Hospitality Marketing The Podcast Show 236 February 14th 2020

Hospitality Marketing The Podcast Show 236 February 14th 2020

Hospitality Marketing the Podcast Show 236

Hello everyone and welcome to Hospitality Marketing the podcast, I am your host Loren Gray and this is episode #236 where each week we spend around 20 to 30 minutes sharing the most interesting tools, news, and techniques being used in marketing for the hospitality industry. We also do a quick recap of our weekly Live Video show “This Week in Hospitality Marketing” which also airs every Friday at 11:30 am Eastern US Time.. SO let’s get started;

00:01 — Our tool(s) for review this week is three;

00:08— Our Technique this week is “The use of Video Content”

00:13 — News and Show Review
Co Hosts
Edward StOnge
Lily Mockerman
Kat Mohammad
Robert Cole
Stuart Butler

Show Notes
00:02 — Travel insights: How people plan a trip from beginning to end — Q — what do we do to try and recapture cancelations?
00:33 — ADA friendly and the real value
00:36 — Today’s Traveler: Infinite Paths to Purchase
00:55 — Coronavirus effects color Hilton’s 2020 outlook
01:06 — Why Airbnb is suddenly struggling to make money — Airbnb has devoured London – and here’s the data that proves it
01:10 — Brand execs say consumers decide brand tipping point
01:41 — Expedia Stock Jumps on Strong Earnings and Cost-Cutting Plan. — Expedia Chairman Barry Diller Rips His ‘Bloated’ Company as ‘All Life, No Work’
01:56 — Forbes Travel Guide unveils 70 new five-star hotels after global expansion
02:00 — The FTC is about to crack down on influencers, big time. “This is illegal payola.”
02:17 — Show Ends

Top Story

1. Travel insights: How people plan a trip from beginning to end

a. Today’s Traveler: Infinite Paths to Purchase

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Hospitality Marketing Podcast 236 Transcripts English (US)

(Announcer) — Welcome to this week in Hospitality Marketing. The podcast Show number 236 with your host, Loren Gray. Hello, everyone, and welcome to hospitality marking the podcast. I’m your host, Loren Gray, and this is episode number 236. Well, each week we spent around 20 to 30 minutes sharing the most interesting tools, news and techniques being used in marketing for the hospitality industry. Who else do a quick recap of our weekly live video show this week in Hospitality Marketing, which also airs every Friday, let 11:30 a.m. Eastern US to time so that lets get started (Announcer) — And now today’s new resource tool.


Okay, so our tool for review is actually three this week. Three because they’re all a similar to each other in providing the same type of service, and I basically got an account for all three of them to compare them against, to see whether or not there was one over the other. That may have been better, and these tools are basically video content generators. If you’re unfamiliar with them or their usage of this. The 32 tools heirloom in five l u m e n five numeric five dot com, also in video dot io i n v i d e o dot io and multimedia five dot com.


Now they all do the same thing, but in some different capacities. Actually think in video dot io and Multimedia five dot com are from the same base platform because a lot of their content that they bring in to use to create these videos almost look identical. So I’m assuming there’s some sort of correlation between the developers, if not in fact, the same company to them. But they do it in different formats, so they are separate in the sense of their service is what these do is. You, for instance, can approach and make a video in one of three ways. One.


You can create your own content and then their A. I guess that’s true to form. Maybe just machine learning that a higher level, we’ll go out, read what you’ve written, then try to determine what it is in context that you’ve written about and then create images and videos from its libraries that would create a short video version of what you’re talking about. Now, based on which of these three platforms determines how much you can add it as to which images you choose, or piece of text that you use and what sequence and how many frames and sense of scenes that it creates.


Whether you wanted 30 seconds, 60 seconds, 45 seconds or whatever. And then, of course, you put your own content of logo and ah, website information or link, or what have you for this now, when comparing the three of them, Loom in five has the most robust in the sense of interface choice. These video context, as we’ve talked about many times before video, is the medium of communication that now exists for instagram, for Facebook, for all your social media. It was estimated that in 2020 that over 80% of all content consumed on social would be video, and they’re already very close to that number.


And we’re at the beginning of 2020. So we know that this is true to form that people you do not have time or do not want to read. We have a short attention spans seven seconds on the trigger for a mouse on a Web. Settle it alone when you’re looking at Social Media, you’re scrolling. You’re rolling and flipping and tossing and everything else. So this video creation of your content is a nice assume of a way to hook them into being interested to finding out Maur. Now in in itself, it can stand as just a 32nd video.


Here’s four things to do in X Y Z destination or the five things you should make sure you do when you’re here or the two things of this or whatever. Maybe it’s straight forward. Is that, um, And if you want to, of course, linked to your more in depth blogger content that is related to that destination, which is we’ll get to that later in our conversation of use abilities for this. But the looming five has the ability to say I’m doing this on instagram. I want a one by one or 16 by 99 16 for that one, Um, or 16 by nine.


If you doing it on a different format for Facebook or what have you? I want this in news feed for Facebook versus an ad Ah, post versus something else. I want this on my, um Snapchat. I want this on my instagram. I find these be high value for Instagram, to be honest with you and not in your storyboard storyboards are are they’re perishable. They’re not long duration. You want these on your post If you have your story board, it’s great to engage visual interest, but I always make sure you want to post.


This is well, and this is a great continuity for content. Saloon. Five. You get to choose the platform that you’re looking to display it on for your other choices from in video and multimedia. Five. I think you have, ah, richer choice of media to use in the sense of video and photography from the library’s than you do loom in five. And I think you also have greater font selection, funt location or text location. Action items of the fonts themselves. More so the limit. Five. But they don’t give you the ability to determine your frame size as easily as looming five does.


Now I’ve mentioned only one of three ways that you can create content with these platforms. The other two, which makes even more simple, is you can put a your L Lincoln for whatever it is you’re doing So you literally can take your Blawg link and you can drop it in and it’ll read and look at it and try to determine what it is and what you’re talking about. And from it, it will create its own version of what you’re trying to do. And then from there you can modify and change what it is that, uh, images you’re using, the videography that you’re using.


You put your own videography in, Um, you can and of course, change. What text is being taken out and used on these plan on the on the frames, the scenes themselves. And from that you then can create from what you’ve already written and already produced your own video version in shortened form to the highlights of the content. It’s not gonna literally take all the text of your block and throw it frame by frame. In this video. That would be boring, and it would be a no real value to what you’re trying to use these four.


Instead, it gives you a shortened capability of hitting the highlights, putting substantive videography or imaging behind them in a video format and then be able to produce them. Put it on Instagram, linking back to your longer blawg mawr in depth conversation where people may amount of doom or details about this. So when you’re crafting these, you have to consider the medium in which you’re putting it in that you’re there to tease. It’s like so many people try to see their ads and make it answer all the questions in the ad.


That’s not the purpose of the ad. The ad is to make you push the button that says, Let me learn Maur. Let me find out, Maur. It’s not to go over and give you all the information that you need and just book from it. That’s where a lot of shortcomings come for people over. So I have ads running all the time. Yeah, but they’re not going to content. You should always have a content based to your ads. Your ad should drive to Maur depth understanding, even if it’s being brought to a page that you can act from at least more details of there so that people have a higher confidence in their acquisition.


So that’s your second way. You have your own creation of exploring media putting in your own context and creating it from their enter your page address and having a developed from there. And also they have ah Thanh of selections of templates that you can choose from. This is okay, look, I’ll just take what they currently have and modify what they’ve already built in sequence and use it. So all three of these platforms have all three of these functionalities to it. They all three allow you to put your logo on it.


They’re all three. Allow you to put your trailer domain on it if you want that to be the case or called the action on it. As I mentioned, Loom in five tends to have a stronger ability to choose what platform configuration dimensions of the screen that you’re using compared to in video and multimedia five. But both in video and multimedia five, which I think are very similar in their context, have I think of Richard Visualization choice of creating the videos themselves. It’s not say once you create him in both of those platforms, you can’t think go back in re size and shape with your own video editor, but that’s an extra step.


You may not want to deal with this is meant to create a faster efficiency of converting year written content into a video visual content. And that is our tool or, in this case, tools for review. This week. Now for this week’s hospitality technique. Okay, so it’s an extension to our tools and review and is our technique of the week is the use of video content. We always try to make sure the tools and the techniques kind of wrap themselves together between the two. So you to play with something and then look at it.


And the seeds usability function, too. Now the use of video condoms with which we’ve already create the substance. Reason why, with the blow up of video usage on social media platforms on own websites were very visually driven society at this point and also a very time starved society. We don’t have the time to read a two page blogger or even a 500 word blog’s. Sometimes we don’t have the time to read, let alone the context of what we’re trying to talk about without the distractions of being like squirrel, and we go over and see something else I have.


That problem is you can tell. So the technique of using video contact is a quick visual ization of our messaging, and it has to be kept in the context of brevity and clarity. And when I say this, I picture of the platform, Instagram is being the best example of the use of video content to engage to go to the next step of understanding you, as I mentioned before earlier, are not going to be able to put the entire message and descriptions and details and question marks and answers to those question marks in a short video, especially 30 seconds it’s meant to entice.


It’s supposed to solicit action and is supposed to engage. That’s the three key elements of doing video content. It’s to help people understand that our visualize what it is, message wise that you’re trying to convey for them to want to create a follow up toe, follow into the content that you’ve created about the message you just shared in video and learn Maur for them to decide what they want to do with that. So the use of video content is very critical in the engagement process. It can be very helpful in the explanation process as well.


But then the brevity goes away. If you’re going to talk about the five things to do in a destination, and you just don’t want to do it as a bullet point or is a snappy one thing after another and 30 seconds and you have to explain the value proposition within the video now the context of your video creation has changed. At this point, it isn’t about putting it on instagram and having people watch it for a long period of time, which they don’t take time to do. This video content that we’re now talking about is on your website.


It resides as a mistake tutorial engagement, visually Seymour to this story than just the enticement of being interested into it. It’s kind of like taking the time to show all the things that get down or showing the recipe of ah, creation from your chef or hyper lapses in them in a walk from your hotel to the restaurant you’re talking about. These video creations now have a longer duration Maurin depth, and from there you also need to start creating things like transcripts for those that may want to read multi language transcripts for those that might come in that event.


English is in there first language that they’ve been brought in because of the organic value of the content. And they can learn from visualization, which you can’t always do from language. The ability to understand what it means to go to this particular restaurant in order in a different language or two. To know how to get the transportation system worked out. How to buy a ticket on a subway thes video tutorial, helpfulness. Things really go a long way. Plus, in our conversations with Google zero, and they voted to become factual and authoritative on things like the time it takes for me to get to the airport for here or from the airport to hear if there’s a visual way of helping produce that, like, go to this station, get your token here, get on this train here, this bus there, those air huge value assets for making the authority for those kind of things and helping in the guest discovery process of why your hotel, your destiny, your restaurant is what people are looking to do.


So that’s some of the usages of video content in turn using some of the things we discussed with three tools between them in five in video and multimedia five. So there you have it. Our technique this week, the use of video content. Now, this week’s hospitality news that you should know. Okay, so our news and show review Active group today we have a lot of fun. Of course we had the pleasure. Have Mr ever say knowledge from flip to Miss Lily Markham in for T c R M Service’s and think up Ms Kat Mohammed from Ah Hold the Director of Education, Robert Cole from Rock Cheetah and Mr Stuart Butler.


From now what is called fuel not fuel travel, but fuel. They’ve abbreviated himself. Next thing you know, they’re gonna be the artist with no name. Um, we had a lot of conversations. We were able to hit a lot of curating content that Mr Robert Cole provides weekly for us. If you would like to subscribe to Mr Cole’s List is curated list of 15 to 17 things broken down into some wonderful categories. Um, you can sign up with his newsletter, which was excuse to be exclusively to just the board members of hs, FBI at bit Lee B i t gotta y Ford slash rock Cheetah All lower case and I’m sure you’ll be able to figure out the spoon.


No, no, though. So a za quick recap. I’m taking the top story today as our top story because it was all about Google. Think with Google, especially, and plus some of the studies that they’ve done. So I’m gonna take that of the context of us having reviewed it with the show. We did have a good conversation about the true 80 a compliance value of being hospitality minded, that it’s just not a legal requirement. It’s just not a legal avoidance. It’s a really value proposition what it means to have the heart of the servant and to really apply yourself to becoming really good at communicating with special needs travelers in a way that helps them discover your product.


So I had a great conversation about it. Um, we talked, of course, of news of the week in the month, and unfortunately it’s tragic. Is the Corona virus effects on business? We talked about the severity and the Chinese market. Of course, we’re not in the Chinese market, but We know that that affects us. We’re global economy, and we know that. When Hilton says it closed, all 150 of its hotels in China and Windham did the same. And there’s organization Apple and everyone else is stopping productions and so forth.


And cities are literally being shut down in quarantine 24 hours a day. And these their cities the size larger than New York. You can imagine to the scale of that’s containment that they’re trying to do, people stuck on cruise ships and so forth. This is affecting globally, the economies, and we’re gonna see this effect, and this can depress and bring down the interest in travel the question mark of whether it would be worth traveling at this time. And no matter how good your product, no matter how good your price, if people aren’t willing to come because of the concerns associated with this, you are sitting without business.


So we had that conversation. We talked about why Airbnb is suddenly struggling to make money. Um, you know, of course, they’re coming to their I P o up soon and so forth. We also talked about how Airbnb is an example of oversaturation. The market is devoured London because they can’t seem to enforce their own regulations as to the duration capabilities and what Airbnb could be offered. So there’s the double edged sword to that we talked about brand brand execs say consumers decide brand tipping point. We kind of laughed at that because brand things that more brands are necessary when in fact they’ll probably will be more brands is that people don’t want more brands.


They want clarity of product s who had a great conversation of it. We had a conversation about Expedia. Expedia Stocks jump on strong Earnings and Cost cutting Plan We talked about how Barry is walking is stomping around talking about, uh, he says, experience chairman Barry Diller rips his bloated company as all life and no work. Ah, where it’s not so much he’s trying to downscale. Staffing is easy, is trying to rein in costs. And that, of course, was responded well by Wall Street that you put it.


But I think 11 to 12% on their stocks. However, there’s still $30 behind where they were before all of this unraveled, so there’s still work to be done um, we for our boop, which is for those who know our live show. That’s the positive aspect of our community. We don’t talk about bad. All the time would have. You would have a force. Travelguide unveils seven new five star hotels after global expansion Lily Markham and mentioned the two of her current clients and the four star growth category. Congratulations to them.


Um, we also talked a little bit about influencers. More specifically, how the FTC is about to crack down on influences big time. This is illegal, Paola and we had a great discussion about contractual relations with influencers and how good they can help you if you keep it into the context of verification, validation and detail rather than just accepting that somebody has X y Z followers. And they kind of sound like the people you want to have come to your hotel and you just give away whatever it is you have to give away for these influence to show up.


We talked about the real mechanics, the nuts and bolts of contractual relationships with influencers and how you define those. And how do you confirm that the influences air valid and platforms that we’ve discussed on this podcast before. Like a warrior, we can discover your own influencers and reach out to them directly and communicate about what you would like to do with him beyond just what they’ve done so far with their recognition of your product by randomness. So we had that great conversation. Of course, the show lasted for a little over two hours because we love taking the time to dive into these conversations in detail and solicit chat and conversations from those that listen to us globally, which is now over 10,000 people in over 20 countries.


So you’re more than welcome to join our love show at any time on that could be found at hospitality, digital marketing dot com forward slash live. So now top stories that I took out of our context of our live show but are highly relevant and they actually air to Robert kind of double up on these contents. That topic itself was travel insights, how people plan a trip from beginning to end, and this was think with Google, and this is a report that they came up with, and for all of those that know we do keep all of the show notes available on our podcast, you’ll be able to get them at hospitality.


Digital marketing dotcom four slash podcast Look for show number 236. There you’ll see the player for this podcast, obviously, which you’re listening to on your own player, but also the show notes and links from everything that we’re talking about today as well. There was some interesting takeaways from the top news feeds story with this one of them. We did talk in specific about that, I don’t mind referring back to Is that Onley? 7% of people really worry about price sensitivity in relationship to special discounts. Exactly what they’re saying is 7% of people surveyed booking booked a trip because they saw a special offer discount price for travel seven percent.


So here’s all this attention about offers and rates and everything were pushing out there all the time Rating, date, rating, date, rain, date, and yet statistically numerically Onley. 7% of people actually acted on the fact that oh my gosh, that’s such a great deal. I gotta do buy it. So many other people. Okay? Think about trips they regularly want to take that they want to travel to a destination at some point in time. It’s all about the content and context of where you are, what you are, where in your destination and what value you can provide it not from a rate but from an experience driven, letting people know the cool stuff, the events stuff, the things you can’t miss stuff working on, though.


Foam Oh, aspect of fear, of missing out, where you’re highlighting things like, If you haven’t seen this, you got to come and see it. That inspirational dialogue has a much more almost 23 times more impact value, then, Oh, he’s my right And here’s my date. Here’s my rate. Here’s my date. Some of the other things that I took note itself, which and this goes as a testament computer wasn’t able to join us today where, he says, as the ship was invented so to the shipwreck, it talks about the fact that 95% of people surveyed Cape trout visiting travel related sites after booking.


Now I see this in both positive and negative. One other number I like to throw into this. It says 74% of people surveyed re research a trip after completing a booking. On the good side of this is the fact that if they didn’t book with me and I was one of the places that they were looking to book with, then I have a chance of being would’ve moved them over to my side that maybe I can re inspire them to think that I might be a better choice.


The bad news is I have the same percentage of losing them to somebody else that might be discovered by them after booking with me. That they think is a better choice than me when it comes to stay with them. And interestingly to another step that they popped up is 26% of people surveyed say they didn’t make a booking online when they intended because the price was too high. So it’s not a price driven issue, inasmuch as it is, is it what I want? And that comes from content as we talked earlier about visual content as much as written content, it comes through what it is.


You’re resonating with that persona of demographics. If you’re a family destination and you’re trying to hide that too romantic adventure there, Quickly going to find out from pictures on your website of kids all around your pool might not be what they’re looking for. So you have to target what you’re looking toe have as those people with you. Clearly, don’t be what you’re not. Don’t presume what you are and not be inducted that, but you’re not. And don’t be saying you’re near what you’re not, either. And more authenticity is coming from Google from that as they begin to show Maury irrelevancy to things around what people are interested in using their platform for that now.


That brings us to also some other stats that they came upon the second article, which is today’s traveller, which is infinite paths. Uh, let me say this spectacle driving today’s travel infinite paths to purchase. Does the name of the article on this was with outside data from Google? And this must make Google grit their teeth because they want to be that single answer in here. They’re talking about all the variations of people go through to discover these things. So here’s some quick stats. The average is 30 online sessions for people to go over a book.


The averages 12 travel sites consulted the average is 33 travel searches. That’s on top of the hair up online sessions, and the search is within those sessions averages 33 on those. So just multiply that up and you see how many websites and locations and back and forth from 30 sessions. 33 travel sources procession. And it takes usually 19 days to complete a booking as some huge numbers of making people go through all these processes. Now we’ve already talked about how Price doesn’t really dr necessarily the motivator of this or the fact that they still continue to research even after they’ve done their bookings.


So you have this all this flow back and forth, and this isn’t really even begin to tell you about the influence of consumer sentiment, sites of social platforms, of researching with their friends and getting feedback from their friends as to what they’re doing, what they’ve been had they done the same thing. Did they go to the same place? What were their, You know, their suggestions so forth and so on. And we know Facebook has a great community about that, and they offer that as part of their travel programme of This is what your friends were dead when they went to this city as well.


So we know that this is really, really good our corner when you’re diving into numbers with this. But they talked about between hotels that price driven. If it’s needs driven, meaning that you can satisfy their needs and it’s not about rates and so forth, you actually get a lift of 15% and rape capability. If it’s price driven, you actually have to discount yourself 20% to drive them to you. So the more you can talk about what you could provide his value and experience and things, that demographic they would be interested in in their personas, the more likely they’re going to spend what it takes to be with you upwards of 15% compared to having to offer the discounts to solicit their interest in you, because you just don’t quite fit the same.


They also had a kind of ah and was pointed out by Lily a bit of ah, Mark Mark Maslow’s hierarchy, a pyramid function and we talked about it basically has four elements at the base and it for anyway. From with nice clothes, you have to fulfill the first level before you go to the second level. Um, in this case, functional elements. And they did a very good job of highlight them. And I made the comment in the live Show that I find myself often struggling, trying to even get out of this first level, because there’s always something that breaks something that doesn’t quite work.


That it was intended to work one way but doesn’t so lowers the expectations into what is then called the emotional elements. Which is they’re valuable of nostalgia, relationship of self reward, emotionally driven elements to those things. And then, of course, annulment about that that I have never really even gotten to is life changing elements when it comes to provides hope, self actualization, motivation, it becomes an heirloom. It’s in affiliation of belonging. These air brand, you know, Nike, Coke, these those that’s that kind of level to that.


And then the one that’s even above it. Of course, they call it self transcendence. And what is value is it to society? You know, you’re saving the world by using this product kind of thing, So you see what’s so easy get taught in the base level of functional elements and very rarely make it even into the emotional elements. And very few brands have ever taken past that point of getting into the life changing, let alone the social impact on one. So two great articles again, the links to both of those will be in the the podcast Show notes, obviously, but that’s our top stories for today.


So remember you can find us on Google Play Apple iTunes I Heart radio Soundcloud stitchers, Spotify. What’s ironic is ironic but interesting. There’s I’m finding through my statistics with all the pockets were on 36 different podcast platforms. So whatever your favorite is, by all means, continue to use it and please leave us a review. Hopefully a good one, so the others discovered on the platforms that you discover us on as well. But when I find interesting is that I am finding, on average that the second largest user, I’m a little over 3000 followers at this point.


The second most used platform for playing my podcasts are the Alexis skill where you get to say, Hey, Alexa, play hospitality marketing Pocket are open, house bound market broadcast and play the latest edition as to also Google assistant. So more people are actually just using their Alexa or the Google assistant to play the podcast, which I find very interesting. But then again, after that thing, there’s iTunes and Google play, and I heart radio. Think of the ones that come the strongest after that. So whatever the platform you discovers, if this is the first time that you’ve ever found us, please subscribe to us on the platform of your choice and leave us a comment, if you would.


If you have any feedback for me suggestions of topics or would like to actually join the show an interview, you feel like you have something to contribute. You can reach me at Lauren at hospitality digital marketing dot com. Drop the note. Answer all meals males associated with the show. If you would like to playback from the website and also get the show links and notes from there as well, you can go to hospitality, digital marketing, dotcom four slash podcast and as a reminder, Don’t forget our live video talk show that we’ve been doing for six years now every week over 10,020 countries, and you can join that every Friday at 11 30 Eastern.


And that’s called this week in hospitality marking the Live Show. And if you like to register for next week, you can go to bed. Lee batted out L Y four slash h d m show 237 will be for next Friday. Or you can simply go to hospitality, digital marketing dot com, Ford slash live, register for the show and or also playback any of the previous 236 episodes. As always, thank you for the privilege of your time and we look forward to talking to you next week.

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