Live Show 75 January 13th 2017

Live Show 75 January 13th 2017

“Emails for hospitality, the definitive show, starring Don Hay with Digital Alchemy!”

This is our fun animated recap of the show

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Robert Cole
Special Co-Host Don Hay with Digital Alchemy

Show Notes

Minute 6 — Don recounts the creation of Digital Alchemy — 17 years, think of us as guest communications, think of us as dial tone if we do it right we don’t get noticed.

Minute 9 — text is best used for micro moments sales not exposure ad’s

Minute 10 — if you text to 40404 — ” follow twitter name “ type ‘follow then a space then the twitter name then do it inreverse with ‘unfollow’

Minute 17 — Email should be dead, over a billion spam messages an hour

Minute 21 — there is more to sending an email than just pushing send what is the difference between constant contact and mail chimp compared to what DA does

Minute 24 — how many you can send per hour, for what channels for what carriers at what time are all variable Don spells it out.

Minute 35 — what is the future of email — Don, youth use email the least, but you need fundamental marketing, aka impressions

Minute 39— 60% match of emails used for facebook to personal use.content is subjective and in the moment

Minute 44 — Robert – dont do anything that doesn’t help the guest

Minute 45 — Net promoter score the ultimate question, or is it?

Minute 50 — what kind of A/B testing do you recommend? Why are you staying?

Minute 54 — what is a typical campaign size? just don’t sent something that makes you look dumb send testing on a small portion, like 10% then see which test works then go, we open our emails within 5 minutes of opening our phone

Minute 56 — how to create a range of opening to a subscriber, based on which ‘person’ they are

Minute 59 — how many $$ did you make by each email sent?? we know what you booked for we know what your willing to pay, so take the offer

Minute 62 — How to geo-fence an email with success

Minute 70 — how to customize the preview text — not available in constant contact and mail chimp

Minute 72 — be consistent, give the same message not one platform over another

Minute 75 — read the boo blink and its reasons

Minute 78 — images on the platform of choice are critically important

Minute 82 — define what you are not who you are, great example of the offer verses the price

Minute 86 — lowest price? to what you think, as what you sell is to your guests that satisfy the criteria

Minute 89- the three questions in a boardroom and socrates proof or value, the three questions

Minute 90 — what happens after the budget has been spent even though the return is significant

Minute 95 – revenue management should be able to look down the chain and see how what needs to be done with authority

Minute 100 — 80/20 rule do it three times and you get 96% of the business

Minute 102 — $500 marketing / 50$ marketing / none (don’t have to offer a deal) for a bottle of wine, why bother, it only care that they did at he price they did we all have different personas

Minute 104 — what is the data we can buy? all facets all things

Minute 105 — amazing info about your customers in your daily info as a service.. **

Minute 108 — how far is creepy? when it comes to data, yellow ribbon on a door how to recognize a returning guest

Minute 120 — Show ends

Potential topics

Questions from TIM from Oslo —
As promised, here are a couple of questions for Don today:
Have fun today, and I’ll see you next week.

– What does email look like in the future? Does it risk losing out to other forms of messaging like SMS, WeChat, WhatsApp, etc?
– Can you talk a little bit about split testing and/or hold back testing in email? (Loren, you might want to ask this one more as a leading question to talk about how testing works in email most effectively or something)
– Apart from tools like, what are some techniques you recommend for hotels to grow their email list?
– Similarly what techniques can you recommend to improve open rate, click through rate, and other significant KPI’s for email campaigns?

WORD OF THE DAY –Deterministic Matching (n.) Tracking users across devices through personal logged-in accounts such as email or Facebook profiles.

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