Live Show 91 May 5th 2017

Live Show 91 May 5th 2017

“Attribution, are you doing it right? Bad Ideas and bad ads, we have some new benchmarks, Flow-thru does your team really know what that means?…really?!?”


Here is our animated recap of show 91


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Robert Cole

Show Notes
:02 intro and recap of topics
:04 Facebook and Google revenue numbers from the first quarter
:10 bad use of social in advertising
:14 current failed ad campaigns and good ones like Heineken
:20 Fred — Googles new algorithm change
:23 tech impact of content interruptions by sliders and overlays that are getting your site in trouble
:27 Discussion of the article on paid attribution
:31 bad plugin use that takes credit of transactions and how it falls through the operational cracks
:34 Discussion of the article everything is not rate based
:38 Tie in with the article with Skyscanner CEo about what to learn from the Chinese ecommerce
:40 what hotels rev management do wrong and how to agreement what they should be including in strategy
:54 Extended stay for seniors article, good points or just average interest?
:59 AirB&B discussion in Hawaii a tale of two stories
1:00 Honolulu market discussion
1:20 Flow thru discussion related to the article from hotelier
1:26 Duetto article regarding membership and rewards are they really?
1:31 interesting history of airline rewards program with Robert
1:39 Use of channel shift and the data that it takes to do that
1:42 Hospitality in the social marketing space
1:51 Tool discussion with
2:00 TripAdvisor website changes and its new personalization
2:07 Snapchat is now offering access to its ads manager to everyone
2:09 ROC what to do and were to go
2:14 show ends

Paid search attribution models: Is your hotel doing it wrong, and paying for it?

Video: Skyscanner CEO Thinks Travel Sites Could Learn From Chinese E-Commerce

Video: Skyscanner CEO Thinks Travel Sites Could Learn From Chinese E-Commerce

Flow thru – Understanding how it works and how to include it in your financial statements

How the hospitality industry is embracing social media

Elder adults staying in extended stay hotels

Why you can’t compete on price alone

TripAdvisor Instant Booking Gets Very Personal (Skift):

TripAdvisor Instant Booking Gets Very Personal

Do Loyalty Bookings Have to Come Direct? (Duetto):

up to 36,000 hotels impacted in December… potentially 3x the size of last month’s IHG hack…

Data Breach of North Texas Company (Sabre) Could Affect Hotel Customer Payment Information

Earnings Reports 1Q 2017:

Expedia (YOY)

Revenue +15% (YOY)

Adjusted EBITDA +18%

Stayed room nights +12% (negatively impacted by the Easter shift)

Booked Room Nights +18%

Facebook (YOY)

Advertising Revenue +51%

Daily Active Users +57 million (Sequential QoQ)

Free Cash Flow: $3.8 Billion (total)

Google (YOY)

Revenue +22%

CPC -19%

Priceline & TripAdvisor earnings due on May 9.

Airline disruption: it will happen in the next decade – but no one is preparing for it (CentreforAviation):—but-no-one-is-preparing-for-it-339418

Top 8 Things I Learned at TED 2017

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