Hospitality Marketing Podcast Show 244 April 10th 2020

Hospitality Marketing Podcast Show 244 April 10th 2020

Hospitality Marketing Podcast Show 244

Hello everyone and welcome to Hospitality Marketing the podcast, I am your host Loren Gray and this is episode #244 where each week we spend around 20 to 30 minutes sharing the most interesting tools, news, and techniques being used in marketing for the hospitality industry. We also do a quick recap of our weekly Live Video show “This Week in Hospitality Marketing” which also airs every Friday at 11:30 am Eastern US Time.. SO let’s get started;
0:01 — Our tools for review this week are;
00:08— Our Technique this week is; “Surveys, Quizzes, Polls and Contests, Oh My!” Or the art of finding out what our guests are looking forward too and when they might be thinking about it
00:14 — News and Show Review
James Gancos
Robert Cole
Stuart Butler
Tim Peter
Dean Schmit
Valyn Perini
Edward StOnge
Lily Mockerman
Show Notes
00::01 — James discusses what The Guestbook
01:16 — Findings From COVID-19 Consumer Sentiment Study
01:40 — Airbnb’s Coronavirus Crisis: Burning Cash, Angry Hosts and an Uncertain Future
01:48 — How a Dallas Skyline Icon Became a Beacon of Hope (and Good Advice)

Top Story

1. Findings From COVID-19 Consumer Sentiment Study
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Hospitality Marketing Podcast Show 244 Transcripts (English US)

Announcer — Welcome to this week in Hospitality Marketing. The podcast show number 244 with your host, Loren Gray. Hello, everyone, and welcome to hospitality marketing the podcast. I’m your host, Loren Gray, and this is episode number 244. So each week we spent around 20 to 30 minutes sharing most interesting tools, news and techniques being used in marketing for the hospitality industry. Who else do a quick recap of our weekly live video show this week in Hospitality Marketing, which also airs every Friday at 11:30 a.m. Eastern US time so that lets get started


Announcer — And now today’s new resource tools.


Okay, so our tools for review this week are actually a collaboration of three of them, with the purpose of how we’ll be talking about our technique. But the tools that I would like to discuss today what is very big, very popular. Well, I don’t know how popular it is, but it’s very big because it’s Google, but it’s actually surveys dot google dot com won’t talk a little bit about it. Also, one time or another platform called King Sumo. For those who would be unfamiliar with it, and also in a software system or website Service’s called four screens dot net with literally the numerical number four as its point.


So American number four screens dot net. So why did I put all these three together? A CZ tools? Well, surveys dot google dot com has been around for a while. For those who may have used it, they realize the power of its use abilities. It allows you to survey vast numbers of people with a quantitative perspective as to what you’re asking them. So you can identify the demographics you’re looking to target, be their geographic or demographically. And then you can define the questions that you want to ask those demographics or geographic location people.


And then Google pushes it out as a sentence of engagement for a variety of things where people signed up to do things, people have to go through gateways to get to places and have to answer some questions. And these are the surveys that Google puts in front of those people. So I’m bringing it up now. Well, and be honest with you, we have time on our hands. Ah, lot of people have time on their hands get engagement in Facebook is up 207% from March to March from last year to this year.


People are doing things Maur online, of course, because of necessity. They are spending war time looking at things in reading longhand, as I like to say, Ah, variety of things. So all that time that we didn’t have that we said, Oh, if I only had the time I do this or what have you? We now have that time, but we also have idle time. And then there’s also Gateway Time, where we think it gives incentives and so forth. Well, in this process of us waiting to understand what we’re going to be doing in the future tense for hospitality marketing rather than guessing which a lot of it is right now, lot of how we used to do things won’t be the same way we do them in the future.


We’ve had that discussion on previous podcast and on our live show. We now would be better suited to literally asked the very people that we’re looking to reach out to as to what it is that they’re reaching are looking out forward to So the reason why I referred a suit surveys dot google dot com is other than going to your own C R M. Your own database of people that have stayed with your hotel and literally asking which we talked about last weekend, you should be already doing and getting engagement as to what they were looking forward to, what things that they’re.


They’re thinking about doing, how they plan on traveling first and next and what have you and how soon do they think they’re traveling? All that kind of questions can be rephrased into surveys dot google dot com and you pay. It’s very affordable, though. I mean, you could do a massive survey for literally 7520 $25. 300 dollars, I think is the most I’ve ever paid. For one. It was a huge survey for New York, Um, and to see what it is that people’s feelings are what they think. They’re looking forward to, uh, on our live show what we get to it.


There was some great discussions what something fuel travel had done for a sample size of 4000 people. Our city, with 10,000 people and I gave some great insights is where people think they’re gonna spend their money once they get it. How soon do you think they might be traveling with happy, Same sense of this. But you could be much more tailored to the individual interests of your hotel by using this survey tool to reach out to a large audience of people that I would recommend are demographically similar to what you already get to your hotel.


You can do that from looking at your Facebook as we talked about showing with insides. Take your serum, take the emails, push them up into Facebook, created custom audience and then from that audience, determined demographically, geographically, where they’re located in their demographic profile types. And it’s literally by picking filters and showing the size audience that it creates from that custom audience on determine what their propensity for what they, uh, well, who they are, demographically and geographically, and then taking that knowledge and bring it over to your surveys dot google dot com and using that as your parameter for defining who you are going to target for surveys dot google dot com Now the other two tools King, Sumo and four screens are a little more adaptive use of the type of engagement.


Where will your instead of just going to Google and asking for the survey to be distributed once it’s set up? King sumo dot com is actually a contest platform with great disclaimers there vory minded as to who they’re distributed so forth. We’re not saying Go do sweepstakes or what have you, but you can solicit share abilities of content by letting people share what you’re offering them. And I don’t mean by rates and dates, I mean by future tense things. We’ve talked about gift certificates. We talked about future values.


We’ve talked about things that people can do around your local, what we call hyper localization where you collaborate with. This is a great time for your hotel to collaborate with all your local businesses that are also hurt me and saying, Hey, how could we put something together? And, if so, talk about what excitement that will bring when people finally get to travel again and when they come back to us that they know about your subs, sandwiches or your pizzas or your Korean food or your venue or your your your place that you attraction or what have you create those collaborations?


You can push that into King Suma, and you can reward people by their share ability of that, you can give them points as they share it to other platforms for either an entry into a sweet contest. If you just would you like or as what not to say funny money. But you can give them rewards of saying, Hey, have you share this to at least find people will give you $50 off as a Cooper’s a voucher for whenever you get to have the you know, we have the pleasure of having you back and just simply offer those incentives forward by having them share it on platforms.


So that not just you pushing your content out to keep in front of mine. For people in their excitement, about looking forward to returning with you but also them sharing with their friends and family as well, which is much higher into the social funnel for dialogue that shows that more people news feeds on just having it shared because you’re paying for it to be shared in ad campaigns. Now the third platform is called four screens. Now four screens gives you lots of fun tools usability. But I like to use the four quizzes and poles it allows you to go over and Senate quizzes of How smart you about this?


How many can you name? Five things that are in your town that you can do? Are you know, um, you can have some fun with this. What are the three things you’re gonna do? You know, they know about what this and it’s great questions that but also pulls to which are short version surveys. Well, you have the ability to just simply say, What’s the first thing you want to do if you came to this city? Vancouver, this city, San Antonio what’s the first thing you’d love to do when you get back and literally, it will help you instruct yourself as to what people are expecting your how are what their aspirations are in the planning of their excitement about coming back to your market.


Plus, it keeps you in front of mine compared to other markets they might be considering in comparison. So those are the three tools surveys dot google dot com and king sumo dot com. for contests and so forth, and then four screens down net for poles and contact in quizzes. So there you have it. That’s our tools of four. The week now for this week’s hospitality technique. Okay, so our technique this week is taking all those tools and wrap it all up. And when I say it surveys, quizzes, poles and contests Oh my or the art of finding out what our gas are looking for two and when they might be thinking about it.


All of the tools I just mentioned are vehicles for us to a better understand what our guests anticipations are, as all of us are were penned up. We’re looking forward to what we’re wanting to do in the future. There’s a lot of variable says to what that translates to the durability of what we have to endure through this process, our financial stability afterwards and our safety security concerns in the changed world that we will be in What will that dynamic look like? And we had lots of discussions that on the live show will get to those points as well.


But really, the concept of the new world we’re getting into what will be the new Norman. What that time progression is, well again. Rather than guessing these tools, we just refer to allow us to generate the surveys, to understand what our guests might be thinking, that what they do travel, how far will they travel? How long will they go with? They do travel and is that financially, bases that time consumption based. Remember, we have three variables of people we’re dealing with right now. We have those that have jobs.


Still, those that are are furloughed that will be in anticipation, getting their jumps back. Those that were alibi terminated, so each one is going to have its own worries. How much financially were each depleted? Just because you’re working doesn’t mean you’re making full salary or full hourly at this point. Are full time. You might be at the reduction of that. You might have incurred ah lot of expenses during this time to pleaded your years, years, their savings and so forth so that you’re less likely to even have the funds to travel because you were just barely able to sustain yourself through this process.


Of course, the longer this this runs, the more we stay unemployed. The slower the recovery, the slower for people to get back to work, the longer the anticipation of travel would be. We do know that there is still going to be some penned up interest to this process, that people, regardless of their financial stability, what have you will still have the need to just get away for a little bit. And we can ask, How long? How far would that be? What is it anticipated? That you want to drive are gonna fly if there’s flying available?


And you Are you worried about getting on a plane with how many people are, you know that all comes, what the airlines do and who’s still flying. There’s anticipation that not everything is going to make it out onto the other side of this when it comes to business. But all said and done, Taking surveys and asking these types of questions of your future guests is a way of US understanding and a barometer as to what to book towards planning for cause. We have to have a plan we have.


As we mentioned last week. There has to be a game plan of how to what we’re going to do first when we have the opportunity to do it. The big question to this is, when do we start looking at that actually happening? And right now And we talked about some life show today. We’re not in our offices so much, and there’s not all these reports and who’s reporting and who’s monitoring this. And we talked about setting up your own monitoring. Last week’s on last week’s podcast would give some tools to create your own monitoring.


You remember the brand mentions the Iceman, AJ, the barrios and those those tools we talked about last week where you can start setting up your own watch list as it were, is to the sentiment of people looking for an engaging about your destination in your potential content. Well, that being said, asking them questions as well is this is good is watching for what they’re saying, and that’s where creating these quizzes, where it’s like when will be the first thing you would do if he did this. One of the top three things you would do when you get here.


What’s the one thing you miss most about on having poles like Okay, if which would you prefer staying five days with us or three days with us, and then and then going to day somewhere, lace yourself so you can praise the questions to pay too many upon your product in your location and your knowledge of your own demographics. That air staying at your hotel. Plus, you can have the fun of contests where people are still aspirational. E looking forward to this stuff. It Z is known that people enjoy Maur the planning of a trip than the actual trip itself that’s been before any of this actually happened.


So now we get to really amplify that by knowing that we have penned up interest. We have pent up demand. Search for travel hasn’t gone down. It’s conversion has because there’s no ability to do it. But people are still interested in discovering what they’re going to want to do when they get to travel again in whatever form that is. So why not ask those survey questions? Why not ask those quizzes in those polls when I throw some contests out there for some fun for some share ability, give them a reward system?


I think American Airlines did a wonderful job of doing this thing points for opinions, and they’re giving literally mileage points for you. Answering questions and surveys with him now is all the questions about them right now. Probably, I guess I’ve been signed up for yet to to accept. I know what the first quizzes look like, but I’m sure it’s about travel relationship and with their anticipation is because they’re doing what we’re talking about. When are people thinking about traveling in what form and how soon would they be willing to travel, given the current circumstances?


And I think we’ll touch on that a little bit in the next segment about when fuel trouble did their findings for Covert 19 on the results of people spending habits for that. So there you have it. Our technique this week is surveys, quizzes, poles and contests. Oh my or the art of finding out what our guests are looking for two. And when they might be thinking about it now, this week’s hospitality news that you should know. Okay, so news and show review we had a really awesome, uh, live show this week we had a guest host guest co host James Gang Coz who is the president and founder of the guest book.


For those that may be unfamiliar with that platform is a reward based engagement that is put into the direct channel of your website For those hotels a habit, it allows people to get rewarded, be there by immediate cash Valley value and or they can give it to charity and or they can go over and do it as a Ford Value increase for next stay on. James talked all about how those were engaged with their plan profile about how it’s not a fee based, flat, flat, feet based platform.


It’s of a performance based reward. And, of course, their company is. A lot of companies are are hurting because of the reduction in business of this particular point. Obviously, people have to book for this to work, but it does help, and he don’t He does not do ATTRIBUTION theft. We had great questions about it, but he doesn’t take data stealing to acquire more information about Guests are engaged with the website, the only the minimum amount of information necessary to create the transaction. Contractually with the hotel, they’re a little over 700 hotels.


It was a pleasure for him to talk to me. He stayed with us long after the good discussion ventured away from the company itself for some great insights as well as two perspectives of some of the news. Adam’s that Mr Robert Cole, who was also one of our co host today with Rock Cheetah, his curated list that we get for the show each week. Also with us was Mr Stuart Butler. The si si o no c 00 excuse be of fuel travel. And they’re excellent podcast as well, which I had the pleasure of participating in last week again, which was always a joy to be hanging around with the few Liggins.


Also with us was Mr Tim Peter with him, Peter and Associates, Mr Dean Schmidt with Derbysoft, Miss Fallon Parini with nor one Mr Edward ST Onge with Flip to and Miss Lily Markham in with TC. Room Service is and think up who made her announcement that she started her new podcast, which is hospitality revenue management, which I’ve had a helpful handed on. It was an excellent first addition she did on how to financially determined whether to close or how to close your hotel, and she’s doing her second podcast this week on how to close the hotel.


Excuse me. So the first was, if you and now the second is how to. And she did a very thorough, detailed job Very much from the revenue perspective of this is how you mathematically create these numbers to know whether or not you need to do what you need to do. So great podcasts you did. I highly recommend it. It’ll be in the show notes as well, from this podcast to the her broadcast that you can link over to that one is one and subscribe to her podcast as well.


With that, we went over and had a couple of sidebar discussions on sidebar. But discussions about variations on some of the articles that Robert had brought to the table one was Airbnb Corona Virus Crisis. It’s burning through a lot of cash, and it’s a lot of its host are very mad at it because of the cancellation policies that have changed, allowing for the mass cancellations and, of course, no redemption for the host themselves. Plus, also, a lot of markets closed. The ability for Airbnb to actually came to you doing business like you can’t do any more reservations for now.


And all those reservations, once they expire, have to leave. They can’t extend their reservations and, of course, with no traffic to the host the host are left with. So Robert made interesting comment to it that you know where their pride might be. A housing housing bubble that we’re gonna be coming into because some people have these Airbnb properties. But they rely on the Airbnb income to pay for that secondary property or third property or whatever. And if that income isn’t coming in and they’re not working themselves or have the financial stability to cover that cost, then there might be a lot of inventory comes to the market, which I hadn’t really thought through until he brought it up.


So the boop of the day. Now, for those who may not be formal with live show, we have a row. We have a boop. The robber was a little bit connected to Airbnb. There was a rant and rave from somebody from New Zealand. A host, uh, that really bashed Airbnb. And we were talking about the legitimacy of that being truly riel or staged in either case because he was quite a venom int about how he presented himself on YouTube. That was our brought row or Boop was fun because it is true.


Having been having lived in Dallas, actually just outside Dallas, and nothing’s outside of Dallas, even near Dallas, it’s all one day. One city really Allen, Texas Um, the Army for those that don’t know a huge facade billet building in downtown Dallas, and they’ve long ago put on lights in the front of it, and they recently updated a couple years ago where there are more robust in. I had a great ability to more do more dynamic graphics, but it has really been a beacon of hope in the city that they just didn’t put out across the building, were closed or whatever.


But, you know, they put inspirational statements on and reminders to wash hands, and we’re together and so forth, and they really have done a really wonderful job for that city in reminding people of the solidarity of us being alone together, as the hashtag says. So that was our show notes from all of our co hosts and again for the privilege of having Mr James Gang goes from the guest book. Join us. Our top story that I’d like to bring to it is literally the, um the data that that was that the store butler from Fuel Travel and his team put together.


It’s shocking findings from Covert 19 consumer sentiment study. Like said, he sent it out to about 20,000 respondents as to what they would be spending their money on. He’s going to do an update to this as we roll for he. His regret is that we didn’t know a baseline before all of this start started happening to know how that changed from before two. Now, two later. But they did do one. At least that started with current circumstance as Thio. What people would be what they’re gonna spend their money on if that when they get this relief funding, what did they plan on doing with it?


And the big, really big point out to this was that travel as a as a usage of any money’s coming in is very low percentage wise. Out of these respondents, their main key interest of receiving this money as well justified is paying bills second of that is putting it into savings, which mean replenishment of the monies they took out of savings to pay bills substantially and then purchasing essential suggest food and household products. So for those that may not have had the finances early on, literally to go over and have the means to go and continue buying things, paying off credit card ing debt was very, very low.


And taking a levy case was even lower than that. So in the world of our industry, with the fact that people are going to get stimulus money as it were, eyes probably not what we should be looking forward as a means of solution to our issue of Oh, everyone’s just gonna go way back on lights are gonna go on. Everyone’s gonna start traveling. We know the world has changed. We know that we don’t know what all those changes are in the sense of long term or even a short term at this point.


And there’s lots of other excellent articles that Robert added to the list. One that I didn’t get to was the seven stages of new Normal. There was a great article about that, and that scary. The timeline that was expressed in that is being willing to 2021 on some things in years, laughter that before you get close to what we were doing businesswise in 2019. If this person is correct exits again, see all of those links to all of those articles in our show notes both here at the podcast and also in the live show so that remember, you can find us on Google Play Apple iTunes I heart radio soundcloud stitcher, Spotify, Pandora literally the list goes on.


There’s 36 different platforms that we have our podcast on, but the easiest to listen to us on if you aren’t on already subscribe to us on those platforms is an Amazon Alexa Google assistant or Syria. Just simply say, Hey, whoever that platform is play the hospitality marketing podcast and it will come up and play the latest episode, which will be this one until next week, when we do the next one. And if you like to show, please, please, please on these platforms, leave our rating and into comment, hopefully positive.


If their course have had any negative comments or anything, you have as his suggestions or comments to me, you can reach me directly at Lauren at hospitality digital marketing dot com. I answer all e mails that are sent to me for the show. Ah, that if you do make the comments about the ratings that helps other people find our podcast, which we hope is good content to be shared because we’re out to help as best as we can. And, of course, if this is your first time hearing us, you can subscribe to us on any of those platforms as well.


Against a reminder for any archive of all previous podcasts, including this one, you can go toe hospitality, digital marketing dot com for the slash podcast. And don’t forget our live video talk show that you conjoined and participate in that we just mentioned every Friday at 11 30 Eastern US time called This Weekend Hospitality Marketing The Lime Show Simply go to hospitality digital marketing dot com forward slash live Look for this week’s show number 2 44 and you can play back in all of its entirety so that thank you again for the privilege of your time and look forward to talking to you next week you have been listening to this week in Hospitality Marketing.


The podcast show 244. Brought to you by hospitality, digital marketing and support of the HSMAI, the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association. International rights reserved copyright 2020.


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