Live Show 108 September 1st 2017

Live Show 108 September 1st 2017

“Saar Fabrikant of B4Checkin is our special Co-Host”

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Co Hosts
Robert Cole
Stuart Butler
Special co -host Saar Fabrikant
Tim Peter
Ed St.Onge

Show Notes

00:02 Saar discusses the real problems they are solving
00:15 B4Checkin is now has the ability to post directly into Oracle
00:24 B4youbet B4youpost B4youbook all different as to there use
00:28 PMS should be the the core
00:33 The real value of B4Checkin is its true ability to translate the data between systems and not so much what they do but how they do it
00:36 The real issues that surround the Golf industry and Spa industry as to online bookings and Barter system
00:37 All systems are flat monthly fees for B4Checkin
00:49 Basic system requirements that a property would need to best benefit from using B4Checkin
00:53 what are the numbers that need to be looked at to decide if B4Checkin is a value proposition savings in card present and chargebacks
01:36 Saar departs the show
01:10 amoma lawsuit from westgate, and what it really means — issue is wholesale rates not meant for public view being marketed via Metasearch as available rates to public view.
01:12 Eds possible thought of adding the OTA’s into the class action tomato them back off so as not to gather the ire of the EU
01:22 Open discussion on the real contract clauses that control the ability of Wholesale vendors to resell or have inventory risks.
01:31 Alice gets Series B
01:35 If one of the main reasons that a hotel assumes a flag is to get financing then why doesn’t OTA’s partner with financial institutions and show there value proposition and get hotels to stay independent and have direct access to the new hotel distribution.
01:36 Robert refers to the fact that GDS’s still mandate that a hotel can only be represented by one entity a self created constraint that bents the brands.
01:39 Review of Marriott Tech accelerator model in the EU
01:40 the pain of a startup is when it gets acquired by a customer then having ‘forceful customer requests’
01:46 a large presentation can be called a “Shelf help book”
01:55 can innovation live in a corporate world, knowing that you can either surprise team members, share early with team members or deny risk to the team as the only three choices?
01:58 A lot of companies do not do enough work to define who they are and who they are really competing with.
02:01 You need to be able who is the customer, is it the guest, the client, the shareholder, they all can be but you must prioritize who is on top.
02:03 Ed reviews his presentation panel for Visit Florida on how innovation happens
02:12 The real isight to the new CEO change at Uber and what does he need to tackle first

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Google search just gained a helpful new superpower

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Most Hotel Apps Still Need a Radical Overhaul

Beleaguered Uber offers chief executive job to Expedia Inc.’s Khosrowshahi (they guys quoted here have incredible insights…)

Selecting the Right Hotel Direct Distribution Solutions

Google May Finally Face a Showdown With Regulators Over Its Evolving Travel Tools

Google May Finally Face a Showdown With Regulators Over Its Evolving Travel Tools

When will Priceline and Expedia start buying hotels?

Business of Loyalty: West Elm Hotels Program Will Tie Into Williams-Sonoma Brands

Business of Loyalty: West Elm Hotels Program Will Tie Into Williams-Sonoma Brands

Per Ed
Per our Senior Vice President of Hotel Sales & Marketing, Jared Saft:

“Our partners should know that we are pursuing this lawsuit to protect their interests as well as ours. My hope is that this makes our honest partners feel like we are one of the few protecting them, our dishonest partners think twice about their actions, and maybe start a trend of other companies and fellow hoteliers pursuing the same action. Either way, we are done wasting everyone’s time with pointless cease and desist letters to – we are now taking action.”

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