Hospitality Marketing Podcast 242 March 27th 2020

Hospitality Marketing Podcast 242 March 27th 2020

Hospitality Marketing Podcast 242 March 27th, 2020


Hello everyone and welcome to Hospitality Marketing the podcast, I am your host Loren Gray and this is episode #242 where each week we spend around 20 to 30 minutes sharing the most interesting tools, news, and techniques being used in marketing for the hospitality industry. We also do a quick recap of our weekly Live Video show “This Week in Hospitality Marketing” which also airs every Friday at 11:30 am Eastern US Time.. SO let’s get started;
0:01 — Our tool for review this week is; Tim Welsh of
00:20 — News and Show Review
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Chip Rogers
Tim Peter
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The passing of the 2.2 trillion cares act by congress.
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Hospitality Marketing Podcast Show 242 Transcripts (English US)

Announcer — Welcome to this week in Hospitality Marketing. The podcast show number 242 with your host, Loren Gray. Hello, everyone. And welcome to hospitality Marketing the podcast. I’m your host, Loren Gray, and this is episode number 242. So each week we spent around 20 to 30 minutes sharing the most interesting tools, news and techniques being used in marketing for the hospitality industry. Well, so do a quick recap of our weekly live video show this week in Hospitality Marketing, which also airs every Friday at 11:30 a.m. Eastern US time. So with all of that, let’s get started Now.


Normally, I have the announcer step in and say they were gonna come up with our next segment, which is usually our tool for review, followed by our technique of the week. And then we’ll drop into the news and show review, and that is our standard. But this is a unique first opportunity for us to do an interview on our podcast, and I thought, Who better best to interview then my left and right hand ad hoc service of Phrasing Inc. So I literally get to introduce one of my best and dearest friends, Mr Tim Welsh, president and founder of CEO off Phrasing Doggy, as the tool of the week.


It is because there’s a lot of things that are being done between the two of us that, given the unique times that we’re in and the service profiles that are changing literally daily, that this is a tool I feel in my discussion interview with Tim that would be of interest to everyone to consider and to re evaluate how, as they scaled down their internal bandwith and or their relationships with very expensive third parties what options are out in the market for them. So, with no further ado, I would like to introduce my interview with Mr Tim Welsh of Phrasing Inc dot com.


Hatim Welcome. And thank you for joining, for the first time an interview on the podcast of hospitality marketing. And, uh, not that we don’t talk all the time, But Mr 10 Mohs what is it that you do, sir? Well, first of all, thank you for having me. It’s great to actually get on one of these shows. A podcast with you? Um, I’m the founder of Phrasing Agency and what we do here is basically everything across the digital front from a social media management and advertising a website development at development paid media so and a CZ wells branding.


So really, if it touches the digital front, makes you look good online. We cover that as part of the group here. I love your slogan, your brand on Lee. Better it so it’s really all about like we are. Big thing is we don’t want to take over. We don’t think that we’re you like whatever you built, you built it yourself, you both on your ideas and your values. And our job isn’t to take that over. Our job is to take what you’ve done, see your vision and then bring it to life and bring it to a market in the digital space that you might not otherwise have gotten to True.


And for those who may not know phrasing again hostiles marking our business partners, I go to and rely on Tim and his team persistently on what it is that we offer our client for ever, and we bring it to skill for them. Sir, Tim is a huge integrated process to what it is that I do and what we do for our clients as well. So there is no, uh to be clear. There’s no unbiased this on when it comes to this. Tim is an incredible resource for us.


And when the reason why I brought on the show today not to just pontificate about how cool phrasing is, but really you’ve come up with a very innovative set of five things to do, we’re going to get to those things, but also a process of discovery, as far as we know they’re dealing with, you know, very intimately. We’re in a different life cycle when it comes to hospitality and different ways of approaching our learning capabilities and also our solution capabilities. And you’ve come up with the opportunity for people to say, Look, I don’t need any agency all the time.


I don’t need to do it, but I do need his resource. So can he speak a limit to what you’re doing on your membership profiling and what you’re offering for people to step into and say We’re here? Go forward. What do you think? What’s going on? Well, first of all, like what you’re saying about I found around. The typical model is we’re always kind of been. This is one of the ways that it’s been so fun to work with you. A house pet. Additional marketing is it’s about what you need most hotels or brands or anything.


Don’t eat everything all the time. My God, I just need something specifically a specific collection of skills that you just don’t have her too expensive to employ yourself. And what we do is we have found our system basically to have what we consider primer to the best of the best. And, yes, I’m totally biased to the team on that. But every you know, we think of the best of the best, and we come in. We can change things for a lot less than it costs are even a junior.


Remember, you can get, you know, a team of 10 at your disposal. And now what we’re launching, and it’s been a project of mine for a while, and what we’re launching is with this current climate. Right now, people need to know how to help themselves, and too often as agencies were kind of incentivized to keep those secrets to ourselves because we need our retainers, right? But since that’s not exactly how we built our model and we aren’t minded phrasing with the idea that we could doom or collectively what we’re doing is we’re basically saying like, Hey, pay membership!


And with that and membership, that was pretty a pretty small in the grand scheme of things. And you can get access, everyone, you can get access. Tow me people that were former team leads at Google Facebook Instagram like uber like, Really, we have a lot of really, really talented people that were really game to help people help themselves because if we all get better and we all get smarter, the collective rises in the rising tide raises all ships in the digital marking world, and we like to help people get better.


I mean, isn’t that why we went into the same? To begin with is to help me very true and to that models. And I mean, that’s why you see phrasing and HTM being so a similar in what we’re doing is we bring things to scale for that, but not to be self promoting on this whole process of oh, you gotta bring us on this. This is that unique time. We’re not to coin the phrase of a famous insurance company, but you get what you pay for. You know, you pay pay for only what you need.


And right now, with people having to scale down their internals teams through cost reductions and or whether they had to force majeure there separations from the third party conference because the cost of them and the on ability to use them. Right now, there’s still some things that need to get done. And there are very talented people that have been retained that are in positions. They’re being asked to do more than they’ve ever done and they need. Resource is to know how to be better at that skill set.


And that goes into what you’re doing in this modeling profile as to this membership, where they can pay an incremental amount of money, which, you know, you’re more than welcome to tell him about, but it allows them access to being would ask very high level quality six figure, talented people questions and engagements and learn from them so they get clear, concise answers. So to that and what is it? How Is it based on what? Housing model? Yeah, so I’ll go ahead and say like it’s 250 a month, which is pretty crazy when you think of.


That’s less than two hours of almost any buddy on this team’s time. If you were to go post through direct billing route where you can ask these people questions in a private group we’re gonna host every month, we host one really big training seminar where we don’t just say something like, you know, nebulous about like, Oh, you should be looking at this for your brain. Like now here’s a couple tactics that will show you how to do how to take care of yourself to make you your brand in your company grow over next 30 60 90 days.


And the thing is, we want to teach you a skill we don’t want to teach you like, Ooh, this is like the thought behind remarking, That’s That’s great. You can come to us for that, on it on everything you go. Studio me. Speaking of conference, I’m talking about that. I want to talk to you about what you can do this month. You can ask those questions in the private group will make sure that the right people answer. It will do live Q and A’s for people in the group.


And, you know, once you’re in no direct competitors allowed in. And that’s a big thing for us is gone. Everyone to speak very candidly. So you know, if your hotel and when would, uh, the Wynwood District Miami No hotels in that area can come in. You know, if you’re a barbecue joint in Kansas City, then no barbecue joints in Kansas City are allowed to come in after that, when everyone to speak very freely within the group ask questions without fear that they’ll be handing the answer to their competitors as well.


And I think that’s a very important part of what we’re doing. And we’re capping every group at 150 members to make sure that we never lose that one on one attention when we, you know, might have a group of 1000 members or people just feel like they can just get lost in the noise. True now, to that end, you’re starting this and ramping this up in a tempo. I was a inopportune time. This is a changing it literally. Our cultures. I mean, we’re literally having to rethink how all of us are doing what we’re doing.


And so this is in a way, symbolic of that that your referee reflected. In fact, this is a different way of approaching these things compared to how we were doing just even 23 weeks ago. So your initial what you’re doing now is you’re bringing into play. Uh, good content about five things you should be doing right now is an example of what you’re talking about. The loan term members of relationships as. But right now you’re saying what? I have these five things you should do right now and for 30 days, you can get it for free a little bit about that. Yes.


Oh, really? To kick this off and there’s kind of no time like the president, people budgets or tire. And now there’s a budget crisis for everyone. Like, you know, people are laying off their agencies that laying off their internal teams like this is killer. And the question that we all are getting asked right now, is there anything I should be doing or could be doing? Should I shut everything off the answer, Of course. Uh, spoiler is no, you should not be shutting everything off. But there are things that you could do that help set you up now and into the future.


I want to go through five. Yeah, strong tactics that people can use and we don’t have a screen so we won’t be able to go through most women here. But question one answer is you know, should you be spending money and the first answer is not as much as you used to be, because that’s obvious. But you, you could be going in place is what you’re gonna focus on our things, like people are being on their on their phones. Are all social media a lot more Right now, they’re doing a lot more searches, and they’re doing a lot of saving.


So focusing on discover ability and community engagement where it does not cost you the same as it did when you’re doing direct marketing or to the very strong principles that we’re going to want to come into. There’s a lot of things that we’d be neglect because we’re always chasing that next sale or that next kind of direct Persian. If you’re dealing, if you’re in a place where you literally can’t take a direct version right now it is time to roll those sleeves induced on that stuff that doesn’t cost you.


Add money does cost you a little bit of time, but you’re not having do with customers as much right now, so you can put forth that time and that’s gonna help you S ee Oh, there’s a couple of tactics and there we want to do that. We’re definitely going to want to pay attention to including something that almost everyone neglects, which is internal linking interlinking, which had a profound effect on your CEO, your email lists and collection of that. How can you go about making sure that you build that so that when you’re opening your doors again or you’re able to take orders or have you you could go out to more people on own channels.


This is the time to focus on these things and make sure that you’re not only trying to find your way through what’s happening now, but you’re preparing yourself for any incremental boost whether we get one that’s a short term boost here. Coming up soon or we get the true uptake that we’re all hoping for and waiting on we wanna have with strategies that set you up for that. And that’s why I won’t just go through five things that everyone could do, Um, to some extent or another.


And that’s going to help you get through this tough time and have something that’s productive that’s going to help your business and into that end and keeping in the context of the podcast in his previous steaming and so forth. This isn’t adv er mate at f Memorial kind of information of like Oh, we’re just pitching these things. The reason I brought this into the contest, so I wanted to be there First review. And why? Because a hospital is marquees participant in that process with Tim as well.


Is that what I bring to you? Two tools on bias Lee. There is no you know, like Oh, this tool does this and so forth in this there’s this’d is actual relevant, actionable items current to the time that is being introduced, not the generic neutral content that often gets shared as to, as Tim pointed out, you know, you should consider this or think this, but we don’t tell you how this is the actionable items, the breakdown on showing you where to click and where to move, what to do and how you build it.


Kind of information that a lot of people don’t have resource to even when they had or have third party agencies they’re paying. The agency is the one that is relying upon the facilitation of this where a lot of times people internally want to be having the capability of doing this. Tim to that. And what do you see? You know the value proposition in the long term of people that do sign up and that do continue with process with you. Well, I mean, in the first days I’m gonna do, we’re gonna do the square turning for free.


Uh, we want people to just be able to help themselves. Everyone is hurting right now. We certainly feel for all of our clients and where they’re at and we know that they’re not the only ones that are suffering. So we want to do this one for free and going forward. The truth is even a 200 a month. If one of these tactics works for you more than pace for the years. Membership it pretty quickly, and that’s what we want. We want things every single month. Rita. Oh, that one tactic improved.


I remember we had. So when we coached here in a regional business and we just did a couple months with them and the other came up to me speak once later goes, Look, my business is up year over, year by 20%. And what you guys came in and did is honestly a very big part of that. And I can’t tell you how much of it is, but we wouldn’t be here if it wouldn’t be in conversations with our clients. We wouldn’t have the River View port fellow, poor portfolio that we do right, Max.


We wouldn’t have the systems in place. He’s in the tactics that are what it’s all about. And, you know, at the end, if if people attend, I’m also gonna have ah kind of a value add for people that commanded the beginning. So I know we figured probably the next three months people are gonna be suffering so well that there’s gonna be a nice little 50% discount for anyone that shows up that always sending out to my registrants for the next three months. That way, they continue to work on what they have in place.


They contain work on their brand and feel good that they’re not spending money. And believe me, we will show you value. Now we’re gonna ask some great people in definitely some people that are a lot smarter things to myself about specific tactics and skills. Obviously, I’m putting rolling up my sleeves as well. But any anyone months could easily pay for years membership. And if nothing else, if you even keep an agency, believe me, you’ll be able to take them to task and go where you like. This this is This is something that I just learned about this month’s because you get a social examiner mas and get a whole bunch of like what the pros think you should be doing.


But none of them tell you how to do it. We want to try to get it, or how to tell people to do it for you if you need to window for you as well, but wait for people to do it themselves. Want to help people, right? And I guess, to that end, I think the example that we were first talking about your your ideas of this is so forth is like, Would you pay 125 bucks a month if you could reach something directly a Google or Facebook or what?


Having I’m gonna saying that Tim is of Google or Facebook or his team is. But the resource level of being able to answer that level of question is the ability that even to this day, when I go into stepping these platforms and use them quite regularly as well and as soon as I go to click and we’re used to click on before it’s moved because it is an ever changing environment that we’re working these things into. So even if you are familiar with it in the Jews ability, which is actually the prime person that would be most interested in doing what you’re talking about, Tim, is this ability to collaborate with somebody that is knowledgeable about these variations and knowledgeable about of their usage is in such a way that is just not Hey, tell me I need to do paid campaigns great show me how I can tailor my campaigns to be better for me, that’s better.


And that’s kind of where we keep focusing on Y. Brought into the podcast today. This is exposing our audience to resource is just like I do with showing them about tools and techniques usage with him so forth. This is a resource. This is a chance to say, Wow, this is a new paradigm of training. This new paradigm of doing this is not an agency parody. Um, this is not a internalization parody. Um, this is this is a resource of a caliber that I could go reach out to participate and learn from that as to you made the point, even just the monthly cost of that having access to it and its use abilities as well in itself going to be in compensation would eventually be.


And you already knocked that down for the next 90 days by saying a thirst 30 days of free and past that we’re gonna knock it down by 50% for those who already joined us just so that we can keep our support going for those people that have decided to join early. So kudos to that. Tim was any other from from a current what to do, considerations that you didn’t touch on that we could, given the fact we can’t share screens and so forth. Is there any other considerations people should be thinking about right now?


As we wrap it up, I think that one of the biggest places people have kind of lapsed on they were going to one button up right now are the analytics that you have. What do you actually measuring? Because when everything’s good and I once got running on a client where they go, everything’s good look. And they had their top line revenue and they knew that a number. That’s what their measure against when times were good and I go look, here’s the hole in your system where you don’t know, or 30% of our revenue was coming from and they go well.


Things were good and I’m like, That’s great. But if your revenue is kind of a couple 80% and you need to understand something, you have a whole off 30% your revenue you don’t understand, and you’re about to make some bad decisions. And if we can get in there and collect to go. Okay, this is what my elements air saying. This is what I really want to track and maybe set up your true dashboard in terms of what you want to do that’s going to be really helpful. The future to see, as things start to ramp up that you’re ramping up in the right way and not ramping up because things air times are getting good again.


Excellent point. Well, Tim, I appreciate the time I didn’t want to go extend to loan, but I want to make sure that we had the opportunity to speak at all levels as to what it is that we’re doing for people wanting to find you. Find this product and find out what phrasing does. Where is it that they can find you? You can find it. There’s a link right off the home page at freezing ain’t dot com That’s P h r A S I N G i n si dot com, or even below freezing inc dot com slash memberships.


And really see what we have going on. I think that we’ll be able to share the link to the for the train they were about to have going on to your listeners as well. Excellent. And if they want to email you directly, another confronted on the website. But if they want to reach out to you directly, where can they find you? Tim dot welsh w E l S h as in from whales at Freezing Inc dot com. Well, she’s in from Wells, not Welsh is in the grape juice.


If you were, you wouldn’t believe you ever actually that question before, right? Like you should be doing well with all that grape juice money like that. Oh, Tim, thank you for your time today. Thank for explanation of it. And for those that want to continue the conversation with Tim, you know where to reach him. So we’ll continue on all right, have a great one. Well, that was my interview with Tim, as you can see a vast amount of information capabilities from his organization, Phrasing Inc dot com.


That’s why we work in such a strong collaboration. Now, more than ever, we’re under the premise of Was that Liberty Mutual paper on which need there is a whole new dynamic that’s changing in our industry now, as to how business is being conducted and who’s conducting that business in a real shift in the dynamics of all of that. So thank you very much for Tim for your time and for those interested, you know, know how to reach out to him directly. Relationship to that membership and scale abilities and so forth.


So last segment of our show is the News and Show review. We had an amazing live show this weekend for those who may not be familiar aware with this. Every Friday, 11:30 a.m. We were due for a little over six years are over six feet. Long time every Friday. We’ve been doing a live video show, and it’s called this week in hospitality marking. This week, we have the problem of having the three largest association President Seo’s on the show with us. Now we’ve had the pleasure of having Mr Above Gilbert, President CEO of HSM at ages at the Hospital Sales and Marketing Association International and also Mr Dr Cecil Staton, the president and CEO of Al HOA Asian American Hotel Owners Association.


The two weeks previous. But now, for the third week, we they were joined by Mr Chip Rogers or William Rogers, president CEO of H L A. The American Hotel Lodging Association. And the three of them were able to share screen time. I think it’s first out of the industry so far, but that’s being shown and really openly discussing their associations focus and the changing landscape that we’re dealing with. Of course, their own associations focus as to what they’re trying to help their memberships with. Of course, Ah, Dr Cecil and Chip, you know, advocacies towards getting Congress to pass through, which is our news feature of the day.


The two point trillion dollars in care package that care actor that was, but through pushing in helping that and now keeping the focus on what our industry hospitality needs in that support, how that money is there going to be allocated and associated with what we’re doing and how they’re going to be distributed and so forth. So we had them on the first half, arsed about 35 minutes or so of the show. And then we were joined by our regular co host, which was always a pleasure to have Mr 10 Peter of Tim, Peter and Associates, Cat Mohammed which is the director of education, actually, for a HOA who helped very much in orchestrating the three German to be with us.


Stephanie Smith, who is the president on additional matriarch of Cogdill marketing. Valerie Parini. Valerie that Who is with, Nor one steward, Butler, who is the CEO of Fuel Travel. Miss Lily Markham in Who is the founder of T. C R M Revenue management. And think up Enterprises. Mr. Robert Cole of Rock Cheetah, founder and CEO of that Mr Edward ST Onge, chief operating officer believe of Flip to and Miss Greta Book Brooks, who is the president of sales boost. So we had quite a Pandora box of diversity.


Conversation is we debriefed what the three gentlemen presidents had said in addition to the continuation of the conversation of the ongoing crisis that Corona viruses plaguing our society for right now, not just its impact on our our industry itself, but the overall impact on our society as well. Of course, always with the focus of what we can do, you really should hospitality what we need to persevere through, too. I know that we will come out of this on the other side of this which leads us to the main news topic, of course, is the fact that today the passing of the $2.


2 trillion Care Act cares act by Congress s O that that can begin to get facilitated the timetables of those yet to be understood, the details yet to be worked out as to where this and how this works. What we have to do is business owners or service providers and how we can be sustained by this and helped by this. This is certainly not a stimulus package of any sort. This is a less not destroy our economy preservation act. Eso It’ll be details to come through this entire process so that we have in our show for today Thank you so very much for listening into us.


We hope that you get to enjoy not only the live show but the replay of this. If you haven’t seen it, remember, you can find us on Google Play apple iTunes I heart radio soundcloud stitchers, Spotify Pandora tuned in the list goes on 36 different platforms to be exactly You can find us on. We’re even on Amazon. Alexa Google assistant in Syria just simply asked that either of those platforms played the hospitality market. Podcasting will play the latest episode, but no matter which one you may use. If you like to show, please radius and leave, a comment that helps others find us and courses gives us feedback to understand how well we may be doing.


Um, if not, then you can always. If you want to make any comment good or bad, you can reach me at Lauren at hospitality digital marketing dot com. I answer all emails associate with the podcast and the live show as well. Um, also, if this is your first time hearing us, you can subscribe to the show on that platform you discover us on, or any of the other 36 that I may have just mentioned for an archive of all the previous podcast, you can go to hospitality digital marketing dot com, forward slash podcasts.


And don’t forget our live video show again thatyou conjoined and participate in every Friday at 11 30 Eastern time. Called This Week in Hospitality Marketing, the live show simply go to hospitality. Digital marketing dot com forward slash live. There you can see look for Episode 2 42 which is the latest, which has all three presidents on it to 41 has two presidents to 40. Has two presidents on. We always have dialogue for for the remaining 239 of them. So again, thank you for the privilege of your time, and we look forward to talking to you next week.


You have been listening to this week in Hospitality Marketing the Podcast show 242. Brought to you by hospitality, digital marketing and support of the HSMAI, the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association. International rights reserved copyright 2020.

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