Live Show 67 November 18th 2016

Live Show 67 November 18th 2016

  • November 18, 2016
  • live

ROCET hits Phoenix, sometimes silence is golden, know your 4 ‘P’s, can it really only be 1/2 of 1%?”


As always our animated video recap of the show

Show Notes

Tim Peter
Robert Cole
Edward StOnge

Minute 5 — ROCET discussion from Phoenix

Minute 12 — Tim discusses the 4 P’s — Product price place promotion or — service, access, value and experience .

Minute 15 — 31 dead air Robert isn’t being heard

Minute 32 — dialog begins about the value of conference meetings in person

Minute 42 — poor marketing strategies

Minute 55 — AirB&B is trying to make transformational travel while hotels are trying to make transactional travel — Chip Conley from AirB&B

Minute 59 — fundamental change is the disconnect of hotel ownership with Brand ownership

Minute 62 — Phocuswright stat from Robert mentioned by Expedia — .5 of 1% is brand based search.

Minute 69 — open discussion about the sat of brand search on OTA’s Ed’s perspective and Tims

Minute 78 — The lack of a gatekeeper of truth in advertising is not the wild west all over again

Minute 85 — Robert joins but cannot be heard

Minute 95 — show ends

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