Live Show 69 December 2nd 2016

Live Show 69 December 2nd 2016

“Alex explains that it is no wonderland for guest engagement with ALICE, while we discuss how real guest personalization can work with the right combination of platforms”

Our Animated Recap

Show Notes

Edward StOnge
Tim Peter
Robert Cole
special guest co-host Alex Shashou with Alice

Minute 4 — Some Phocuswright stats STR Occ forecast down for ’16 by half a point ADR of 2.8%

Minute 7 — Introduce our co-host Alex and get a review of the service.

Minute 11 — The trends of what is hot each year, this year its messaging

Minute 14 — Ask this question always. “How does this improve the guest experience”? if it does find the money if not don’t waste it.

Minute 17 — NPS -Net Promoter Score — single most accurate way of measuring — Alex

Minute 24 — How is using Alice not giving away guest service? Alex lancers that its a service provider similar to Salesforce, it’s the properties to use and succeed with.

Minute 27 — Alice KPI calculations

Minute 31 — What kind of crossover exists between what Alice is doing and social engagement?

Minute 41 — Case studies of success on the Alice strategy

Minute 45 — How much does revenge increase per star in ratings you can increase rate by 9% and revenue 25% per guest (Wall Street Journal)

Minute 47 — Additional value to Alice is the ability to acknowledge team performance and validating it.

Minute 60 — Alex’s hotel history

Minute 65 — Membership values and how Alice can assist

Minute 69 — Personalization, and being consistent with it is a key element to future value with guests.

Minute 71 — Process of how Alice gets reviewed and integrated into a properties program

Minute 77 — Ed has to leave

Minute 79 — How to connect operations and marketing is one of the greatest challenges to Alice and its use

Minute 87 — Types of membership rewards values like Wyndham’s ‘at your request’

Minute 93 — Tim and Alex departed

Minute 97 — three pillars that effect a hotel most — GM / Concierge / Chef

Minute 104 — Show ends

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