First and foremost thank you for attending my presentation at HSMAI’s ROC Conference in New Orleans, it was a real privilege to be able to speak with you. In addition to the 347 in attendance with you, we also had several hundred more share the presentation ‘Live’ on Facebook and Livit. As promised here is both my presentation slides deck and video recording of the actual presentation. Also included are two additional links for webinars that I  referred to on MetaSearch tutorials and a link to Robert Cole’s presentation from Rock Cheetah also at the conference.

Here as promised is the link to my slide deck presentation of, “These Are The Good Old Days”

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Here is the link to the Facebook Live broadcast of the presentation — CLICK HERE


Loren Gray’s HSMAI ROC 2016 Presentation

Titled, “These Are The Good Old Days” we explore the major changes that happened in 2016 that will fundamentally change how Revenue Managment for the Hospitali…

Here is the YouTube link of the presentation;


Here is the link to Robert Cole’s Facebook Live broadcast of “Mobile in Hospitality”– CLICK HERE


Thank You

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