Live Show 106 August 18th 2017

Live Show 106 August 18th 2017

“Has TripBam figured out overbooking and should hotels consider it?”

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Edward StOnge

Show Notes
00:03 TripBam article discussion
00:14 Alibaba and Marriott short term venture
00:21 Recended Chinese international investment.
00:28 Influencer marketing on Facebook is getting more expensive
00:31 Minimum wage discussion
00:47 Agencies and new contracts with clients getting modified

A. In August, Marriott International announced a joint venture with Alibaba.
· Press release

What are your take-aways from this move? What should we be watching for? Anything we can learn from it?

B. Agencies are using TRIPBAM actively (so is the travel manager for Boeing, and others). How should this impact how we think about changes in pricing? How is it impacting cancellations?
· For reference review these FAQs targeted at agencies that would use TRIPBAM:

How hotel managers are coping with rising wages

TRACK Hospitality Software has announced the launch of the first Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered secure messaging application for Homeaway and Airbnb business users.

Sick and tired of losing your direct bookings to OTAs?

Brands Look to Take Back Some Digital Control From Ad Agencies

Influencer marketing on Facebook is about to get more expensive

Influencer marketing on Facebook is about to get more expensive

Pinterest is finally adding a feature users have been craving for years

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