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Join us each week LIVE on Friday’s at 10:30 am central as we host the best industry professionals in Hospitality. From GM’s to brand leaders, service agencies to hotel owners. We discuss new tools and techniques, recent industry news and real world practical case studies with actionable ‘how to’s’ with the insights you need to know and how it can impact your hospitality business. Whether you’re an owner, manager, asset manager, in sales or marketing or operations for a branded or unbranded hotel, resort or a whole portfolio. We include discussions about restaurants, spas, retail, golf, tennis, marinas, catering and more. Just about everything in and around this great industry we call hospitality services. Come Join the discussion!

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Now that Blab is no more we have moved to a new platform and hence to a new page that’s not called ‘blabcast”. for all episodes starting with episode 55 which aired on August 29th they are now located  HERE on our “LIVE” page. So please come join us there!

Episode #54 Aired August 19th FRIDAY 8:30 am PDT / 10:30 am CDT / 11:30 am EDT

Episode #53 Aired August 12th FRIDAY 8:30 am PDT / 10:30 am CDT / 11:30 am EDT

Robert Cole — @RobertKCole
Hunter Garrett — —  linkedin
Neal Fegan — FRHI hotels — linkedin
Show Notes —
Minute – 2 — The melding of Digital Marketing and Revenue marketing — Neal
Minute 30 — how to use digital marketing for Revenue Marketing from a perspective of revenue managers — Neal
Minute 14 — what makes a good revenue manager and how does he gather the right people around the table — Neal
minute 20 – PropPAR and true channel costs discussion of OTA’s and direct channels
Minute 24 — How do the sales team fit in the conversation — Neal & Tim
Minute 30 — How digital marketing  can be used by sales
minute 48 mid tier market loss article —
minute 56 – next year revenue question article — Reservation Pace Declines as Headwinds Strengthen for Hotels –
Minute 70 — Robert reviews OTA and advertising spends of Google.
Minute 75 — Robert tells all about FOurSeasons anywhere the got there original data
Minute 80 — Neal shows and discusses why people would think our future tech would look like
minute 86 — Hunter With discusses all best practices of Video and its uses video discussion

Episode #52 Aired August 5th FRIDAY 8:30 am PDT / 10:30 am CDT / 11:30 am EDT

Here is our Promo of Show 52 and a short recap of show 51

Episode #52 Show Notes

– Edward StOnge of @EdwardStOnge
– Tim Peter of Tim Peter & Associates @TCPeter
– Robert Cole of RockCheetah @RobertKCole
-Holly Zoba of Signature Worldwide @HZoba
Minute 5 — Twitter possibly getting purchased by a saudi family and going private — discussions about why this would be bad or good $25 per share not wavering
minute 25 — influencers are correlated with the amount of followers 250 to 500 followers have the best conversation value
minute 33 — question raised by Robert is the impression value of a hotel social ad worth the impression you pay for?
minute 37 — quality of use of ads is about the story and the engagement not the sale
Minute 41 — Tim discusses the key points of conversion value — what are the questions that need to get answered for success as a marketer
Minute 47 — 2016 YTD OTA earning review with Robert
Minute 54 — Robert makes a great point about the difference of having a mosaic like four season verses a melting pot like a ritz carlton / Tim’s statement “we were the frame not the painting” — as a purpose of marketing a brand
Minute 60 — Tim rediscussed the article from expedia that made the premise that OTA’s provide better value to an owner than a brand.
Minute 67 — discussed the tool for paid services about always be testing
Minute 73 — discussed the distribution of video and about the tool
Minute 80 discussion about Asia-Pacific online travel sales tipped to overtake North America
Minute 90 – Brand loyalty discussion Hotel loyalty programmes: What may and may not work Ed diseases his harsh reward program
Minute 98 — Holly joins to disagree with the statement that feeling special is the key to a loyalty program
Minute 108 — discuss why the library collection is always in the top 10

Episode #51 Aired July 29th FRIDAY 8:30 am PDT / 10:30 am CDT / 11:30 am EDT

Promo for Episode 51

Episode 51 Show Notes

– Edward StOnge of @EdwardStOnge
– Tim Peter of Tim Peter & Associates @TCPeter
– Robert Cole of RockCheetah @RobertKCole
Minute 2 — The fortune magazine article about OTA decline got pulled discussed new benchmarks of Global REVPAR breaking $100
Minute 4 — Tim leads an OTA discussion and its value use depending on market swing
Minute 6 — Robert Cole joins and Edward explains “Soft Guidance”
Minute 10 — Edward discusses the best way to negotiate relationships with OTA’s
Minute 14 — Robert discusses the historical trends on REVPAR and occupancies over the past 15 years
Minute 20 — Discussion about Kimpton being hacked right after last weeks Omni’s discussion Edward discusses the real reasons these things are happening
Minute 28 — Tims shares ‘Wheaton’s Law’
Minute 34 — Holly asked about Peek as a platform, discussion about Googles new changes on Mobile ad service
Minute 37 — Status update on Facebooks Dynamic Travel Ad’s, TripAdvisor new ROAS bidding model and what is the right values to buy their business listings or not
Minute 45 — Edward does a Revenue Strategy update from last weeks discussion on poor revenue managers strategies in Tampa
Minute 48 — Active discussion on answering a viewer’s question of what would be a good way to promote a small hotel without paying for ad’s then a website review of the site referred to by the viewer
Minute 1:16 – Video trick of posting video posts and then replacing it with the link you want the views to actually click on (the offer)

Episode #50 Aired July 22nd FRIDAY 8:30 am PDT / 10:30 am CDT / 11:30 am EDT

Promo of episode 50

Episode 50 — Show Notes

-Edward StOnge of @EdwardStOnge
-Tim Peter of Tim Peter & Associates @TCPeter
– Holly Zoba of Signature Worldwide @HZoba
Minute 6 — Tims review of what’s wrong with current wages and its sustainability versus turnover of good staff
Minute 15 — what’s wrong with HR according to Loren & Tim as it relates to automation and the persistent need of hospitality staff
Minute 19 — Edward St Onge joins
Minute 22 — Discussion begins regarding the use of AI according to Edward
Minute 32 — Discussion begins regarding poor Revenue management practices with a Tampa hotel example discussion continues about ‘anchor rates’
Minute 36 — Holly Zoba joins 
Minute 47 — API use for gathering data 
Minute 54 — Holly asked how to set rates based on high demand and sell it, expands into larger rate strategies and additional service charges
Minute 1:06 – Loren asks the question, ‘is the GM still in charge for the accountability to the hotels revenue success?’ Discussion grows to the interaction of revenue managers and the rest of the team
Minute 1:18 – Edward proposes that managers, like people, stop gathering new perspectives using the example how people stop listening to new music after a certain time
Minute 1:27 – ‘Buzzwords & BullS*t — words not to use and that get overused that shouldn’t
Minute 1:35 – What makes a good GM
Minute 1:41 – Why hiring a consultant works
Minute 1:50 – recap discussion of Pokemon that leads into the use of AR &VR
Minute 1:55 – Loren & Ed disagree about the future use of AR wearables
Minute 2:08 – Recap of where to find each host

Episode #49 Aired July 15th FRIDAY 8:30 am PDT / 10:30 am CDT / 11:30 am EDT

Promo Video Link                   Recap Video Link                     Podcast & Recap with Show Notes

Episode #47 Aired July 8th FRIDAY 8:30 am PDT / 10:30 am CDT / 11:30 am EDT

Episode #46 Aired July 1st FRIDAY 8:30 am PDT / 10:30 am CDT / 11:30 am EDT

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