Live Show 72 December 23rd 2016

Live Show 72 December 23rd 2016

“West Elm furniture store turns hotel, yes brands do own all the data, loyalty is all situational, Residence Inn hits all 50 states, and VR is travel self-loving”

Here is our weekly animated recap

Edward StOnge
Holly Zoba
Minute 1 — West Elm Creating hotels
Minute 15 — discussion about guest interaction via wifi sign up at a hotel.
Minute 18 — brief discussion on a proximity program called ‘Gravy’
Minute  23 — Brands truly own all the data according to the brand relationship
Minute 25 — Hot spots that travel like SkyRoam
Minute 28 — discussion of what 5G is and what will be its real impact
Minute 30 — Brand loyalty is actually situational loyalty
Minute 35 — Residence Inn joins The Courtyard as one of the only brands represented in all 50 states
Minute 39 — Trading Hospital rooms for Hotels suites what are some real-world strategies for marketing a hotel in that market
Minute 47 — EU trying to outlaw roaming fee for internet connection
Minute 50 — Current Holiday Marketing — VR is ‘travel masturbation’ — Ed
Minute 52 — AR is the real value proposition to travel
Minute 60 — Holly had to leave
Minute 62 — HSMAI updates and schedule releases for 2017
Minute 64 — Covering the Adrian awards and digital marketing conference with live coverage
Minute 68 — Challenges to attend HITEC and ROC for vendors
Minute 74 — Using points for redeeming purchases
Minute 80 — Discussed can study using GPS for Myrtle Beach
Minute 85  — Show ends

Trading Hospital Rooms for Hotel Suites

West Elm is Creating the Ultimate Show-rooming Experience

The Experience

Residence Inn Announces Presence in 50 States

Residence Inn Announces Presence in 50 States

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