Live Show 95 June 2nd 2017

Live Show 95 June 2nd 2017

“Mary Meeker report is out, 5.5 hours on the internet a day, 3 of which is on social… Really?!?”

Here is our Animated recap of the show

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Tim Peter
Robert Cole
Holly Zoba
Edward StOnge

Show Notes

:02 We begin our discussion on the Meeker Report
:08 Now 5.5 hours a day is spent online also some additional user stats
:17 Looking at the gravity effect of large scale platforms like Google and how they affect expectations
:20 When People are one click away it’s not an ad it a distribution channel, media is a channel
:25 Old school mentality still plays into how we market with Social, old school influences still can sway people’s decisions ahead or OTA’s and advertising.
:32 Most Hotels are basing their advertising on acquisition moment only
:40 Ed departed — show interrupted Live broadcast
:48 live show back
:52 Co-hosts rejoin
:55 Why does AirB&B who is ranked as #1 booking engine only spend 23 Mil and get to be that high?
1:01 Tim discusses the book “Moneyball” — be Wayne Gretkski be where the puck is going to be not where it is now
1:07 What makes Hotels fail when they ‘copy’ a successful competitor?
1:12 Amex does what is right for the card holder and it benefits the banks versus Via that does what is good for the bank and it benefits the card holder — same business different models.
1:14 Brand is supposed to be a value ad proposition, its means you can charge a higher rate.
1:15 Amazon batteries are the most purchased batteries — ann report
1:17 L2 report – winners and losers
1:19 three things are a Amazon focus — customer focus / lowest price wins / convince wins
1:26 Active discussion on what Brand is and its value — is it just a distribution channel and loyalty / rewards only? How much of a threat is AirB&B to brands verses the hotel owner?
1:39 I predict that a platform that shares the data of the guest they drive will be the disrupter to both platforms and brands — Loren
1:46 Brand saturation and its impact on markets and what to do
1:54 How the world of macy’s and Sears are doomed if they do not change how they see how then define why people should care about them and the value they bring
2:03 does the brand really live up to the brand promise
2:10 Holly departs the show
2:18 Show ends

Potential topics

Airbnb Traffic Surges, Surpassing Older Brands

Brands on Instagram Can Now Run Click-to-Messenger Ads

The KPCB/Mary Meeker Internet Trends Report is out – 355 pages…

1. Online Advertising (+ Commerce) = Increasingly Measurable + Actionable (p.4)
1. Ad Growth = Driven by Mobile
2. Ad Measurability = Can Be Triple-Edged
3. Ads Evolving Rapidly = Often Organic + Data @ Core
4. Ads = Becoming Targeted Storefronts
5. eCommerce Growth = Accelerating, Again
6. eCommerce A-Ha’s…

2. Interactive Games = Motherlode of Tech Product Innovation + Modern Learning (p. 80)
1. Global Gaming = Mainstream / Evolving Rapidly / Still Early Days
2. Gaming Tools = Pervasive Online
3. Gaming Tools = Improving Human Performance
4. Gaming Platforms = Evolving @ High Speed
5. eSports = Expanding Gaming Ecosystem via Fans / Spectators
6. Gaming Experience => Technology Leadership + Innovation?

3. Media = Distribution Disruption @ Torrid Pace (p. 151)
1. Digital Leaders = Transforming Media With Better User Experiences + Lower Prices…Data + Scale
2. Generational Media Usage = Chasm Increasing as Shifts to Internet-Enabled Media Continue
3. Traditional Cable Conundrum = Channels + Consumer Prices + Programming Cost Rising…Subscribers Falling
4. Digital Subscriptions = Rising Owing to Massive User Experience Improvements (On-Demand / Selection + Choice / Personalization / Payment Systems / 2-Way UGC / Mobile…)

4. The Cloud = Accelerating Change Across Enterprises (p. 178)
1. Cloud Adoption = Reaching New Heights + Creating New Opportunities
2. Enterprise Software = Customer Expectations -> Mirroring Those of Consumer Apps
3. Security = More Applications -> More Vulnerabilities

5. China Internet = Golden Age of Entertainment + Transportation (p. 193)
1. Macro = Positive Trends
2. Internet = Healthy User Growth…Usage Outpacing Users
3. Entertainment = Online Innovation Driving Robust User + Usage + Monetization Growth…
4. On-Demand Transportation = China #1 Global Market…Cars + Bikes
5. Mobile Payment Infrastructure = Enabling Rapid Growth + Monetization of Internet Usage…
6. eCommerce + Advertising = Innovation + Growth

6. India Internet = Competition Continues to Intensify… Consumers Winning (p. 232)
1. Economy = Strong Growth
2. Internet Users = Solid Growth
3. Mobiles = Choppy Growth…Recent Acceleration
4. Internet = Fierce Global Battleground (Hardware / Carriers / Software / Commerce)
5. Internet Usage = Rising Owing to Cheaper / Faster Access
6. Leadership = Focused Pro-Digital Policies
7. Internet Innovation =
i. Leapfrogging = Mobile…Identity…Bandwidth…Payments
ii. Re-Imagining = Entertainment…Education…Healthcare…Marketplaces
8. Internet Challenges = Financing Environment…Language Diversity
9. India Macro = Demographics = Bad & Good…Challenges = Job Creation…Business Basics…Education…Logistics…Gender Disparity

7. Digitization of Healthcare = Virtuous Cycle of Innovation (p. 288)
1. Digital Inputs = Rapid Growth in Sources of Digital Health Data
2. Data Accumulation = Proliferation of Digitally-Native Data Sets
3. Data Insight = Generated Following Accumulation & Integration of Data
4. Translation = Impact on Therapeutics & Healthcare Delivery
5. Outcomes = Measure Outcomes & Iterate… Innovation Cycle Times Compressing
6. Creates New Digital Inputs

8. Global Public / Private Internet Companies = It’s Been a Good Time to be a Leader / Innovator (p. 320)
1. Global Internet Companies = An Epic Half-Decade for Public + Private Internet Companies
2. Global Public Companies = An Epic Half-Decade for Internet Companies
3. Big Get Bigger = & Go After Other Bigs…Often Led by Founder-Driven Innovation / Seeing Around Corners
4. Global Technology Financings = Strong Relative to History…Slowing @ Margin
5. Global Technology Mergers & Acquisitions = Robust Relative to History
6. Value of a Business…

9. Some Macro Thoughts (p. 334)
1. USA, Inc.* = Understanding Where Your Tax Dollars Go
2. Immigration = Important for USA Technology Job Creation
3. High Level = For All the Angst, Consider This…

10. Closing Thoughts: Economic Growth Drivers = Evolve Over Time (p. 354)
Century | Economic Growth Drivers
Pre-18th | Cultivation & Extraction
19th-20th | Manufacturing & Industry
21st | Compute Power + Human Potential

Keeping with tradition, not really any mention of travel-related companies, except Priceline, Uber & Airbnb due to market caps.

Some remarkable, inspiring and scary data inside…

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