Live Show 97 June 16th 2017

Live Show 97 June 16th 2017

“Hyatt and Goliath errr Expedia. Is this IHG part two?!? Or just a negotiation tactic?”

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Robert Cole
Tim Peter

Show Notes
:04 Robert joins
:05 Hyatt discussion
:08 you can determine what the displaced value of the OTA and the retainable inventory based on time decay attribution string
:36 is a model like Accord a viable way to replace some of the potential loss of OTA data
:39 Hyatt is very heavy on group so what would be the real Expedia extraction cost Hyatt
:45 Loyalty, article, what point is the good point to how its being done.
:49 Discussing the recent announcement of Amazon buying Whole Foods and what that means and how does that impact Hospitality strategy
1:14 Discussed successes of custom video use in email campaign
1:21 Tim refers to the book ‘How to measure anything: finding the value of intangibles in business’
1:29 Announcing the SEO Calculator

Potential topics

Loyalty: On the Cusp of Major (R)Evolution

Loyalty: On the Cusp of Major (R)Evolution

Clingle app

What do you need to know about the Hyatt-Expedia drama?

Airbnb Traffic Surges, Surpassing Older Brands

TripAdvisor Returns to TV Advertising With Bathrobe-Clad Owl as Spokesperson

TripAdvisor Returns to TV Advertising With Bathrobe-Clad Owl as Spokesperson

Further Evidence that Video is Taking Over the Digital Marketing World

On Loyalty:

Business of Loyalty: The Assault on Redemptions and Airline Loyalty

On Airbnb:

Will Airbnb Be the Next Tech Unicorn to IPO in 2017?

Most Hotel CEOs Dismiss Airbnb’s Impact But Demand Level Playing Field

And a Gratuitous Plug:

Phocuswright/Princess/Adobe Webinar – Jun22: Engaging Travelers – Personalization, Analytics & Process Come of Age

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