Live Show Third Quarter 2016

Episode #60 September 30th FRIDAY 8:30 am PDT / 10:30 am CDT / 11:30 am EDT

Our Animated recap

Show Notes

Tim Peters
Holly Zoba
Special Co-Host — Dean Schmit with Derbysoft
Minute 13— Expedia uses facial recognition
Minute 15 — what happened to Pokemon ?
Minute 19 — groups sales repeating history and the loss of talent and the heavy use of automation
Minute 22 — Next year is going have a downturn?
Minute 27 — Next years impact on brand verses independent value for resources
Minute 31 — Direct business drivers and who wins
Minute 33 — Survival of the fittest? — life during the business cycle of a downturn
Minute 35 — The discussion of ‘Alice’ begins
Minute 40 — Dean Joins us
Minute 45 — Dean starts off with MetaSearch budgets brand search terms are fair game in Meta unlike adwords
Minute 50 — Tim made a great statement regarding is meta a distribution cost or a marketing cost is if it has a booking button on it then it is a distribution cost to produce it.
Minute 55 — how much does MetaSearch as a share of business contribute
Minute 58 — defining real ROI beyond just the simple ‘make more revenue’
Minute 61 — Trivago verses TripAdvisor as channels denied by ROI
Minute 64 — How do you control your inventory on all of these sites, and what platforms do this, how to control ,cache, cost and use cross-channel management
Minute 70 — North America verses EU when it comes to MetaSearch platforms
Minute 71 — How MetaSearch platforms like Derbysoft work in the real world
Minute 73 — Programmatic ads verses dynamic content ad’s whats the difference
Minute 81 — Discussion about Facebook DAT (Dynamic Ads for Travel) and what is Derbysoft is doing
Minute 83 — Strategies regarding frequency of ads serviced and retargeting challenges
Minute 86 — WeChat and what are the requirements to participate on it and its audience.
Minute 89 — Facebook DAT now open to everyone
Minute 91 — Google multi-platform tracking
Minute 93 — Discussion about hands-free and voice-activated search
Minute 101 — Touched on the real purpose of Googles new Allo product
Minute 103 — budgeting for content discussion
Minute 107 — Commoditizing hotel inventory if this automation of AI in the new Hands-free SEO
Minute 115 — show ends
Items of potential interest
The explosion of hotel brands and what owners should do about it
Facebooks Dynamic Travel Ads launches mainstream
Trivago IPO or Homeaway which will be bigger for Expedia 
Google (finally) launches cross-device retargeting
War games: Hotels may have more to lose than OTAs in booking fight
With Spectacles, Snap Inc. eyes augmented reality future, raw reality present

Episode #59 September 23rd FRIDAY 8:30 am PDT / 10:30 am CDT / 11:30 am EDT

Our Animated recap

“Darlene Rondeau from Leonardo is our special guest, Marriott and Starwood are finally final, Google has two new apps, and Expedia has a new tool”

Robert Cole —Rock Cheetah
Edward StOnge —
Tim Peter — Tim Peter & Associates
Special co-host — Darlene Rondeau of Leonardo

Show Notes

Minute 8 — Democratization of online marketing start of the topic
Minute 10 — challenges of mass access to marketing to the untrained
Minute 15 — Discussions surrounding Vizilly as a product solution
Minute 28 — Responsive  mobile not as a screen size but as an interface.
Minute 34 — Darlene announces an online Summit about the current Customer Journey
Minute 38 — How does Vizilly solve content needs for non-technical users
Minute 41 — The Samsung note issues
Minute 43 — The future of rich media — AI, mentioned WayBlazer
Minute 45 — guidelines of adaptive rich media, seasonality pictures, demographic specific images less static use
Minute 48 — long tail mobile type search queries
Minute 52 — Google Trip app discussion and Also roll out from Google
Minute 59 — New Vizlly website and Darlene steps away
Minute 60 — AI discussion and the value of content
Minute 62 — Expedia says its stopping ‘dimming’
Minute 68 — Reit forecasts down by 2 points for 2017 Robert reviews the pattern of forecast for 2017
Minute 73 — AirBnB Inventory issues that prevent it from capturing the business market
Minute 80 — Your product must match the market, discussion of the Four Seasons growth
Minute 86 — Ed eludes to a new product offering from by the end of the year.
Minute 90 — Discuss first steps with Ft Myers resort and the use of Salesforce
Minute 92 — Ed discusses the variations of travel and catering to those demographics especially in off season — i.e. the ‘professional travelers’
Minute 95 — appreciation Timeshare marketing tactics
Minute 100 — Marriott and Starwood is finally final is it 30 or 27 brands that survive
Minute 102 — Carlson membership, Yahoo security wrap up statements.
Minute 110 — conjecture of what brands will survive the Marriott & Starwood merger.

Episode #58 September 16th FRIDAY 8:30 am PDT / 10:30 am CDT / 11:30 am

Show Notes

“Special Guest Henry Woodman discusses all things rich media, Hipmunk Sold, Vantage hotels sold, OTA’s say hotel’s direct booking campaigns are having no effect on them”
Special Guest Co-Host — Henry Woodman of ICEPortal
Cohost — Robert Cole of Rock Cheetah
CoHost — Tim Peter of Tim Peter & Associates
Minute 10 — the need for pictures is extreme, but great ones — Henry
Minute 22 — what type of people to in a picture, if even to have them
Minute 27 — bad pictures are the worst thing that people do
minute 31 — what is ICEPortal
Minute 37 — pricing for ICEPortal
Minute 40 — image analytics and tracking and tagging of photos
Minute 51 — types of pictures are needed for specific things, the need to tag correctly and there use in personalization
Minute 53 — Discussion of AR and 360 videos and images
Minute 62 — What is the real value of images, and what can properties do regardless of budget
Minute 68 — Henry has to leave
Minute 70 — Concur hipmunk
Minute 73 — Tim feels that the Apple launch of the wireless EarPods mainstreams the use of voice as the primary means of interaction
Minute 87 — Voice interaction in home and on all of the internet of things
Minute 90 — technology integration into hotel rooms for personalization
Minute 95 — Bots running Bots?
Minute 98 — RedLion Buys Vantage… pieces to a puzzle or short term play
Minute 102 — OTA’s impact report of hotels direct channel campaigns
Discussed Topics Links: 
Concur Buys Hipmunk to Bring Consumer Tools to Its Business Travelers
Red Lion Hotels buys Vantage Hospitality Group
Suggested topics not gotten too:
Expedia Moving Beyond Distribution Service
[Infographic] Impact of Large Events on Hotels

Episode #57 September 9th FRIDAY 8:30 am PDT / 10:30 am CDT / 11:30 am EDT

Show NotesCo-host Edward St Onge

**Tech issues prevented our guest speaker Dean Schmit from Derbysoft from participating, we will reschedule him for another show
Minute 5 — Recap of some discussion points from the HSMAI Digital Marketing Retreat held in Boca Raton
Minute 11 —  Discussion about Metasearch and budgeting for 2017 for all related links to the webinars —unable to get our guest speaker Dean Schmit connected to the show.
Minute 13 — Discussion regarding the future of the Digital Marketing summit coming in February with HSMAI
Minute 17 — Digital Marketing Budget Simulator 2017 discussion about potential KPI’s
Minute 23 — Brands frustration of properties lack of services available within the brand services
Minute 29 — Budget discussion regarding 4th quarter
Minute 33 — The politics of great ideas in a world of unsupported team members
Minute 37 — Who is doing it right ed thinks G6 I think Citizen M
Minute 39 — Loren Makes a statement of lost opportunity during all this merging changes within companies
Minute 47 — Why OTA’s are better at branding that brands are continued discussion
Minute 49 — Ed asks the big question, before you disagree with someone ask, “Why are you doing that”? when it comes to any effort
Minute 52 — Citizen M discussion as to there uniqueness
Minute 53 — Loren – “To fail is to learn, to fail twice the same way is to not be learning from it”
Minute 55 — Talk about the Boca Raton Resort, both in appearance and there in-house Instagram content.
Minute 59 — Skifts 250 article discussion and the lack of some integrity on several ‘news’ platforms
Minute 71 — Expedia and Marriott news article on Skift about Marriott vacations joined services with Expedia

Episode #56 Aired September 2nd FRIDAY 8:30 am PDT / 10:30 am CDT / 11:30 am EDT

Ed tells how social media should really be used, we announce we are now live airing our shows 24/7 on Firetalk and Tim & Robert get very deep into the future of tech and global economies, (no really)


Our Special Guest Interview with Edward St Onge of

Here’s our fun recap promo

Show Notes

**Tech issues on starting the show till about minute 5
Robert Cole 
Edward StOnge
Tim Peter — (minute 25)
Loren departs at 60 minutes
Introductions and then our one on one interview with EdWard St Onge with
Minute 6 — Ed starts discussing and its history. is a marketing platform for hotels helps hotels reach guests organically  by following paths of the individuals that are similar to those who have experienced the hotel. then bring the guests down compelling conversation paths and conversion funnels. social experiences site experiences, email communication, web experiences.. engaging guests with the hotel and hen sharing it with their friends.
Minute 11 — Guests by themselves do not have a lot of reach but together there extremely  powerful  16% on average guests share, with the average guest having about 300 friends total guests 200 to 300 people that’s 100,000 of thousands of people reached Facebook also features friends and family posts more than business posts that mean’s that more than 35% more is seen by friends.
Minute 14 — developing ‘warm leads’ and bring the guests interest down the conversion funnel.
Minute 16 — Robert asks to define ROI Ed referred to targeting a 20:1 return Mega rests are best at 40:1 and more — ROI tracking is not based on Impressions reach / — direct unique visits to website / a value of warm lead – lifetime value then cut in half and then the revenue value of the room sales.
Minute 19 – Ed – ‘a trip is not real till you share it with someone’ — you either have to tell someone or want to tell someone — all in response to the question of the humble beginnings of from a social broadcasting of a booking to the vanguard of thought leadership on the effective use of social for hospitality marketing
Minute 20 — Ed brings us through the evolution of’s roadmap and the creation of proper legally useable content generated by guests.
Minute 25 — Tim Peters joins and we discuss the value of gasification of content and the guest content being promoted by the guest themselves their friends for  up to 90 days.
Minute 27 — discusses the slow growth development of engagement via voting contests of content 100 guests invited, you get 12 full stories of content to share. Keep in a constant touch with advocates not just blast emails but keep in an appropriate constant contact as advocates tailored to just them.
Minute 29 — Who is not a good customer for — “Photo Advocacy”— it’s not about the building but what people do with what you have — the bike story, guests use your property in ways that you never imagined, inspiring the staff of the hotel to see ways to promote their property they never would have thought of, the cabana story.
Minute 32 — Social platforms are a distribution platform — they distribute inspiration — Edward St Onge
Minute 34 — Tech Crunch refers to the fact that organic-rich for pages under 20K will go to zero by the end of the year people like 50% more pages than they did last year at any time 1500 items can be on your newsfeed but only 300 are allowed by Facebook most of that is Friends and family the remaining scraps are pages that you liked and made post performance that made it worthy to be added to your newsfeed.They want ads in front of you but only what you want in front of you, then you have newsfeed in there because they are being shared and liked by your friends and that diminishes the opportunity for organic reach by pages.
Minute 37 — Chain of trust that you follow to continue engagement on social. for every guest share 10 unique visitors back, every unique visit back over 10% signed up as a ‘warm lead’ then each warm lead around 42 day’s is a 3% conversion.
Minute 40 — To vet a potential client they need to know what their direct channel bookings are to know what audience they can reach —not many hotels know who to get where they want to be — Tim
Minute 43 — is a platform that introduces you to a new strategy. — on-boarding starts after 90 days of it already operating (post 50K ft view)
Minute 49 — Social media is still the cheapest form of advertising when you see the action button as ‘book now ‘and ‘check rates’ no hotel has earned that call to action yet in a social environment better to say, ‘continue the story’
Minute 52 — How do you market your hotel’s unique value? allow the consumer to share it through the lens of their own experiences — ed “Heres what people do when they stay here” you need people on your site, and guest writings are not perfect.
Minute 54 —  The legal process handles
Minute 59 — Announcing the 24/7 live show review of the direct channel value you are getting to your site (Loren steps out)
Minute 64 — AirB&B discussion about guest stories, one host compared to a team at a hotel. they have no local employees, so they are not local, they have no stories they simply share their guests stories.
Minute 69 — Hotelier hotels are better to stay at than investment hotels. — Ed
Minute 77 –- Tim- a true platform is one that allows you to do what you do without the constraints of the process of the platform. Others think a platform is a process that has to be followed.
Minute 80 — What is the cost of — $300 a month up to 89 rooms / Big mega hotel in las vegas $3,000 a month  average hotel about $400-500 a month about the cost of two room nights plus set up fee — “ROI above a certain cost base still does not matter”. no direct competitors. Hubspot marketo as a subset.
Minute 85 —’s long-term roadmap is to make booking direct with the hotel the most compelling option for any guest.
Minute 88 —’s value propositions – guests satisfaction / guest relationships / content / understanding of data / Guest reviews / guest interaction / Direct bookings
Minute 98 — Ed concludes his overview of and leaves the session.
Minute 100 — News item Uber losses 1.2 billion $ YTD 75 cents of every dollar goes to the drivers. but by 2021 most major car manufacturers will have autonomous cars as fleets of service.
Minute 107 — the transition of self-driving cars as a transition of technology.
Minute 120 — how we are transitioning to a service side economy
Minute 124 — Who gains from globalization
Minute 125 — population discussion versus employment and its impact on the intent of tech use going into the future
Minute 130 — Open discussion of AirB&B and its lantern impact.
Episode #55 Aired August 26th FRIDAY 8:30 am PDT / 10:30 am CDT / 11:30 am EDT

Here’s our fun recap video

Show Notes

Robert Cole
Edward StOnge
Holly Zoba
Total show time 129 minutes
Minute 5 — Red Lion Partners with Expedia for Loyalty Program:
Minute 15 — Discussion about membership relationships and there value, — the great free pizza discussion get a higher tier first and strive to keep it rather than struggling to attain a higher tier without its rewards till you achieve it.
Minute 21 — Expedia value Ed discusses first trip use and Expedia creates its value for that discovery.
Minute 25 — How does that work into the Red Lion value proposition.
Minute 27 — brand degradation and why some brands need to shift there flags then a discussion of brand types and value they represent.
Minute 37 — Quick discussion about Travelclick state of the industry show recap — Destructive Demand Management / Skewed GDS data?
Minute 42 — Holly starts discussion about Signature Series and what it is and what it does.
Minute 52 —  Playback of a bad call — and subsequent discussions
Minute 56 — Playback of a good call — and subsequent discussions
Minute 73 — Signature Worldwide pricing and services types plus discussion about the real value of its ROI
Minute 76 —  Robert leads the discussion about how Facebook has updated its technology to fundamentally bypass ad blockers.
However, Facebook is also giving users more control over the as they see – if you share an expanded list of preferences, you won’t see irrelevant ads. BUT – You are also giving Facebook more information to target you with ads…
Minute 77 — Ed’s excellent statement of self serving Ad paradigm
Minute 78 —  Ed’s insight about the real value of why this Facebook change is a good thing
Minute 83— Discussion about the shift or Retail values to experience values and how we need to focus on the message to the identified audience.
Minute 89 — Membership question about what it should really be for this new emerging values of experience driven travel, the true value of being made to feel special is the key.
Minute 96 — Displacement cost of discounting rates verses giving value add’s, amores and fire pit discussions
Minute 104— Meta on top of MetaSearch article quick discussion
Minute 105 — Digital Marketing Budget Simulator discussion

Episode #54 Aired August 19th FRIDAY 8:30 am PDT / 10:30 am CDT / 11:30 am EDT

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