies of rules and guidelines, the lack of overhead leadership to all of this, and so the inconsistencies of what that represents for our travel considerations.


We hit that for a very long period of time as to what that real ramifications are forward and so forth. We talked about them and implications as to the durability of our companies in existence because we’re no longer talking about resurgence, of reopening, and coming back to a normal aside like to refer to every day has its own normal on every day is different on Day two, that this idea of reopening pre opening reemergence recovery were not there. We stumbled on ourselves. We tried to do that.


We opened too soon. Whether you grew that or not on is created and exacerbated. The situation we’re now facing where we have to resend from that and actually close and a lot of hotel ownership groups is forecast, says to not just when we get back to doing business, but now we’re making predictions as to how many business will actually survive to that point. How much of our industry will not be coming back? How many hotels will not be opening again. How Man hotel companies will not be able to stay.


You survive long enough for us to see the other side of this so a very dark week in that sense to it. But then we talk about some of things as to the marketing tools that we do have the capabilities that we have, the focus on guest centric activity that focus on doing some things we just mentioned about with the tools and the techniques communicating and using those bits of greens of rice to make a bowl of rice to eat from It’s not as easy as it once was were definitely into a hunter market.


Now we’re not into ah, farming market A Z We were prior to covit-19 Oh, this is wartime versus peace time if you’d like to look at it in those terms, So it’s an aggressive capability of looking for and taking and gathering what business is still out there? We’ll stop about the fact that their differences of business right now there was the near to be care traveler. Those were the ones that first came out of the gate. They didn’t care about this. They either thought as a hoax or consider themselves invincible or unaffected by this.


That obviously has shown itself to be not true, because that has created the surgeons, the people that didn’t travel. Right now we’re staying, not traveling. They’re probably going to consider continue to not travel no matter what we say about what we’re doing. But there is still needs of people to travel. Unfortunate needs do the funerals and our convalescent care. Visitations, Family supports medical travel. What happy? There’s still aspects of all this, plus new and unique ways to to redefined your business strategy. To that, I would like to go to our topic of the week for news, and that is housing The homeless saved one hotels.


Bottom line for now, and this is rethinking what you can do. I made the suggestion in the live show that, given the fact that there’s this push for us to open up, all of our schools come here in a what the current numbers show. Maybe on idea of reaching out to your local schools and saying maybe there’s a way of disseminating the load of concentration of people at the school and perhaps given lots of Criterion logistics, that airway to find out to discuss here, um, opening up your conference bases and allowing for your banquet facilities and so forth to maybe create satellite school systems so that if something does happen where somebody and they will get infected with cove it and that will shut down where they were that it isn’t taking down, the whole school might just take down the nation of people that were in close proximity.


That and that means that if you distribute that usability within your market, that may be collectively there would be enough meeting spaces around schools and a variety of ways in different cycles and so forth, and likes that a lot of logistics that’ll allow for ah, hotel to exist safely, security for the kids, distance from whatever hotel might be doing outside of. They used to do the conference Me for the school, what, having again logistics to maybe facility something this or in the case of the article, you know, taking in homeless and yes, never did you build a hotel to me when I was homeless, but never did you build the hotel to leave it empty, either.


And so, with the facilities being capably used and there’s some way of compensation for whether the government is compensating you for this at whatever level, it’s like a wholesale, long term contract kind of thing. You’re not creating a affordable housing your temporarily allowing this to occur in your place, but it keeps you alive, keeps you paying payroll going. He keeps your food beverage, if that’s what they’re providing, going housekeeping, going so forth and so on and it provides a very valuable service. We we know that there’s a terrible plague on our country about homeless, so there’s a wonderful solution to that.


What about the fact that there are people that still need to self quarantine for a period of 14 days, regardless of you said there, People coming back from out of country that they are American citizens come back into country? There’s self quarantine requirement looking for those people, people that have to travel as I mentioned before, for reasons off unfortunate reasons of funerals and what happy or they’re able to visit convalescent care family or they were able to go family support or and we’re seeing this in other ways, people begin to stratify their relationships with friends as two friends that have reacted to this in the same level of isolation less than their level of isolation and below their level of isolation and deciding as to how they engage with these people.


For those who have isolated the same, perhaps you were meeting in the same room that coming over you’re going over, but you’re staying socially distance just to be extra cautionary than other people that are not as isolated as you are. You might meet them in a public area open area, also socially distance. And for those who are lesser than that, you may not even decide to to engage with them for fear that they’re being too exposed. Places that your people that you were not too. We also in the Live Show, discussed very clearly that this pandemic is Maura about people sharing it to people than it is about contact surfaces.


Not that it’s immune to that. We don’t know the full scope of this, but we do know that primarily the influences upon this is related to people to people, the courtesy of wearing the massacre, deceive, keeping proper hygiene, the purpose of keeping proper distance. These are the things that will help us sustained capability of reducing the impact of this. Because if you in the hotel on hospitality industry, for all these people that aren’t wearing masks for all these people, that says my right so forth. It’s almost like if you would like to plead them in his personal to all of us, you are not helping us recover.


We can’t go back to business as long as you feel that your right to infect other people. We know it does this. Nobody wants to wear a mask. Nobody wants to sweat behind him as nobody wants to have to hide their face and the facial expressions or communicator, what have you. But the sooner we can be courteous to each other, the sooner we can be back to what we can do for business. Because we are not going upwards in this escalation, but maintaining some level of control and that control us.


How much goes into the hospital and how will the hospitals can facilitate all the medical needs that we require of them? So not to stand on grandstand. But these are the implications and aspects that we’re facing at this time, and these are things that are very real for us, and we’re seeing the very big reality of it this week. Whether it be political, media, social. All these three are self driven. The political people are looking for reelection, the media, people looking for sensationalism. Socialism is looking for self awareness and self self importance by saying I do this and I like this and this is my medium.


So all three of those air not in support of us US as a community, as humanity and because that we have to take it upon ourselves, our own responsibilities Tower react to this so again, Sorry for the soapbox, but it is critical at this time. We really re evaluate how are contributing to our society and supporting it and how we can keep ourselves safe and in turn, keep others people safe and somehow stop from totally destroying our industry to a very hard recoverable up. Remember, you can find us on Google play apple iTunes I heart radio sound class Did your Spotify Pandora Tunein podcast breaker.


The list goes on 38 proper platforms and counting we are even on Amazon. Alexa, Google assistant and Siri just asked to play the hospitality marketing podcast and a matter which one you may use. If you like the show, please rate us and leave a comment that will help others find our content. Also, if this is your first time here against, of course, you can subscribe to the platform that you found us on or any of those other 38 platforms. And for an archive of all of our previous podcasts, you can goto hospitality, digital marketing dot com, forward slash podcasts and don’t get our live video talk show that you can join and participate in every Friday at 11:30 a.m.


Eastern time called This Week in Hospitality Marketing the live show. And for that you can simply go to hospitality. Digital marketing dot com forward slash live Look for this week’s episode, which is 257 again thank you for the privilege of your time, and we look forward to talking to you next week.

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