Hospitality Marketing Podcast Show 253 June 12th 2020

Hospitality Marketing Podcast Show 253 June 12th 2020

Hospitality Marketing Podcast 253

Hello everyone and welcome to Hospitality Marketing the podcast, I am your host Loren Gray and this is episode #253 where each week we spend around 20 to 30 minutes sharing the most interesting tools, news, and techniques being used in marketing for the hospitality industry. We also do a quick recap of our weekly Live Video show “This Week in Hospitality Marketing” which also airs every Friday at 11:30 am Eastern US Time.. SO let’s get started;
0:01 — Our tools for review this week are; Facebook Business manager Offline tracking
00:08— Our Technique this week is; “How can you get better ‘offline’ tracking?”
00:13 — News and Show Review
Andrew Gostine — wbcoordinator-
Lily Mockerman
Edward StOnge
Dean Schmit
Tristan Heaword
Ben Hanley
Tim Peter
Adele Gustmine
Valyn Perini
Stuart Butler
Show Notes
00:01 — Introduction to Andrew and what his product is.
01:18 — The demise of Room Key
Why marketing will never be the same after Covid-19
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Hospitality Marketing Show 253 Transcripts (English U.S.)

Announcer — Welcome to this week in Hospitality Marketing. The podcast show number 253 with your host, Loren Gray.


Hello, everyone, and welcome to hospitality marketing the podcast. I’m your host, Loren Greg, and this is episode number 253. So each week we spent around 20 to 30 minutes sharing the most interesting tools, news and techniques being used in marketing for the hospitality industry. We also do a quick recap of our weekly live video show this week in Hospitality Marketing, which also airs every Friday at 11:30 a.m. Eastern U. S time. So with that, let’s get started.


Announcer — And now today’s new resource tool.


So we start with our tools for this week and a true form. We have tools as in multiplicity is there of one is for free, which is one that were slightly familiar with which we’ll talk about and the other one is not free. But it’s actually available in APP Sumo, which is, as you all know, for who this new for the podcast quite regularly is one my favorite places to spend a tremendous amount of money. So our two tools, one for the 1st 1 is Facebook’s dot coms.


Business Help off line tracking. Now why am I getting into Facebook Offline? Event Tracking It is a very underutilized resource of Facebook. And given our current circumstances, where there is a tremendous amount of direct communication that is being requested for hotels, restaurants are hospitality facilities to allow forecasts to better feel more to feel more comfortable about what their expectations are upon arriving, what we’re doing about safety for both our team members and for also our guests. Details that are a little hard, especially when, for instance, brand hotels who are locked down basically from being able to augment their content on their websites, which is disappointing it, at the very least, to even having independent hotels who may not be because of restrictions in finances and so forth and had let go internal teams or had to slow down the relationship with third parties that did this.


For them unable to really keep the relevancy or current about content on their websites completely up to date, in such a way with videos and what have you, as we’ve discussed in other podcasts as to what they’re doing to help their guests arrive, what to expect on the changes in policies, procedures and protocols. So with that, direct communication is very vital. Well, as we begin to go into the pre opening, reopening or continuation phase of our businesses going forward, communication of the inability to track what communications being effective, what communication is not being effective, and also what marketing is being effective both on and offline is turning into a much more critical answer to be given.


It’s one thing to say this is our ads online. This is Thea ad traffic that brought to our website. This is the analytics that track that traffic on our website. This is where they went. This is where they acquired a purchase. Our paradigm has shifted as to what we need to track. It’s just not the revenue associated with our advertising campaigns per se, as it is the effectiveness of our communication, the means in which we’re sharing content and how well that content is being understood, received and reacted to into the purchased acquisition decision process.


That’s a long sentence, but the idea of it is this. If somebody’s calling your hotel, you’d like to know where they’re calling from, And why and how they found you to do such a thing. Was it because of an online ad campaign? Was it because of a magazine campaign? Not that you’re actually spending money on magazines at this particular moment, but the examples there, the idea is, Where for what did they find you and how for what did they reach out to you for? And to that end, Facebook offers and on law on offline tracking conversion capability a means that when you set up your dialogue on Facebook ad campaigns, you have the ability toe also mitigate the offline track ability of this.


The information is provided them for contact that allows them when they reach out to you. To know that that was because of what you did on Facebook, not simply because they found you going back to an old analogy in the phone book, but rather that they found you through that process of discovery that you enacted on Facebook through a well structured marketing and content sharing campaign. And that is a real value proposition toe have from Facebook. So that is two number one tool number two is on that same vein and that is phone wagon now.


Phone wagon. F o pH Ph o E N E w a g o n dot com Phone wagon dot com is a platform that I just acquired and began building on on a map sumo, and that is the means to do off to track markings Ben via phone calls. Now, as anybody that has been in this business for a while knows, phone tracking is nothing new. However, it is becoming more and more affordable now for a while there. Google was very generous in creating dynamic phone numbers for your ads so that you could tell if you put a phone number in one of Google’s dynamic phone numbers that he could track what the ad was and whether they used the phone number and they would give you a conversion for and so forth.


Well, obviously they got very large, very expensive for Google, and it’s still there. But it’s still for large and expensive now. No longer is it free. No longer is it given is not a complete option for most accounts. You have to have very strong relationships with Google, and then even then you have to pay monies for lots of things, so other services like phone Wagar are beginning to fill in those gaps. Now there’s always been phone tracking. Software is out there, and they usually have been quite expensive.


They’re not you. Something that you do all the time, every time, so forth was your large enough entity organization. Standalone hotels, Onda course branded hotels never would even consider getting into the space simply because it’s just a very expensive proposition to set up and configure. And you usually did it with specific campaigns in mind initiative campaigns, large introductory campaigns, opening campaigns, things that warranted that additional expense to track those kind of phone calls and their conversion values well, Phone wagon has solved a lot of that by allowing them to build into this system the capabilities of having multiple numbers dynamic or static.


You can actually, from a business perspective, created into allowing it to go through a funnel process of what’s called a flow, which means that you cannot ask for different apartments and what have you can mitigate, who answers what phones for where. There’s a lot more robust features than just marketing Track it, attract marketing, spend it does a lot more with winning and converting customers by putting them through an engagement funnel process. Of whom do they speak with him? For what? It’s great for customer services support. It does a lot of things, but the key element to this is it is relatively affordable in my very four compared to the old traditional services that were available beforehand, relatively affordable in comparison to it’s cost for tracking if you buy it on that sumo, compared to buying it directly through them at this particular point, very straightforward about how to set things up, how to select your numbers, how to convert them.


But the core of this is that allows you to track marketing dollars, which, of course, brings us to the most important aspect of why we brought all this up. And that is our technique of week, which is


Announcer — now for this week’s hospitality technique.


How can you get better off line tracking? I got so caught up in talking about tools, I almost took away all the thunder from this come part of the conversation and threw it into discussing the tools. But the reason I brought it both of these tools face lies.


Facebook’s offline tracking and phone wagon is because again, the need for direct communication with our hotels, restaurants, hospitality facilities is very high right now, even though they can discover SVR websites are marketing for that. We’re for those smart enough to be rough back into the space again for the brand relationship. Ecstatic is, that is, whatever it is, there’s still insufficient information. People have to feel comfortable that level of safety, and we all have our different level of safety at this point before we exercise the decision for travel, and we don’t know what that trigger is.


What that seem odd is for them to decide that. And so a lot of times, regardless of how much information we provide in whatever medium we provided in and from our previous podcasts, you know, we’ve gone through thing from videos to lots of things. They still want that direct communication. So if you’re putting an ad out there that is presenting whatever content you have about this, it’s not room and rate. We had this market strategy in podcast before these past few weeks, but rather communication of service intent, scale, abilities, protocols, what have you and they still want toe.


Understand certain nuances. Details. Protocols providing them a phone number via that ad will help you determine the success of your targeting of those ads. If I, for instance on Facebook, produced an ad that was demographically targeted geographically isolated and specific to time of day and again psychographic Lee by persona who and what it is that I’m trying to target and it shows up in their Facebook feed and the information that I provided contextually was of relevance to that person, hopefully and they’re given the means to reach out to me.


But they call that offline. Tracking is invaluable to me to know that that is resonating without all those filters that I created to know that I should add to that the opportunity for others just like the person that acted on it. To know that this is this is something that is good. This is a good filtered campaign going to the right people with the right message so that offline tracking is very valuable in that circumstance. If I’m doing a lot of Google paid and I’m doing a lot of other advertisement placements and I could put a phone number on those to call and use with, I can not only track and listen to, which is fun because of customer service quality.


You can always do them, but also find out what it is that brought them there, because the ad has different variations, different values, different offers. Also all the filters, just like with Facebook geography, demography as to what their they were relevant to in that ad type. And so, by using that phone number, I can assess the value proposition of the conversion value of that. And, yes, I connects with this into the version on the phone if it actually happened, and to also, I can tell whether or not based on engagement, whether that is a valuable filter to use as well.


So all this offline tracking augments all the other tracking that we’re doing for all the other things that we’re doing now. Here’s another benefit to this process. It doesn’t matter whether you’re branded or unbranded, having this ability to create offline tracking via phone calls or direct messaging and SMS messaging. We’ll be talking about bought soon enough about that assed SMS messaging every and recall to the the the idea of being able to better understand the residence of the content. Residents being how it vibrates, resounds within the person receiving it.


How well it’s received, um, the messaging, the content that you’re putting out there because our marketing methodology has shifted in these past few weeks. It isn’t about rates and dates. It isn’t about opportunities of sales and isn’t about us. It’s no longer about us. It’s about our message. How well can we convey what people need to understand, to make a decision about what it is that they would travel for two or from deal with us? And because of that understanding which channel and what means of communication and utilizing all the direct channel communications capabilities that are out there and measuring those successes with same filtering capabilities as our online marketing strategies and those tracking capabilities is a very strong element, adding to your overall strategy success, knowing that the dollars air tight, the market is very granular, very specific, very timely and ever changing.


We’re no longer farmers were hunters. At this point, we’re looking persistently for the ever changing landscape. The ever difference the differences between what people did do are doing it might be doing and knowing and having plans for each of those things as they progress through the time cycle. So our technique this week was, How can you get better in offline tracking, using tools like phone wagon and Facebook offline tracking? And that’s our technique of a week.

Announcer — Now, this week’s hospitality news that you should know.


Okay, news and show review.


We had a guest host that was out of the ordinary force. Normally, we have our hospitality co hosts and we have our hospitality professional co hosts and we have co host that are related to providing services for hospitality. But this time we had a doctor, Dr Andrew Gostin, also in N B A. Ah, he is a physician entrepreneur, and at first I was when my friends first brought them to me to see if he will be on the show. I was like, Well, we are a hospitality marketing live show.


So it turns out that Dr Gastein has been and has been successfully developing over the past couple of years. Ah, noninvasive temperature sensitive camera that could be placed in wherever we want to. That does not keep personal information or identities does not fade to the facial victims. There’s a lot of things that make privacy concern. People not worry as much. UM, that can be potential You would like to bring it to the hospitality industry has been in Met hospitals. He’s put them in several hospitals, hundreds of cameras and so forth, though not necessarily cheap.


But given the circumstance of its benefit, you’ll see why that might be very affordable for a lot of hotels. And we get to that in just a moment. But what it does is people will simply walked by the camera, and it will read their temperature and put a color on them. And the monitor. The person is monitoring this if there’s not. Actually somebody is watching this, but can be alerted that somebody walked into a certain desert who speaks the cameras at and had an elevated temperature. See, he give us some amazing medical statistics.


Plus, it was an amazing conversation. Is the wife first are developing this and the scariness of what cameras can now do and in the future may do remotely, um, actually show that real quick. He he gave a story that there’s ah. Unfortunately, a lot of people come to emergency rooms and they set the waiting for a very long period of time. And during that time, they might be in distress and they don’t know it might. Fact, there are people that passed away while waiting for health care.


In emergency, we’re waiting rooms. And if a camera was when this was his one of his visual concepts could look and see elevated heart rates, palpitations, skin galvan ization, oxygen deprivation, uh, heart rate and body temperatures and all these things which cameras can do currently now than they. No, wait a minute. The guy girl, whoever is sitting in Seat 13 needs help. Now we need to bring them back now because they’re in distress. And that was the original creation of this project. And then, of course, with covert coming along had the application of going, Hey, if we can monitor temperatures than we can know because, as he pointed out, interestingly, in the high 80 percentile, it is a lead indicator of 12 to 14 hours later that people will have some sort of infection.


Be cove it flu or what have you symptoms because of the elevated temperature. So it’s a high. That’s always where they were. You know, the temperature center. Big deals like if it’s not the only symptom, where we doing temperatures of everybody? Well, it turns out that’s a very strong indicator. Something has a high elevated temperature that within a very short period of time, less than 24 hours they’re going to be symptomatic as to something so these cameras can help with mitigating people coming into your property, as he has with hospitals and offices.


He thinks house hotels could do the same thing where they say, I’m sorry. Wait, my woman Certainly. It seems that you have a bit of a elevated temperature. You can. We are not for medical facility to you can. We got attacked from medical services wherever it is. Politics have to come through this. You have to go over and found that his laws and regulations come through this. But think of the solution process to this, where a large big box hotel in downtown suburbia who is desperate for conference business that doesn’t exist anymore won’t exist for quite a while. Potentially.


Um, now you can say maybe if we put these into our confidence systems, you can actually have a safer conference experience knowing that no one is allowed into your conference area. That doesn’t go past this type of screening. In addition, all the other sanitation requirements in CVD, CBC guidelines and everything else but allows them to have a one more level of safety to say. No one’s going to come into this conference that has any symptomatic Bakheet temperature considerations that would put it risk Everyone else’s in attendance.


Maybe then you could begin to have some sort of meetings, use abilities and spaces inside, knowing that this will be a part of the conference process, which we thought would be a wonderful help in getting people to come back and go to some sort of meetings and gatherings and conferences of self sustainable sizes. Eso is a fascinating conversation. He was on the show for a little over. Oh, I think about 35 40 minutes. And then we went off on tangents of what ifs and how bouts and who could Be With Me was Miss Lily Markham in from T CRM and also think of enterprises were ST Onge with Flip to Dean Schmidt Who is entrepreneurially going on right now.


Tristan Hayward Been hanging Handley, both from three and six agency Over in England. Tim Peter with Computer Associates. Adug Gussman with library collection. Valley Parini with Nor one and Store but with a Fuel travels. We had a bevy of host with us had lots of fun dialogue on the witness and how bouts about this was a fascinating conversation. Trillion. Interesting goes that we had and interesting content that I definitely recommend. You go to our show notes, get the link jump over, leased to watch the 1st 30 to 40 minutes to see all these stories about what this came from and what it does and how it’s capable of doing these things.


Fascinating stuff, Of course. We had a lot of great topics other than that one that we wandered into, Of course, the demise of room key. Finally, I mean, it was then then walking for quite a while is amazing. You’ve been lasted that long. But there was also a tremendous amount of information of Robert Cole with Rock Cheetah who provides our content listing, which you can subscribe to on your own four free, amazingly excellent curated list Go to bit Li bi i t dot l Y ford slash rock Cheetah.


Ah, lower case. Sign up. You get it When we get, which is usually late. There’s the evenings or early Friday mornings. He doesn’t hot off the press for our show on really great content to what he’s been doing. A tremendous amount stuff with Focus Wire, JD Powers and on and on and on about doing these predictive model ings for the impact of covert 19 on certain markets. Things most recent one was Key West. Fascinating reads on that stuff as well. He refers to that quite frequently in his newsletter of Great Interesting Read So but that brings us to the one news piece that would like to bring up about this.


Now we’re Cove in 19 to Death with this on, and no disrespect for the tragedies that it’s created for this we were all into the mindset, trying to see what we could do about pre opening, reopening and going to business for economic survivability. With that and being in the marketing show that we are, there was an interesting article from the the national Business economy, which is um, talking about why marketing will never be the same. It’s in business. The national. It’s called the National Sorry, Easiest way to say It’s magazine, the National.


And the article was about the main component elements of why Markley will never be the same after Kovar. 19. Now give me something dramatic, headlining and tactically is. But it is fundamental about two things, and we mentioned it a little bit earlier in The podcast is, Well, one is a content is the future. It isn’t about us, it’s not about our glorious beautiful rooms are wonderful pools and lusciously large lobbies and all the other fun things that we like to oversize bed and double stuff pillows. And it’s not about us anymore.


It’s about everybody else on that content goes to. Maybe instead of talking about us in the sense of rates and dates, quality of this quality of that as it is, make sure that you take care of yourself when you come in. Ask us about our lunch packages are lunch boxes that you can pick up and we used a buffet. Now we have it is a box service. It starts at 7 a.m. if you would like to have have dietary needs that are different, reach out to us that we can have that pre built for you so that you can come down and pick up your breakfast, your lunch, whatever it’s about.


Communicating the content that the guest needs better and joy and travel safely, well informed and knowing and letting them know what they need to potentially no to do that, whether it’s places that have high density people and that if the people are uncomfortable that that they’re aware of making that choice over there put themselves into that environment. But the metro systems look like work, like feel like what you should do to get there, how to be there. What do you use? We there? What’s touch free? What’s not touch free.


What do you menus do you have? Do you have to touch them and use? Can we just be put onto a phone that Q are scanned? Can I do pre pay these airwave touchless pay? Is there way off? Just having it delivered? Picked up. How would how does delivery service work? How does a pick up service work? These air questions is content that isn’t about how beautiful our pizza is. It steams on the video as you take a slice and pulling away Gruccis away. This is about understanding the things people understand need to understand, to make the choices they need to make to do the things that they want to do.


So it’s is content where we said content was king. It’s true, and it’s about then the guest. It’s our quarter hospitality, communicating with our guests what they need, Understand said that their experience is both safe, stress free and enjoy before them, as best is that can be given whatever circumstances were riding through at that particular time. So that article, along with all other articles, content links, of the tools that I was referring to, everything that you need are all available in the podcast. Let’s remember, you can find us on Google play Apple iTunes I Heart radio Soundcloud stitchers, Spotify, Pandora tuned in the list goes on and on to 38 different platforms or even on Amazon.


Alexa Google, assistant in Serie. Just ask to play the hospitality marketing podcast on any of those platforms, and it’ll play the latest addition that’s being that one, no matter which one you may use. If you’d like to show. Please, please, please rate us and leave a comment that allows others to find this content if we find it to be valuable and they get to share it as well. Also, this is your first time hearing us. Please subscribe Teoh to the show on whatever platform you discovered us on and with all 30 of those what they may be and for archive of all of the previous code cast, including this when you go to hospitality, digital marketing dot com ford slash podcasts that is within S. And don’t forget our live video talk show that we refer to that.


You can join and participate in live also every Friday at 11:30 a.m. Eastern time called This weekend Hospitality Marketing the live show. We’ll find it on Facebook. YouTube Twitter linked in its on all the platforms all around the world. A little over 25,000 people a week in 32 different company countries. Join us. It’s a ask really awesome showed it, but just paid to be a part of. We hope you join us simply goto hospitality digital marketing dot com forward slash live There you’ll see all the links to all of the episodes, all to earn 53 counting.


And again, thank you for the privilege of your time, and we look forward to talking to you next week. You have been listening to this week in Hospitality Marketing the Podcast show 253 brought to you by Hospitality Digital Marketing in support of the HSMAI, the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association. International rights reserved Copyright 2020.

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