Hospitality Marketing the Podcast Show 250 May 22nd 2020

Hospitality Marketing the Podcast Show 250 May 22nd 2020

Hospitality Marketing the Podcast 250

Hello everyone and welcome to Hospitality Marketing the podcast, I am your host Loren Gray and this is episode #250 where each week we spend around 20 to 30 minutes sharing the most interesting tools, news, and techniques being used in marketing for the hospitality industry. We also do a quick recap of our weekly Live Video show “This Week in Hospitality Marketing” which also airs every Friday at 11:30 am Eastern US Time.. SO let’s get started;
0:01 — Our tools for review this week are;
00:04— Our Technique this week is; “Creating Rich Media to Sell Your Message”
00:10 — News and Show Review
Mellisa Kavanagh
Stuart Butler
Stephanie Smith
Edward StOnge
Tristan Heaword
Ben Hanley
Show Notes
00:02 — Fuel Travel version 4 of their travel propensity for travel.
Expedia CEO Details Anti-Google Game Plan
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Hospitality Marketing the Podcast Show 250 Transcripts (English U.S.)

Announcer — Welcome to this week in Hospitality Marketing. The podcast show number 250 with your host, Loren Gray. Hello, everyone. And welcome to hospitality Marketing the podcast. I’m your host, Loren Gray, and this is episode number 250. So each week we spent around 20 to 30 minutes sharing the most interesting tools, news and techniques being used in marketing for the hospitality industry. We also do a quick recap of our weekly live video show this week in Hospitality Marketing, which also airs every Friday at 11:30 a.m. Eastern U. S time so that lets get started.


Announcer — And now today’s new resource tool So we start every podcast talking about tool or tools, and in this case, there is no exception to that. We’re bringing to tools one we’ve talked about before, and we’re bringing back for purpose of our technique of this week. The first time I’d like to talk about is a video editing platform that I have used extensively called film or a wonder share for more is if I m m o. R a dot wonder share dot com. This platform is very affordable.


I think it’s around $67 to actually get access to it. The real value of it is Thea Bility to have pre made intros pre made closes pre made lower thirds. And when I say pre made meaning that they’re already designed and edited with the motion and the graphics, and then you simply have to adjust what you want on those inserts, which makes it very handing very quick. We actually do our live show recast broadcast. Using that platform, I put in the lower thirds to introduce the speakers and the introductions and the closing credits and so forth.


It turns into a very functional, very quick usable tool, very easy to use. It’s not overly complicated. I’ve used other platforms, very robust platforms, final acts and everything else, which does tremendous amounts of things well beyond what I actually need on daily basis and by no means a negative in their usability is just that is for more professional production caliber functionalities, where Fillmore Wonder share gives me my baseline functionalities, plus the great ability to download these customized intros closings, filters, overlays what have you, and it makes it much more of an engaging quick video editing platform to use that for, um, the other platform we have mentioned before many weeks, Many a Mexican many months past, which is called design Bold design D E s i g N b o l d dot com This I use for creating infographics for creating great image graphics for my posts.


My my ad campaigns, my image campaigns What’s going very easy to use Very wiz e wig. Very much for those who are familiar with maybe making websites and so forth. Dragon drops and moves and relocates and re sizes, tons of phones, tons of colors, tons of in in images. I voted bringing your own images easily downloadable it all for custom sizes, according to the platform will be posting on gives a lot to functionality for creating your visualization for rich media media where you get some great graphic silver said resize, according to the platform you’re putting over their Facebook with its news feed, whether it’s a headline had image, whether it’s on instagram, whether it’s on Google ads and if it will readjust forever linked in into re just everything for you, which makes it very, very user friendly when you’re creating image graphics for your posts and social media and ad campaigns.


So those are the two tools that I’ll be using in reference to our next discussion, which is our technique of the week.


Announcer– now for this week’s hospitality technique. Okay, so the statement of our technique of the week is creating rich media to sell your message. Why? I feel this is a timely conversations because as we test the waters of emerging from our isolation and as the country and countries, the world basically comes back to some sense of restart from our hotel years, Hospitality said. We have a lot of messaging we have to get across.


There is a lot of things that we have to convey to our potential future guests on customers of restaurants and so forth. That may not be easily described. And, of course, as people begin to find out whether something’s opened or not opening or if you’re reopening or if you’re trying to expand what you’ve already been open for all along, there’s a lot of communications of things that we need to convey. What I would like to propose to everyone listening today is that if you run and operate a hotel or restaurant or are involved with either that you create a introduction video.


This is very quick introduction is to what has changed for people when they arrive. Now, with our isolation, we have gotten very used to our videography being more rudimentary. If we have late night hosts that it can do, Ah, late night show host ings with a cell phone camera in their home. Our standard of video visualization has broadened extensively as we all have spent so much time on Zoom and go to Webinars and everything else. We’ve seen more homes and back it backdrops than we care probably to remember at this point, So videography has expanded in what’s considered acceptable.


So this doesn’t have to be some overblown professional production. Skyrocketing in with a suit with zoom in from a drone toe, you know, audio on background music and everything else like this. This is really taking your your professional team members and walking the guests the virtual guest through what they’re about to experience. In the process of two things. One Familiarization two is also education. This allows the guest to know what you have done to be sensitive to their safety issues. We have over numerous studies, and we’ll bring this up in our review of the show and a little bit that the greatest concern of people’s emerges to travel.


Is there self percent exception of the safety of what, what level do they feel safe enough that they will choose them to travel? And all of us have, we’ve come to find out, are very different. There’s the early aspirational vacationers, like as soon as the door opens, they are out the door and finding a place to go. And then there’s alway to the other spectrum that is, staying still welcomes those secluded in their home for much longer time, waiting for what? Transitions from all the transitions that are happening.


So all of us have a different safety standards. So this video is a chance to introduce what you’re doing, what has changed in the world. The fact if you were to walk into the lobby to show that you have a up a screen in front of the front desk that there’s fewer pieces of furniture in the common areas, so there’s distancing that’s capable indications of where you stand when somebody’s in the front desk that how far back you have to stand the distances between tables in the restaurant, the changes of the condiments that are on the tables, the frequency of how you use and clean what’s being cleaned by.


If you had a buffet, how you change that either cafeteria style or box pick up for breakfast is and so forth what you’ve done in the rooms, that removal of pens and pads. So you have to worry about if somebody touched something before you, the changing of housekeeping as to when and how often they go into your rooms and it doesn’t have to be a long video, it can be really, honestly, you could make several videos, but if you want to do introductory steps, is nothing more than a minute, minute and 1/2.


We all know our attention spans, even though we’ve had more time to watch. Listen to read these past couple of months, we still have short attention spans when it comes to how interesting isn’t a walk around the empty hotel or around a restaurant? Um, so you want to keep it interesting. You want to keep it personal, you want keep it with the voice of the hotel that you have and you want to make it so that you’re showing people that what you’ve done, your also showing them what?


How’s the world has changed. And you’re also getting your Familiarization message out that if you’re going to travel and we’re in the process in the place that you want to travel to or through, then you would want to select us for all these things were doing to show. You said that, as we know, uncertainty is the cut of the reason we may not choose to go to a certain restaurant or to a certain hotel now, knowing if they’re upholding the standards or if they’ve changed anything that they’re doing.


We’ve all been what wins to all the social postings of places as they reopened the disregard that people have had as to the distancing and the, um, interest in other people’s safety. So by creating this video and things like that, you have the ability to educate people as to your awareness of their concerns and also, in its own informal way, advertise that you’re back in the business and how to reach you on how to connect with you. And if they haven’t, people have fear of the questions and what have you.


So that’s why we brought up the quitting, which media in that aspect. The other aspect is we’re using the platform like design bolt that allows you to create an infographic. Remember those you can show in a different, more static way, the same type of context and information. You can engage people with what you have done step by step, to show that when you enter in, this is what you going to do. This is what happened. This is what has changed in a nice visual kind of. Here’s this.


Here’s that Here’s the next thing thes and things were asking to do when you’re staying with us, you can also describe ways that people can find you, and it’s a very nice visual way of marketing what and who you are as you come into what people are looking for as the economy researches and comes back again. So the creating rich media to sell your message is literally both is the creating of video. I guess I never committed the tool for Maura’s wonder. Fear is being a very straightforward easy way of producing these things.


There’s plenty other platforms, of course, but that’s a great, simple, straightforward one that allows you to create graphics in your logo and so forth, and I recommend that you do things like put your logo to front, introduce who you are dropping lower third, which is that little bar that comes when the lower third of the image that says, Who you, who’s speaking? You know, the jury manager, director sales, whoever. And then, of course, the other is the static visuals, like using design bold, where you can create infographics that have a longer message to save rather than trying to catch one perfect still image of Here’s our front desk with a plastic screen on it.


No. Instead, have it. We’ve installed this. We’ve done this. We have changed this. This is how our policies have changed. Their procedures have changes. What we’re doing to keep things clean on a nice, visual, step by step process that you can use with something like design bold. So that’s it. That’s our technique of the week, creating rich media and selling your message. And now next.


Announcer — Now this week’s hospitality news that you should know our news and show review. Yes, well, we had a really fun show. We asked Melissa Cavanagh, from from a Fuel Travel Come back because feel travel is we’ve talked about many times before.


Every two weeks is doing this travel sentiment survey. They have quite a large sample size, I think around 12,000 or so or even 14,000 much larger than most of the other surveys that are out there from other institutions. Eso the sample size is very indicative, um, getting a lot of North America information from all of that. And they’ve been militia came over and talk to us again about how things have changed progressively says they did version three couple of weeks ago. Of course, between that version tumors one. The only regret they mentioned was the fact that they never had a benchmark baseline before all of this happened.


So there was no before and after aspect of this, but rather transition through the process of what Kobe has impact us. Ah, the good news is there. The sentiment and interest is by far growing the desire and willfulness of traveling the percentages of people that are willing to do that are growing. There has been examples already of markets that have opened up like Myrtle Beach, where they operate at that have been sold out. They are sold out as of today, going through the Memorial Day weekend and onwards.


All the hotels now that creates some issues logistics issues that have been ported out as to if there’s, there’s enough restaurants open and so forth and so on. So there is this stutter stop kind of mentality is going on, but it is that there is a lot of pent up demand as reaffirmation all. We do see that from search query interest volume is very high, although conversions they’re still slowly growing through the other coast we have with your brother. Her compatriot in crime, also from field travel.


70 Smith from Cog Wheel Marketing, Edward ST Onge from Flip to Tristan Hayward and Ben Henley. Henley, both with their own agency. And I don’t really know exactly to. The definition of the agency’s gonna be doing isn’t right now, but they just really kick started it off. So I’m sure we’ll have more details about their future plans this time goes on. But all of our conversation was pretty much dominant to the idea of the information interpretation of feel Travels version. For, of course, the link to their version for and all previous ones is in the show notes off today’s podcast.


So if you want to go and look at the old and for your own information from a to that point, please feel free to do so. It’s really good information, good stuff, great insights, great propensities of travel and hesitancy to travel where they would spend money. How much money where they spend lots of cool insights for that. The news item I’d like to pull out of the half or something with some was one that we didn’t get to talk about on the live show, Which is why I like to throw it on the podcast today, and that is that Experience CEO details an anti Google game plan.


Now this is the first time that it has been really just lay the cards on the table that there is a Contra campaign to a Google is doing. Everyone’s accepted Google into the space. Google is that £800 gorilla compared to everybody else’s tigers and lions and bears. Um, they are in front of everybody. Now. We’ve talked about on the podcast and on the live show that the O. T. A s Expedia booking and so forth, um, are really holding on the money’s they have right now for weeks after the institution of our industry before they start advertising again, mainly because they don’t have the coffers they once had.


We already knew they went into the covert pandemic limping because they were doing CEO changes. Vision statement changes, business model changes. They were fighting the fact that they would lost the ground that they had before, and that Google has taken on that ability that they used to have eso coming out of this. They literally are thing a one shot to hit the bull’s eye, and right now they don’t want to spend money selling rooms. They probably don’t have inventory access to or enough to be sold or enough people to buy them.


So they’re waiting, just like Airbnb. We talked about last week’s show. It’s waiting a few extra weeks, four weeks to be exactly what they last mentioned before they begin to self advertise, because again, there’s not a lot There’s a lot of municipalities and areas that are still restricting vacation or of a time rental business, so all of that gives us a window of opportunity to come out to. But Expedia has laid a game plan of how they want to counter what Google has taken from them, which brings up the other articles that May Bot is intercourse enemy, after all, because we want to keep the the polarity of places to go.


We don’t want this to single place because even though Google may move being more affordable now, if they’re the only game in town later, what’s to stop them from raising their commissions and prices that we have to pay to play with him? Also, the magic numbers that we’ve been talking about with the cost of CPC down for your paid campaigns. All of this is just primed for you to make sure that your marketing strategies are in place and are running not waiting to be run, but are running.


Knowing that Expedia’s gonna come up with a sort of strategy booking dot com’s gonna come up with a certain strategy. Tra Vargo is reorganizing how they’re saving their money because they lost 2122 million lots of moving pieces that we’ve been distracted and seeing because of what we’ve been going through that now, as we started merging and having to be concerned with them again, all of a sudden there’s a whole new game, a whole new metric. So if you think you’re gonna go back to your marketing and just flip the switch to what it was, you’re aiming at the wrong target.


There’s no target there anymore, your guns appointed in their own direction. All of that has to revamp, remodel and look at who you’re looking for. When you’re looking for in this is gonna be a progression of market variances again. All of this was laid out in how Expedia was looking at how they’re going to try to approach the market. I’m sure book dot com is looking at in same similarities. Google, of course, has his counter strategies. So we’re going to walking into a battlefield very quickly as to where and how we’re going to spend our marketing dollars and who’s best to put that on and who were going to engage with based on the strategies of what they’re looking for in their strategies to be in the market.


So there you have it, our news and show review. And remember, you can find us on Google Play Apple iTunes I Heart Radio Soundcloud stitcher Spotify, Pandora Tune in the list goes on 37 products platforms, to be exact. We’re even on Amazon. Alexa Google assistant in Syria, just asked to play the hospitality marketing podcast and no matter which one you may use. If you like the show, please write us and leave a comment that helps others find our content. Also, this is your first time here. Yes, you could describe to us on, of course, any of those 37 platforms for not carve of all the previous podcasts, you can go to hospitality digital marketing dot com Fort Size podcast.


Also, all the show notes from this will be there on Episode 2 50 And don’t forget our A live video talk show that you can join and participate in every Friday at 11 30 Eastern U. S. Time called this weekend. Hospitality marketing The live show, of course so and that for you, go to simply at hospitality digital marketing dot com. Ford slash alive, and then you see all links to all previous 250 episodes of six years and counting. And again, I always, always thank you for the privilege of your time, and we look forward to talking to you next week.


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