Live Show 90 April 28th 2017

Live Show 90 April 28th 2017

“Content is King, the customer experience is queen, and data is the crown jewels and other content as a value analogies, including chocolate cake and rocks…really”

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Edward StOnge
Tim Peter
Cat Origitano
Stuart Butler

Show Notes
:07 – Content is King, customer experience is queen, data is the crown jewels
:09 – how do hotels really act on ‘content is king’
:12 – chocolate cake content — Cat describes what it is
:14 – Cat discusses the path of the customer funnel and how content is used at each stage
:16 – Pebble versus rock content — Stuart
:18 – great example of the pool content story
:20 – if you don’t have content you don’t have search, or social because we have nothing to share
:24 – where does a hotel get inspiration for content, simple describe what you answer everyday to your guests
:31 – another source is Google. research how your hotel shows and who shows up in your market and then generate content to build what you want to gee discovered for.
:34 – See who is ‘near’ things in your market, see what your OTA is saying about you, what are your DMO’s saying?
:39 – What Sojern does and how does it do it
:46 Pro’s and Con’s of the various platforms for content value and use.
50 – Snapchat got the creation side down but not the consumable portion is missing, it can’t be found. Most ppl are leaning on other social channels to get there snapchat content out. when facebook came out it did not start by competing with facebook, everything snapchat does well facebook steals it.
:52 – an example of snapchat use is a hotel that had a separate facility that slept 16 and snap chatted it and make $10K
1:00 – Cat explains why and what Sojern does and what it can do it for you.
1:04 – Without A&B testing attribution modeling is not possible
1:10 – Various attribution string types, and analytics tracking configuration
1:18 – Pop ups and overlays getting penalized and what its impact will be
1:20 – Ed’s analogy of conversion based on bar hopping
1:30 – Tim departs

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