Live Show 111 September 22nd 2017

Live Show 111 September 22nd 2017

“London says no to Uber, Hilton snaps at AirBnB, Apple makes it interesting for templated hotel apps”

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Edward St.Onge
Robert Cole
Stuart Butler
Tim Peter
Holly Zoba

Show Notes

00:04 Uber gets booted from London, at least that is the plan
00:22 Is Apple accidentally killing government as a platform? Apple is basically refusing or taking down similar looking aps and the question is since apps are mostly templates does that create an issue for hotels.
00:27 Safaris new update blocks cross platform cookies this makes retargeting challenges
00:32 AirBnB gets into restaurant reservations with its acquisition of Resy its not just about packages but a play into restaurant market space.
00:34 Brand life, and who really benefits longterm in the franchise relationship.
00:41 Tim gives two really good examples of the difference between running a hotel versus being run for hospitality.
00:56 How to effect the reviews you get and how to improve them.
01:32 Webdesign what it should really be.
01:41 Rather than rely on a third party to improve conversion, or wouldn’t it be better to improve your site to convert itself better
01:44 How to market with little to no money, key element is to stay away from the ‘new & shinny’ stuff, go for the block and tackle.
01:47 Load times, can make a dramatic impact on conversions, what is your PMS load time?
01:33 How can a big box generic brand hotel do to become a ‘hospitality’ based business rather than a ‘number generator’.
01:41 three great managers for a limited service hotel — college grad / spouse / semi-retired large hotel gm
01:46 Holly Joins us and discusses the Hilton perspective on AirBnB and why Hilton makes the statement of expectation
01:48 What are really brand standards and who is doing it right and keeping expectations.
01:56 The thoughts to those in Mexico City and the Caribbean Islands
02:08 Show Ends

Potential topics

Is Apple About to Accidentally Kill Government as Platform?
Jennifer Pahlka | Sep 18, 2017

Apple goes after clones and spam on the App Store

Here are the top ten stories:


1. Why Hilton’s loyalty program wants to take you shopping at


2. You can now book a restaurant reservation on Airbnb


3. Hilton hotels senior executive dismisses Airbnb as a ‘lodging’ company; says Hilton is more about hospitality

4. Hoteliers chase profits by dropping roomservice


5. Avid Hotels Is the Name IHG Gave to Its New Midscale Brand After a 3-Month Wait

Avid Hotels Is the Name IHG Gave to Its New Midscale Brand After a 3-Month Wait

6. 7 Elements of Hotel Brands Built to Endure

7 Elements of Hotel Brands Built to Endure


7. Hawaii, federal regulators crack down on hidden resort fees,-federal-regulators-crack-down-on-hidden-resort-fees

8. Maui considers 29 percent tax hike for some vacation rentals


9. Google Pushes Predictive Pricing and Packaged Travel

10. Google Travel Is Worth $100 Billion — Even More Than Priceline

Google Travel Is Worth $100 Billion — Even More Than Priceline

Tims added these two articles;
Are Hotel Brands Doomed?
Are hotel franchise fees a growing problem for owners?
* OTA’s vs. Chain Brands: Expedia Comes Out Swinging
What Business Is Airbnb In? Hotels? Or Hospitality?

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