HI Everyone, I had a great time meeting everyone at HSMAI’s ROCET in Vancouver and Phoenix.

As promised here is the content I shared during my portion of the day’s presentations.

Should you have any follow-up questions please feel free to reach out at Loren@Lorengray.com Also, please remember our weekly live video show dedicated to all things hospitality called, “This Week in Hospitality Digital Marketing” or listen to our weekly podcast called, “Hospitality Digital Marketing

Here is the live recording of the presentation. My apologies for the loud audio at the start, just be ready :-).


For those in the phoenix ROCET I combined the two segments into one 2 hour presentation <<whew>>



Slideshare Link

The recorded webinar version of this live presentation is HERE

HSMAI's ROCET Webinar by Loren Gray

HSMAI’s ROCET Webinar by Loren Gray

You can click on the image above as well

Attached Links for resources mentioned in the presentations and from the discussions afterward.

Here is the 360 video I did while we were together its better with Google Cardboard is so use this link from your mobile,

But to just view it you can do that here, remember to use the mouse or ‘arrows’ to move the picture around.


Here are some helpful resources I referred to in the presentation

Here is the link to the Facebook training program called BLUEPRINT

Here is the link for the MetaSearch Revenue Calculator

Here is the Link for the Digital Marketing Budget Simulator

Here is the link to the Global MetaSearch ranking Map

Here is the Social Media Editorial Calendar Template

[gview file=”https://hdmagency.wpengine.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Social-Media-Editorial-Calendar-Template.xlsx”]

A little fun infographic for promoting the last three ROCET presentations of 2016.


Here is a promotion video I did that never aired, (it was a software test)

And here are all the’Sketch’ ads that ran for their respective cities


And a link to our own infographic for the ROCET Series for 2016 HERE

A bit of the reason to join the ROCET program


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