Live Show 105 August 11th 2017

Live Show 105 August 11th 2017

“Scalable original strategic driven content, this and more with special co-host Jonathan Stone of NewsCred”

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Guest Co-Host — Jonathan Stone — Newscred
Edward StOnge
Tim Peter

Show Notes
00:02 Jonathan Stone discusses the real value of customer focus content generation
00:10 three things content should do; entertain (marriott videos as ex), inspire (west jet xmas as ex), education (what are things you need to know for your travel as ex).
00:19 NewsCred does syndicated content and original content.
00:21 Top blog writers, videos, infographics, graphic developers
00:22 NewsCred then monitors how the interaction is working and refine it, emotional content.
00:23 CMAS – Content Management
00:24 “If it has an offer in it, its an advertisement not content”
00:25 KPI’s that may not be normally thought of in hospitality
00:31 How to engage while the customer is not in the ‘buy cycle’.
00:35 75% of internet users now have ad blockers in place so how can that ‘buy only’ strategy going to work.
00:36 Discounting a product is due to the inability to have defined the value proposition
00:40 What are some of the metrics that are tracked by NewsCred, going beyond last click attribution
00:43 Pricing starts at the $100K level, has integrations with places like salesforce WordPress. Bundles at $30K a piece, webinars, infographics, $500 to a $1,000 a licensed content.
00:46 Advisory services NewsCred — Content audit, roadmap creation
00:48 at the end of a quarter, have you cultivated better guest relationship, seeded future bookings or did you just go for the easy fast booking?
00:50 The real value proposition of NewsCred by having them do the hard lifting
00:58 What can a smaller operator do that may not afford a NewsCred, How can you ad value to those interacting with you? is the first question you should consider.
01:00 Surveys are free market research

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