Live Show 98 June 23rd 2017

Live Show 98 June 23rd 2017

“IHG announces a new ‘no name’ brand, Uber is the first ‘Driverless Company’ and the ‘Ritz’ is building a new boat for a select few”

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Edward StOnge
Tim Peter

Show Notes
:01 Review of the ‘offering’ to add local content around your hotel, better to do it for your own site first and then give some quantity to Expedia.
:02 Tim Joins
:04 Robert joins
:07 IHG Announces their new brand toyed be named that runs below the Holiday inn Express brand
:25 Tims discussion of VidCon and the new Youtube viewer stats Crazy number of daily use “Ed said — ‘Each second earns the next’ when it comes to media consumed
:54 Tim defines distribution success as 40% is in the list 35% is the subject line 25% is the message
1:10 Ed refers to Ubers loss of the CEO as being the first truly “Driverless company”
1:12 if Ubers cash investors were removed it would be days before the company would fail. the past CEO statement is “Its not as important to control the supply as it is to control the demand”.
1:14 Uber is now having an identity crisis at a time that it can’t afford to have a crisis. ITs only way to make to scale was to be the evil ones, now with taking tips its is isolating its users that appreciated it, and are now ‘following’ Lyft.
1:21 excellent discussion on the issues with Silicon valley and why Uber represents whats wrong with it. also what is the real network effect, and why Google and Facebook has it and someone like Uber doesn’t.
1:29 Ritz Carlton creates a new cruise line to cater to the top 1%
1:42 Tim departs
1:44 Ed departs
1:46 HITEC and HSMAI reminder and schedule review
1:53 Robert departs
1:56 show ends


IHG Owners Get First Look at Fresh, New Midscale Hotel Brand
YouTube shows off VR-centric video analytics

YouTube shows off VR-centric video analytics

Amazon has a patent to keep you from comparison shopping while you’re in its stores’

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Instagram Stories hits 250M daily users, adds Live video replays

Instagram Stories hits 250M daily users, adds Live video replays

7 Important Things You Should Know About Programmatic Display Advertising
Time Warner will spend $100M on Snapchat original shows and ads

Time Warner will spend $100M on Snapchat original shows and ads

Pirate Metrics: Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral and Revenue (AARRR)

Marriott cancels its 24-hour cancellation policy


Google Testing Price-First Format in Hotel Ads

Uber Founder Travis Kalanick Resigns as C.E.O. –

The Ritz-Carlton just debuted a luxury cruise line for the ‘1% of global travelers’ and it looks insane –

Brand to independent: The costs, benefits of the switch –

incredibly relevant:

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* An update on our viewers: A question I get all the time is “How many people actually watch YouTube?” Today, I’m pleased to announce that we crossed a big threshold: 1.5 billion logged in viewers visit YouTube every single month. That’s the equivalent of one in every five people around the world! And how much do those people watch? On average, our viewers spend over an hour a day watching YouTube on mobile devices alone.

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