Live Show 86 March 31st 2017

Live Show 86 March 31st 2017

“BYOD – Bring Your Own Device, is this what we are heading towards, soft brands and independents making signs of growing amongst all this merger stuff and mobile hybrid apps is it really the best of both worlds?”

Here is our animated recap of Show 86

Live Show Replay

 Co Hosts

Edward StOnge
Stuart Butler
Tim Peter
Robert Cole
Special Co-Host Michael Waltman Interactive Sites

Show Notes

:01 Intro to Michael Waltman
:22 Discussion on native app versus browser-based
:25 Stuart give a case to support an app for a hotel even a small one, show stats for a small hotel in Myrtle Beach
:45 There is no real need to hire a private developer and think you will get a good value, not to mention the struggle of having someone else take the project over.
:55 A hybrid native app that uses the browser-based value but in a native app shell.
:56 Native app functions that are of value
1:04 Two articles that are similar soft brands gain ground and independent hoteliers gets stronger online
1:15 Foursquare article gets discussed
1:20 divergence of brands for the shifting market is another reason why independents are gaining ground.
1:25 Discussion about what really is a millennial and why do we think they are a certain way when in fact they will change
1:32 How the younger generations draw the older generations into the newer tech and changes in communication
1:35 Robert discusses how kids will always change the intent of what tech was originally built for
1:41 Tim leaves the show
1:42 Discussion of the article of which voice-activated platform is going to be used in the future for in room service with SIRI or Alexa
1:46 Voice-activated data and the new legal changes that have just occurred with the ISP’s being able to sell your data
1:50 BYOD — Bring Your Own Device discussion and merging tech
1:56 Review of the upcoming live podcast for Fuel Travel by Stuart hashtag #fuelama
2:04 show ends

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