Live Show 89 April 21st 2017

Live Show 89 April 21st 2017

“Is Marriott now too big to fail? How will brands be relevant in 2020? Bing is now into MetaSearch, too little too late?”


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Edward StOnge
Robert Cole
Tim Peter

Show Notes
:02 Ed refers to Hotel Beds bought Konig
:06 Tim joins
:08 Amazon is tearing apart retail as a model that hospitality may follow, is Marriott to big to fail article discussion
:36 TripAdvisor and its future, good bad or ending? discussion
:54 needs to loosen the cancel policies
1:04 Brand discussion what is the future in a voice controlled world
1:15 what is audio going to be like and how is it related to the use of video and the future of our AI engagement
1:35 Tim Leaves
1:37 How brands will be relevant in 2020 article discussion
1:51 Public run hospitality verses private run hospitality how profit is used discussion
2:30 Miami’s decline in ADP is it an indicator or a decline for everyone?
2:34 Bing is getting into Meta is it too little to late?
2:41 Content

Potential topics

How Extended Stay Hotels Are Pivoting Towards a New Generation of Travelers
STR: US hotel performance for March 2017

S. Florida hotels gain guests, but room rates retreat

South Florida’s hotel sector posted improvements in occupancy in March. But room rates were lower from a year ago, a report released Wednesday shows. Palm Beach County led the upswing in March hotel occupancy with 87.4 percent, versus 84.6 percent in the same month last year, according to STR. Business from groups and meetings helped boost March results. (Sun Sentinel)

SiteMinder’s Global Hotel Business Index 2017:

Uber’s huge expansion in corporate travel in the U.S. is trailing off,

Uber’s Growth Is Stalling Among U.S. Business Travelers

Bing Goes Meta

Roberts list
Here is my Top 10:

I summarized the video in #1 – I highly recommend watching it…

1. How Amazon is Dismantling Retail: Much of this applies to travel…
1. Product is customer preferences
i. Winners are Google and Amazon

2. Amazon at war with brands
i. Except hot independent brand

ii. Good brand at amazing price

iii. Most big brands are neither (Brands traditionally command a premium)

3. Algorithms v. Partnerships
i. Algorithm decides what is best for a) consumer & 2) intermediary

4. Death has a name: Voice
i. Voice only offers “best” result

ii. For consumer and/or intermediary, not the brand.

5. Investors want growth – at all costs
i. Investors are seeking growth over profit

ii. Want to establish sector leadership position

iii. This may not end well…

2. Brand relevancy in 2020 – how to win the battle in the hotel industry:
3. Google tests search for package travel in Europe:
4. The power of packages for hotels:
5. Facebook Messenger’s Newest Features Incorporate Games, Bots, and QR Codes:
6. What’s Really Behind the Hotel Industry’s Plans to Combat Airbnb:
7. Inside the Hotel Industry’s Plan to Combat Airbnb:
8. The (ongoing) trouble with travel distribution: Customer experience:
9. Microsoft Bets on Artificial Intelligence to Help It Succeed Again in Travel:
10. Hotels Still Afraid to Take on Expedia and Despite Rule Changes:

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