Hospitality Marketing Podcast Show 245 April 17th 2020

Hospitality Marketing Podcast Show 245 April 17th 2020

Hospitality Marketing Podcast 245


Hello everyone and welcome to Hospitality Marketing the podcast, I am your host Loren Gray and this is episode #245 where each week we spend around 20 to 30 minutes sharing the most interesting tools, news, and techniques being used in marketing for the hospitality industry. We also do a quick recap of our weekly Live Video show “This Week in Hospitality Marketing” which also airs every Friday at 11:30 am Eastern US Time.. SO let’s get started;
0:01 — Our tools for review this week are;
00:09— Our Technique this week is; “Creating interactive videos that are personalized”
00:13 — News and Show Review
Griffin Sandberg — Screen Pilot
Stephanie Smith
Dean Schmit
Tim Peter
Edward StOnge
Lily Mockerman
Stuart Butler
Show Notes
00:01 — Introduction to Griffin about ScreenPilot
01:19 — Revenue strategists essential during, after pandemic
01:40 — Airbnb Raises Another $1B, One Week After Last Round
Expect Hotels to Mimic the Airline Merger Playbook After the Last Recession
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Hospitality Marketing Podcast 245 Transcripts (English U.S.)

Announcer — Welcome to this week in Hospitality Marketing. The podcast show number 245 with your host, Loren Gray. Hello, everyone, and welcome to hospitality marketing podcast. I’m your host, Loren Grey. And this this episode number 245. So each week we spent around 20 to 30 minutes sharing the most interesting tools, news and techniques being used in marketing for the hospitality industry. We also do a quick recap of our weekly live video show this week in Hospitality Marketing, which also airs every Friday at 11:30 a.m. Eastern US time so that let’s get started and now today’s new resource still, So we start the show always with our tool for review this week.


Actually, we’ve been multiplying that a little bit in having more of a tools of for review this week, which are always tied them to our technique of the week. Given our extraordinary circumstances that were living through at this particular time, this is an excellent chance to go over and dog deep into some tools that usually either a lot of time and or you have to find very skilled third parties to facilitate this for you, and they’re also usually quite expensive. But if you have time on your hands like we do now, this is potentially a chance to rediscover a new skill or discovered new skill, I should say, or find a reason to find new ways to continue the idea how you’re going to put your your product in yourself back into market when the market begins to show a glimmer of opportunity.


To that end, our tools for this week are two interactive tools to create video now not to create video, as in the sense of their video editing tools. They are that as well. But Maura, about their usability of functionality of video as we know they’re the basic platforms you usually put most videos on our, like YouTube video or ustream on. Some of those are more expensive than others. Obviously, YouTube is free, and they have some limited functionality. Is there are some plugging overlays for YouTube that allows you to put in pre roll tags, cards, post role things like that into your videos but is very limiting as to what it allows you to do, especially from a customization personalization point of view.


You have to still work through the YouTube profile. And of course, you have to go through their permissions process as well for it to function correctly. Now, if you want to step out of that room, you can pay for. Service is like video. Although they have a free service or use dream, they have a free service for it as well, but very limited again. Also in what they allow you to do and also their storage capacities. You can get your own storage capacity to run your own video.


Such a split polito P U P U B L I io, which we have reviewed on the podcast before. But I’d like to talk about these two tools in the sense of creating a functionality with video. And then you can still take these videos and place them on your website as embedded and or also on. YouTube is usable and they keep their functionality. These two aspects are these two functions when it’s called Inter Actor, which is I N T E R a, C T R, and the other is video remix and then explain both of these as to their functionality.


Inter actor app allows you to create what’s called hot spots Functionalities of flow. So say, for instance, you have a video and exactly the sample amusing of four for a hotel that I’m working with. We have it as a pre arrival video for that month of their arrival, and the video starts to play. We’re looking forward to you arriving so forth and so on. Are you arriving the first week? Secondly, third week or fourth week of March? There’s four little icons that pop up, and you indicate this.


Now I’m getting better and knowing whether I could just send it to the people based on their crn data on the week that they’re arriving. So I take this step out because I think it’s an unnecessary early step, but I’m learning the tool of its dynamics as well at the same time. But what this then allows you to do is it creates a hot spot that then, by what they click, goes to the corresponding video that you have for that Now, obviously, you have to have these videos made to connect to them to each other, to think of it as a workflow or pipeline or funnel whatever term works best for you.


So as they go through the discovery process, so the next question be a great well, these are some great things to look forward to all the week of your arrival. Blah, blah, blah is. Are you here for business, pleasure, family or other events? And it depending upon what they clicked. There’s a corresponding video associative with what they clicked on. Oh, you’re arriving with your family? Well, there are three great things that your family should not miss. If your Children are old enough, then you can go see blah, blah, blah.


If they’re young enough, you can go see blah, blah, blah. You make these videos knowing where they’re going to be used in this string of dialogue. You also can go over and create what’s called Gateway functions with this, where they have to give them, give you their email for them, for you to see the next video section of you water cell. From a promotional point of view, you can create other hot links to goto websites and so forth on the video. Normally, this is either a tedious process or that you have to be very skilled at using the advanced video editing products that create these hot spots or navigation capabilities that then create triggers that start other things.


If this platform actually provides you, the interface is the templates, the functionalities that you know they give you. The temple should be replaced with urine. I conjure an image is your own hot spots and so forth. And you can also created from a learning perspective. If you’re wanting to teach people things as a video progression tool that once they teaching what they say, I want to learn about this. Then they go to Chapter one. That video plays then from chapter, when it goes to chapter to that video plays.


So it allows you to create navigation capability within the video so that you can bring them through this funnel or this workflow of engagement. We know that we’re in a very visual world now that just writing text or having paragraphs of things or even having images for that matter tend to be sometimes lesser than having the video component of engagement. So the other tool that I want to talk about that is associate with how I’m trying to tie these two together is a platform we’ve mentioned briefly before, and this goes back a few months.


But I like to bring it back to life again, and that is video remix. Video remix is a platform that allows you to customize with dynamic fields what you want to put in there now. This requires a little bit of finesse, of knowing how to pull that data from the data that you’re using some of the functionality tools that the platform already has the capability putting into your Facebook news feed so that if somebody clicks on this video to play, it will identify their Facebook profile name and actually put it in the video saying, Hey, Lauren, look at this.


Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. You could be more robust with it from an email. Send that as you send email, it’ll pull the name from the email send that you’re sending it from, so that as I received an e mail say here, there’s a personal video for you and you click it and it’ll say, Hey, Lauren, about that added, it will actually use my name. It could actually use my arrival dates of that, so I want to be robust with it could actually use the look geographic location that the video is being played in because they can identify the location once it’s opened up.


That’s where it’s being played from. So you imagine the fun, robust combination of If I sent you a video for your pre arrival and it opened up saying your name showing your name. I should say, looking forward to your arrival, thinking that you’re going to leave the X y Z city that you’re in and hope you have a safe travels and so forth. And what do you traveling with us four and then navigating them by their selections and choices. That it would be a much more engaging process of discovery, which is my hope, is that most people enjoy Maur the process of the planning of the trip that sometimes the trip themselves.


Actually, most people do so I’m hoping that that will impact the durability of the interest of people, wanted to continue their plans and coming to stay with us, because, as we said in this interesting time of, we have to plan for the future of people traveling. So right now there’s a lot of pent up interest in inquiry and opportunity and what have you could search for? Travel is still exceptionally high. We know the conversions low, but the interest in travel is exceptionally high and growing. And because of that, we can feed that appetite by creating this kind of very interactive video way of saying, Hey, look, you know, I know we were not gonna book you next week, but perhaps in August, perhaps the September, perhaps in October.


It depends on the originality of what we’re facing as to what travel opportunities exist during those different times s. So for that reason, this gives you an interesting video engagement for that. So those are the tools now, the techniques of all this, the technique and what our next category is now for this week’s hospitality technique. Okay, so our technique this week is creating interactive videos that are personalized. Kind of went through it already dead by describing the tools. So it’s kind of gonna be this to be the shortest section of today’s conversation in the podcast, cause I kind of just want ramble from one aspect of tools right into its usability function of it.


But the idea of creating interactive videos. I think it’s gonna be a growing aspect of our engagement with our guests. Our future guests are potential guests. I also to with our training also to with our engagement with past guests. I think from a video perspective, our visual perspective we’re going to need to have this type of content in our repertoire of libraries to be used to engage with past present future guests, especially future guests, as they need to explore and discover all the fastest. We want them to know about our product and the proximity of what’s their product and the things that make us unique about our product in our markets.


No one wants to read a 20 page website. Nobody wants just look a static pictures with rambling content underneath of it that is optimized for people to discover because of search abilities, not because it necessarily you I interfaces for this on. That’s gonna create a higher state stickiness of authenticity that Google is only gonna reward you for because people gonna be engaged with videos who has been time on that page to watch that video and if you make it interactive. Whereas we mentioned with the tools. You can select what you want to know about next, within the funnel of the discovery of the video that keeps them from running off to YouTube and getting distracted with the squirrel, because that’s what I do all the time.


And if anybody ever doubts that, I think about the last time you went to go look for something in an office and you’re looking at a cat piano playing music because that’s what happens. YouTube is a very underutilized search tool at this point in the sense of discovery for us on the selling side. It is a highly used tool from the user side, and it is a very affordable tool right now, so you can really get us very strong voice on the platform by creating these interactive videos.


This engagement content that people will spend time looking while they have the time to spend it on, and because it it’s interactive, your guiding them down a process of discovery. You can create a story line, you create the next chapter, you can create the next aspect of what they need to know, and you can customize it. The nice part is there was a lot of tools we’ve talked in previous podcast only, but 32 weeks ago. We’re talking about video creation tools that you can actually use that you can connect your block to or other blog’s to that will actually generate videos from the vlog.


They’ll find images that match the context on the content of being discovered. If their image is already being used, that could be used those as well, and they can actually create short videos. I’m using that in combination with the tools I just mentioned with the Inter Actor Act and the video remix App, so I don’t have to keep re creating the wheel. I can literally go find blog’s about great things in that market, and it’ll generate video and find images for that market if they’re not already being used and that create that video.


But then I came then, using my interactive video for know that I’ve created so makes it very engaging. I hope I know from what I’ve messed with so far that it has had a great engagement. I don’t think I’m near to the capacity of what it’s capable of doing it, but I think it’s gonna have a very interesting impact on our future discovery bility within our market and the value of the voice that it creates for a market. So in brief, that is our technique of this week creating interactive videos that are personalized with the two tools that we described today of inter actor app, which is I N T e r a C T A R R r, a p p dot com and video remix that io now this week’s hospitality news that you should know.


Okay, so news and review we had a wonderful great co host this week. We’ve had all week, several weeks in a row. We’ve been having some great people coming through as his guest co host for us. We’ve had guest co host, I think, every week now for well over a month and 1/2 or so every week where we used to having peppered in between. But given the circumstances on the audience that we have over 25,000 people, plus on the show each week for the show, each week we’ve been getting some great co host in this week was no exception with Griffin Sandberg, who is with screen Pilot who is a digital marketing consultancy for hospitality.


Hey, is, I think, a partnership engagement, acquisitions, but great, great guy, very, very knowledgeable. And one of the true wonders that in the market that are doing similar to what some of our the cohosts organizations are doing, which is literally trying to see what they can do to help our industry overall without thinking out. Oh, well, we’ve got to get paid to do this kind thing just like how can we help right now while we’re going through this so that when we get back to some level of business acumen that we can go back to the business models?


So Griffin joined us, along with Stephanie Smith recalled, Will Marketing, along with Dean Schmidt with Derby Soft Alone with Tim Peter from Computer Associates, along with Edward ST Onge from Flip Too Miss Liu, Li Mok, Roman from T. C. R M. And Thinks Up Enterprise and Mr Stubb look with fuel travel. All of them were wonderful, co host for the for the discussion, which was, as always, usually right around two hours for us, we get to dive into lots of fun, little deep rabbit holes and so forth and discuss variations on things and so forth.


Um, some of the things we did talk about what? We’ve spent a tremendous amount of time, a little over an hour, just really with Griffin, leading the conversation is to what they do, how they do what they see of the world, what they’re doing to help some tools and techniques, functionalities of all. They’re looking at things. The resource is that they’re trying to provide to the market. We started showing an aggregation of other parts of what other of the cohosts businesses were also trying to contribute to that we’re seeing lots of similarities.


And we showed a lot of lynxes to resource is for things, for people to begin more familiar with some of the nuances of how most of us and other professionals in the industry are seeing the changes that are happening. That was a good portion of our show that we started having to some of the topics that Mr Robert Cole, who did not get the opportunity to join us because the man is as busy as a long tiled cat, enough room full of rockers because he is a data man.


And right now the world needs more data people. So he’s been very much in gin twined with developing data and algorithms and forecasting models with some very large, well known organizations to better predict some of the modalities of what we’re to expect in the near future or, in this case, a little bit of the far future. 90 days plus, So he’s been busy, but he was kind enough to still give us his well curated list of news articles and items of interest that he finds and puts together each week.


If you’d like to subscribe to that four free and it’s well worth it, because most places you can’t even get that level content. When you do pay on that, you could go to bit. Lee b i t dot l Y forward slash rock Cheetah Ah, lower case and you can sign up and get the newsletter as we get it, which is usually late on a Thursday because he waits till the last minute to get the last bit of detail from the last idea that’s available. So he did a pretty good job with it.


Some things we did hit, which we’re gonna hit also is one of our top news items. But one of the other ones was Airbnb raises another 1,000,000,001 week after last round, which is dauntingly surprising. Consider that they were supposed to be I po. This year we discussed that don’t really surprising because in most markets they’ve been shut down. So that’s not gonna help the Hypo structure, even if it’s even still considered for this year but still worthy to consider the fact that they are not removed out of the players environment to this by any stretch, because they have the funding to survive on day will continue to move forward.


What form fashion in Redesign Mint? Who’s to say? But that’s to say that for everything we discussed that about Theo ta is their future. What? They disagreed on that. Actually, there was some of us that felt one way versus the other. My personal opinion. I feel that the OT is gonna be crippled coming out of this. They’ve already mentioned recently that they’re going to delay their initial. They’re very large handed marketing efforts from 4 to 6 weeks after the recover begins to show signs of recovering, which in my mind since the fact that they only have one bullet in the gun.


So they better hit the bull’s eye with the first shoot because they don’t really have the depth of funding. That’s kind of goes in collaboration with other articles we talked about with Marriott looking issuing bonds. Unlike in previous calamities that we have had, they have no actual asset resource is to leverage to gether funding from theirs is purely a franchise model now their service industry Ah, and their their asset is revenue, and they’re not making any of it. So the consideration that they have to go fund bonds shows the fact that that is just one tool that they’ve had to now exercise compared to times past where they were made to take, you know, down on some asset properties and what have you so different world we’re gonna be crawling into in the not too hopefully distant future from all of this.


So the article that I did want to take about news today is revenue strategise well, expect hotels to mimic the airline merger playbook after the last recession, the idea of lights going on and us going back to a world that we knew is not going to probably happen from the perspective of our generalized conversation, nor from multiple webinars that I have had the privilege of participating in and being asked to join in and contribute to. There is going to be a progression of growth from that. Also, it is very painful to see that dealing with some companies they are not prepared for this.


Not that never won any earned. We would actually was, but how they handled what they’ve done their shortsightedness in terminating term of employees so quickly, sometimes to the detriment. 19 your to function correctly because they turned the wrong people too soon without a replacement or knowledge of what they even did before they were terminated. And they’re left with uncontrollable circumstances. I have those in firsthand experiences, which helps my business because I can come in to fix things. But that being said how fast they cut things to try to save their money, thinking this is gonna be a short term thing or whatever or have the cockiness and thinking that whoever they let go, we’ll just be sitting out idle in the market until that they were going to call them back.


This is a lot of a self evaluation time for some very excellent professionals to consider. How were they treated by the company? How quickly were they disposed of? How well were they treated in the compensation of how fast we had to step away from things? A lot of people that have never been unemployed and not finding themselves unemployed? Some companies have gone out of their way to go over and find loans and funding to continue paying staff and, at the very least, contributing to their medical or finding some means of support.


And those companies will be remembered and endeared and wanting for people to go back to them. Other companies that cut hacks dropped and said, Good luck. You know what, have you are gonna be less likely that those quality people back because they’re gonna remember how they were treated? Um, funny when you look at platforms like glass mirror and all this other stuff that a lot of places are like Well, we used to call the people company owned two days after the announces was happening, you know, they turned 200 people on our mute on on Zoom.


You know, that’s scary stuff. That’s the stuff that gets remembered. S 02 is the stuff that you were being treated nicely and cos they’re trying to go rinse and continue to pay from people’s medical bills or their medical. Their insurance coverage is or what have you. Those are the people. They’re gonna be endeared when you come back to so watching all this through this, we see that there’s probably be a lot of mergers going on. Small Merger’s not the big Star would marry out kind of stuff, But you know, there’s somebody some to scale, but ah, lot of small management company’s ownership groups.


Because hotels banks will not let hotels just sit empty, they’ll find somebody to run it human. It’s cash in cash out that day. They’ll they’ll? They’ll find somebody to run the hotels cause an empty hotel is not a NASA it it’s a deteriorating asset. So there’ll be some good management companies out there that took care of their people that have quality skilled people with them, and the bank’s going to say, Can you come in and run this place and they are, and the person that lost that hotel is that when the public fire too soon didn’t think the long term cut all the revenue managing people, salespeople, marketing people, operational people thinking that I’ll just get it all back and we build the thing once we know when we’re supposed to start again and those are the ones are probably going to do too well.


So the article is. Expect hotels moving airline merger playbooks, which was a progressive rebirth and re aggregation of Basically you cut out the drink, driving the deadwood and the ones that knew what they were doing, got better at it and got bigger at it compared to those that weren’t so good and didn’t have the foresight to know what they should have done and ended up short sliding themselves out of out of business. So there you have it for the news to show review. So remember, you can find us on Google play apple iTunes I heart radio soundcloud stitchers, Spotify, Pandora tuning podcast list goes on actually 36 different platforms and counting that we are on that you can find this podcast or even on Amazon.


Lexa, Google assistant and Siri just asked to play the hospitality marketing podcast and no matter which one you may use. If you like the show, please rate us and leave a comment that will help others find our content and also be able to go over and expose us to new and broad worlds of people that may not know that we’re out there all. So this is your first time hearing this. You can subscribe to our show on any of those platforms as well. So for an act archive of all of our previous podcasts, you can go to hospitality.


Digital marketing dot com ford slash podcasts with Yes. And don’t forget our live video talk show that you conjoined and participate in every Friday at 11 30 Eastern US time called This Week in Hospitality Marketing the live show, and that you can find it simply by going to hospitality. Digital marketing dot com forward slash life There you will see all 245 episodes off our show archive links and all and again, thank you for the privilege of your time, and we look forward to talking to you next week. You have been listening to this week in Hospitality Marketing.


The podcast show 245. Brought to you by hospitality, digital marketing and support of the HSM II, the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association. International rights reserved copyright 2020.

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