Live Show 149 June 15th 2018

Live Show 149 June 15th 2018

“HITEC and ROC and AAHOA next weeks Prep show”

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Co Hosts
Robert Cole
Edward StOnge
Tim Peter
Stuart Butler

Show Notes
00:01 — HITEC, what to expect and what to look for
00:26 — should social be combined with call center?
00:45 — Navis as a partner, and other resources to get your guest interaction to be better
00:54 — Is a printed welcome card really making the impact you want?
00:59 — talking about
01:11 — When people are happy they talk about the staff, when they are critical they talk about the product. — in general — Ed
01:26 — Voice engagement and AI activation and what it means to hospitality
01:48 — What is the best PMS system
01:56 — Rut Roo — catch the flu and stay at the hotel


Top Story

1. Keyword Restrictions – A Legal Perspective from Donald Scaramastra of Garvey Schubert Barer

1. Part I: Restrictions on Keyword Advertising by OTAs: What Exactly Is the Problem?

2. Part II: Complaints Based on the 1-800 Contacts Case: Visionary or Near Sighted

3. Part III: Vertical vs. Horizontal

4. Part IV: The Benefits of Restrictions on Use of Hotel Trademarks

5. Part V: Restrictions on Using Trademarks as Keyword Search Terms: Why All The Griping?

6. Part VI: Hotels and OTAs – Where Do We Go From Here?


2. The Value of Staying Independent in an Increasingly Soft Branded World

The Value of Staying Independent in an Increasingly Soft Branded World

3. IHG unveils new upscale brand voco

4. Boston’s City Council Just Passed an Overhaul of Airbnb

5. Laura Ashley sets goal of 100 hotels in next five years


6. Expedia throws a wrinkle into travel packages

7. Zacks Industry Outlook Highlights:, Expedia, TripAdvisor, Hilton Worldwide Holdings and Marriott International

1. Hertz, Avis Soar as Finds Used-Car Prices at Record

8. Expedia gets super-serious about activities, plots five-fold booking jump


9. Google Posts adds products and offers

10. The value AI can bring to your business

11. Towards a data-driven seamless journey – the vision for corporate travel by 2030

12. Blockchain in travel – on the move or not?


13. Facebook touts benefits of people-based travel marketing

14. Modern travel marketing, part 2: Social media


15. Missouri’s ‘Hotel Influenza’ Wants to Pay You $3,500 to Catch the Flu

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